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Season 4 Team Previews

Discussion in 'After Midnight' started by Kapono, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Kapono

    Kapono Walk On

    Jun 28, 2010
    Offense- He have an athlete at QB and a better O-Line and tight ends. But we lost Kelvin Benjamin, the 6'5" receiver with 1,500 yards. So we'll rely on the running game and we now have a QB that can extend plays with his feet. Hopefully 99 speed Marvin Bracy can finally have a big year. If only we had Jameis Winston

    QB- We will start the redshirt freshman Eric Everett (86). 88 speed, 90 accuracy, 88 power, 85 accuracy, and the running skills of a halfback. He'll scramble often and throw on the move. His O-Line is young, but a year older than last year.

    HB- Michael Vaughn (91) had 645 yards last year and will now be the feature back. Heavier backs Nick Sanders and Willie Williams, as well as speedster Will Pugh will each get playing time.

    FB/TE- Will James (86) will play FB and Justin Dukes (91) is the #1 TE, who has lineman like run blocking skills. RS freshman Dallas Jones (83) will be the TE #2.

    WR- Marvin Bracy (91) and Craig Jacobs (90) are the main receivers. Bracy is 5'9" with 99 speed 99 acceleration, and Jacobs is 6'4" hoping to step into the role Kelvin Benjamin played last year. We got 2 small guys that can play in the slot.

    O-Line - Everyone is back from the crappy line we had last year. We're excited to get the run game going and keep Eric Everitt in the pocket for as long as possible.

    D-Line - Senior Thomas Manning (90) will finally start at DE, but FSU will be using 3 DT's in the 4-2-5 this year. Matt Burks (94) 347 lbs., Isaiah Keyes (91) 320 lbs., and Dan Grant (91) 298 lbs. will each start. With the secondary soft, they're be relied on heavily.

    LBs- Matthew Thomas (93) is back for his junior season after winning 2 Best LB Awards. Todd Malloy (88) played limited time and will move into the other starter's role in the 4-2-5. Ronald Murphy (88) will see time at strong safety on 4-2-5 sets, as well as Derrick Smart (85) in 4-4 sets.

    Secondary - This is our weak area. The corners are Tony Carter (84) and Ben Olson (83), both good in coverage. Steven Rodgers (84) will start at free safety and is pretty average overall. Matthew Dukes (82) will be the #1 SS and freshman Chris Schneider (79) will start at #2 SS when a LB isn't in. Seth Jackson (78) will play in passing downs.

    Kicker and punter are both back with kick powers of 95+
  2. Kapono

    Kapono Walk On

    Jun 28, 2010
    We only have 7 seniors this year, looks like everybody else's teams are still loaded.
  3. MexiRican35

    MexiRican35 ┬┐Te quieres naranjas?

    Aug 14, 2010
    QB: Kelly comes back for his senior year. Minus the two games where he threw about 10 interceptions, he was really great last year. He also has the ability to escape pressure with his legs to extend the play.

    HB: Campbell is a bruiser, and Johnson complements him with his speed. Both should equal in amount of carries. Berg will spell the two, and FR Timmons will look to get some experience for being a future lead back.

    WR: If Coleman can limit the drops (7 last year), he will be a great threat on third down. His 6-4 frame will also be great in the endzone. Time will tell if Hughes will be a legit option on the outside. Sutton did well last year in the slot, and looks to continue there. While there is not much speed, they do have great hands.

    TE: Yates averaged just under 10 yards per catch last year, as he got a lot of YAC. He will be an everydown player now with Vinson gone.

    OL: All of the lineman are upperclassmen. The interior of the line has the best talent. The running blocking game will be crucial for their success.

    DL: Losing DT Tyree will hurt, as he was great getting pressure in the A gap of the run game. DE Diggs will be the best player we have, whos good against the run and pass.

    LB: MLB Young had 6 picks last year. Hopefully we can improve on that, since turnovers are so valuable.

    DB: 3/4 starters return, and SS Singleton looks to be really good.

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