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Season 4 Team Previews

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by fuzzyl0gic, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010
    I almost forgot, post 'em up. UNC coming shortly.
  2. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Wake Forest 2014 Preview
    Will Merill Noel be the next great Wake Forest defensive back?
    This season many experts around the country are predicting a drop off for Wake Forest. The defense will take a huge step back, as players Coach Kasper has recruited will begin seeing the field as RS sophomores and RS freshman. This will be a very young unit on the defensive side, but in contrast the offense is full of leaders. The Deacons are coming off their best season in Coach Kasper's short stint at Wake, but with the tragic passing of Georgia Tech mastermind Cameron Natural, the door could be open for another team to rise up and take control of the conference. Wake has won the division 3 straight seasons, and you can bet the division race will play a big role in Winston-Salem.
    Offensively, Kevin Sousa will be back for what will essentially be a third year of starting for Wake. The 6'2 Georgia product has been a winner since he has taken the reins, and Coach Kasper is very high on him. "Kevin is a natural born leader plain and simple. He doesn't have the best arm in the country, he isn't the fastest quarterback either, but he simply wins games." Through two seasons Sousa has combined for 34 touchdowns to 22 interceptions, while also racking up roughly 4,000 yards on 60% completion. "My main thing this year is to focus on ball control. I think we're going to throw the ball a lot with the talent we have catching the balls, I just have to make good reads and know when nothings there and try to do something with me feet," stated Sousa. The junior will receiver a strong push from Vanderbilt transfer QB Josh Grady, but if Sousa produces this year look for Grady to either move to receiver or be the #2 guy. "I wouldn't feel right sweeping the rug from under Kevin after the career he has given us. He will get every chance to retain his starting spot."
    Orville Reynolds will take over the RB spot, all 5'8 185 lbs of him. The junior bowling ball has good speed and cutting ability and should produce behind a solid offensive line. Khiry Sutton will get carries behind Reynolds, which leaves three true freshman sitting behind the upperclassmen (all 3 are 4 star recruits). Bringing us to the feature of the offense, the WR corps, led by 6'6 senior Matt James who has 12 career touchdowns coming into this season and 1200 yards. True sophomore and former 5 star recruit Terrance Campbell will look to have a bigger impact on the offense as well, as he had 459 yards and 4 TD's his freshman season while battling injuries throughout the year. Sophomore Mark Bradley is coming off a 58 catch 646 yard 4 TD freshman campaign, and will look to expand those numbers. Wake spreads the ball well usually, so it is unlikely any WR will post 1,000 yards and 10+ touchdowns. Georgia transfer TE Cameron Washington will finally get into the mix, and his 6'5 245 lb frame should be a force in the offense.
    The offensive line will feature four seniors, with the only youngin at LT.
    Defensively, Zachary Allen and Merrill Noel are unquestionably the leaders. Both will be called upon to guide this defense through the year. The defense could have up to 5 or 6 freshman on the field at a time. Look for this unit to only get better as the year goes on, and in the future they should be stout.
    Kicker / punter Bobby Jackson is coming off a freshman season that saw him win the Ray Guy award, an honor given to the top punter in the nation. Wake should be set here for another 2 or 3 seasons.
  3. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011
    #4 Michigan Wolverines 2014

    Michigan ended it's last season with it's 3rd straight B1G title, but it's 2nd straight loss in the National Championship. Even though they ended up being the #3 team at the end of the season, it still was heartbreaking to be so close to winning a National Championship. This season, they return a lot of starters after a few decided to think about going to the NFL, every underclassmen decided it was best to come back. The offense returns Devin Gardner in his 3rd season of playing, 2nd season of being the leader of the Wolverines. He'll look to improve on his tremendous season from las year and hopefully lead the Wolverines to another successful season. The defense is still relatively young, but they will be put into the same scheme that's been ran here for the past 3 seasons to see how successful they can be, then it will be tweaked to their strengths. Michigan has a very high outlook on this season, not only did they bring in one of the top recruiting classes, but they also brought a lot of veteran players back. The talent is there for Michigan, it's up to them to make the most of it.

    QB- Devin Gardner RS SR- 131-247 2813 yards 27 tds 9 ints
    Devin set the record for passing TD's in a season for the Michigan Wolverines and will look to try to break another record this year with passing touchdowns in a career. Devin is a special player, a Michigan product, who always dreamed of winning a national championship as a Wolverine. This will be his final season to make that dream a reality. It will take a great season from him, a mistake free one hopefully, for them to be successful. When I say Michigan will go as far as he can take them, that's exactly what I mean. But after proving he can step up to the challenge last season, I don't expect him to do anything less this upcoming year.

    RB- Justice Hayes- RS Jr. 2011 stats (only year he has played) 13 rushes 65 yards
    The 5'10" redshirt Junior has little to no experience playing division 1 football. What he does have on his side is that he's been able to go through several off seasons and watch from the side on how this offense worked. Hopefully he watched well because he will be the feature back in this offense and look to pick up where Fitzgerald Toussaint left off last season. Justice is a fast back, but his first step is what makes him so dangerous. He can hit a hole as quick as anyone in the nation and if you don't get a hand on him, he'll be gone.

    RB- David Harrison- RS SO 2012 stats 209 rushes 997 yards 12 tds
    A lot of people will remember David Harrison as the 5 star freshman that came to Michigan and started immediately. He had a great season, but was benched the last game of the regular season, and for the conference championship and bowl game. Many people thought he would transfer, but he stuck it out and now is back in the rotation. He won't be the feature back, but still will get his fair share of carries. With speed like his, it's tough to bury him on the bench. He can get outside and make defenses pay in a heartbeat. Will be interesting to see how him and Justice are used for this season.

    WR- Matt Herron- RS So 2012 stats 41 744 yards 5 tds
    Matt was a Freshman All-American in 2012, but was redshirted last year because the coaching staff thought he needed another offsesason under his belt to get him ready. Only time will tell if it worked, but his speed still seems to be the same. Matt will be a pretty big part of the offense and the receiving core, but I don't look for him to have the season he had his freshman year. There is more talent here now than there was at the point in time. He'll till get his fair share of receptions though.

    RE- Brennen Beyer- RS Jr. 35 tackles 6 sacks 6 deflections 1 td 1 ff 1 fr
    Pre-season All American pick for a reason. Brennen will constantly give QB's and RB's headaches in this 4-3 defense. He will be getting double teams all year from teams trying to stop him. He's a big reason why Michigan will continue to not have to blitz much because of the front four getting a lot of pressure.

    CB- Blake Countess- RS Jr. 7 ints 8 deflections 1 td
    Another PreSeason All American, this Redshirt Junior tested the waters of the NFL draft but ultimately decided his goal was to win a National Championship before leaving. He had a good season last year and this year, will be the #1 CB and locking down opposing teams number 1 all season. Read for the challenge or not, he'll be thrown in there.


    Wr- Corey Davis- 6'3, 196 78 ovr 93 speed 92 acc 78 catch 87 route running
    Corey is good enough to start for the Wolverines right now. And the Wolverines contemplated redshirting him with them being so deep at receiver, but decided it'd be the wrong decision. Corey is too good of a player to miss out on this seasons team and will see a lot of playing time this season with Michigan running a lot of 4 wide receiver sets. Corey was a 5 star recruit, but was rated the #7 WR in the class. Michigan thinks they got a steal with that as he is definitely a lot higher than #7.

    Wr- Sean McDougal- 6'0, 190 78 ovr 94 speed 93 acc 76 catch 86 route running
    Sean was recruited as an athlete but has transformed into a WR. He has great speed and can run great routes, so it will be fun to finally see him get on the field. Michigan was hoping he'd be able to come in as a cornerback, but getting a late diamond in the rough last year changed their minds. Sean will be an offensive weapon for the QB of the future for Michigan, Anthony Garcia. This season, he's listed as 5th on the depth chart but did see a lot of passes come his way in the opener against Tennessee. The kid has the tools to be a superstar.

    CB- Nick Callahan- 6'3 190 78 ovr 94 speed 95 acc 90 Zone coverage
    This Junior College Transfer is only a sophomore and it's crazy how good he is. Very fast and can play zone with the best of them, I don't look for him to be in Ann Arbor long. His height also makes him a huge asset for the Wolverines defense. Very easy to see that Michigan has a lot of depth at some very key positions if this guy won't start right away.
    Expectations: This year's squad is as good as any Michigan team to come through here, but the question mark is behind Devin Gardner. The Alma, Michigan product will have to prove that he can play without making mistakes and become more accurate than he was last season. He let a lot of passes get away from him, a little too many. Also, Justice Hayes will have to show up for Michigan to be successful. The expectations are high, and anything less than a B1G championship would be a disappointment to these guys. A tough schedule, Michigan will travel to Clemson, Wake Forest, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. It will be a long road, but if this Michigan team stays focused, there is no telling what they'll accomplish.
  4. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    thata boy phil.. these are fun to read guys
  5. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011
    I agree, and they're fun to put together if you like dissecting your team. I wish every team would do one and a midseason report.
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  6. CoachRedd

    CoachRedd I come through in something real foolish

    Jan 23, 2011
    2014 OC Season 4​
    Pro Form with Option Elements​
    QB - Jake Ruddock JR (RS) 83 overall 83 THP 90 THA 77 Speed​
    Ruddock won the starting job over 3 other contenders in the spring. He has above average athleticism for the position and his decent speed will be utilized on options. His arm strenth is below average but he does possess stellar accuracy. Ruddock will not be asked to be a playmaker, rather he will be asked to manage the game and get the ball out of his hands quickly with quick decisions that will allow the other Iowa offensive players to be playmakers.​
    RB - DeAndre Johnson SR(RS) 95 overall 91 speed 98 acceleration 88 agility 91 Brk Tkl​
    DeAndre Johnson finally gets his chance to carry the load as he spent the past two seasons playind second fiddle to Marcus Coker. Johnson is a patient runner that lets his blockers gets out in front before he accelerates through the line. His ability to shake would be tacklers and then accelerate past the defense is going to be a huge asset for the Hawkeyes this year. He is expected to take the lions share of the carries and produce big numbers. ​
    WR - Kevonte Martin-Manley SR(RS) 88 overall 84 speed 94 acceleration 99 route running 99 catch​
    Martin Manley, the Hawkeyes #1 WR is a tall WR that runs crisp routes and gets in and out of breaks very quickly. His ability to run any route well will enable the Hawkeyes offensive coaching staff to really open up the passing game this year as it has been limited during the past couple of years. Martin Manley lacks good speed but makes up for it by using his strong 6'0 210 lb frame to shield defenders from the ball. His hands are considered the very best in the college game as he rarely, if ever, drops passes thrown in his vicinity. ​
    WR - Danny Davis JR 83 overall 88 speed 90 acceleration 96 route running 86 catch​
    Davis enters his JR year firmly entrenched as the Iowa Hawkeyes #2 WR. Like fellow WR Martin-Manley, Davis lacks elite burst and speed. But, he makes up for it by running crisp routes and possessing a 6'4 230 lb frame that will help him elevate over small DBs. His ability to jump over DBs will help the Hawkeyes take advantage of any one on one coverage that defenses try to employ.​
    TE - Ray Hamilton JR (RS) 82 overall 83 speed 89 acceleration 73 run block 85 catch​
    Hamilton looks to replace Iowa legend TE CJ Fiedorowicz. Hamilton does not possess the same athleticism of skill of CJ, but still should be able to make a strong contribution in both the passing and running game. He will be asked to run block quite a bit. In Iowa's scheme, the TE is asked to move past the DE and get to the LB on a regular basis so his ability to neutralize the play side LB will be essential for Iowa's running game this year. In the passing game, Hamilton will be asked to run the underneath routes and hover around the first down marker. ​
    Offensive Line​
    The line is a strong group that is lead by all 5 starters being either in their JR or SR season. The experience should lead to a big year as this is the 3rd year in Iowa's offensive scheme. The left side is the strongest and features 90 overall LT Andrew Donnal and 87 overall LG Brandon Scherff. With these 2 guys anchoring the left side, Iowa will focus the majority of the running plays towards the left side. Their ability to win in the trenches and open holes for the running game is what Iowa's offensive scheme is based around. Look for this solid group to have a big year. ​
    3-4 attacking scheme​
    Defensive Line - JR's Erik Davis(84 overall) and Steve Miller(84 ovr) join JR nose tackle Darian Cooper (85) in anchoring the Iowa defensive front. The unquestioned strength of the defense, The Hawkeyes will look to once again be in the top half of the B1G Ten and nation in run defense. While most 3-4 lineman aren't unleashed to get after the QB, the defensive coaching staff has worked on nickel packages that allow Miller and Davis to utilize their natural pass rushing skills on passing downs. ​
    Linebackers - 87 ovr ROLB SR Anthony Hitchens leads an athletic, but inexperienced group of Iowa linebackers. He is joined by underclassmen LOLB Bryson Dahl(82)and MLB's Quinton Alston(85) and Jason Jack(82). They are a fast group that lack in awareness but possess good speed and acceleration. Look for the Iowa defensive staff to use them to confuse opposing QBs while sending a different combination of blitz and using different coverages each play.​
    Secondary -JR's Jordan Lomax(84 ovr) and Torrey Campbell(80) return for another season manning the outsider corner spots. They are both excellent corners that excel in both man as well as zone coverages. Campbell is also a preseason all american return man. The lone Freshman to start on the whole Iowa team is 4 star recruit FS Mark Sullivan(76 overall). Iowa's belief is that almost every Freshman who comes in gets redshirted for the first year. However, Sullivan was too impressive to keep off the field. SR Tanner Miller(86) mans the startin SS spot. He is a the secondaries best player and the QB of the defense. He will be expected to get the Hawkeyes lined up with the right coverages with each play. ​
  7. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    2014 Nebraska Cornhuskers:

    Looking Back:
    Coach Bulgy knew something had to change after Nebraska limped to a 7-6 record last season so he fired his offensive coordinator and moved away from the spread and back to a downhill running attack. The personnel looked out of place at times at times last season, and the final record shows it. Nebraska is stocked with Jr's and So. who should be hitting their stride as collegiate players. The Huskers have the talent to win a lot of games if they play well.

    Key Offensive Players:

    QB: Brion Carnes RS (SR) - 6'1 203 lb- Carnes took over the starting job midway through last season and played like he was getting the first legitimate playing time of his career. Carnes also looked like he could be an efficent game manager at QB, taking care of the football and making accurate throws. He finished last season completing 55% of his passes for 1266 yards and 9 TD compared with 7 Int.

    RB: Bret Davis JR - 6'2 263 lb- Davis is a massive power back that didn't like the conversion to a spread attack last season and suffered a sophomore slump by only gaining 899 yards and 4 TD. Getting back to the downhill game that allowed Davis to flourish in a "Thunder" role his freshman season should put him in a position to surpass the 1300 yard 14 TD perfomance as a true freshman in 2012. He isn't the fastest back around, but he wreaks havoc on secondary defenders who attempt to tackle him 1 on 1.

    RB: Adam Gore JR - 6'0 213 lb- This former reshman phenom will also be a JR this year. Gore is the "Lightning" in the "Thunder and Lightning" backfield that has been both dominant and forgettable. Gore is hoping he will get back into the role that allowed him to rush for 1100 yards and 13 TD in his freshman season. Gore was fantastic that season breaking long runs and making defenders miss in the open field. Gore still averaged over 6.5 ypc last season he just didn't get enough carries to make it count.

    WR: Kenny Bell RS (SR) 6'1 183lb- Bell is using his final year of eligibility this season hoping to lead the Cornhuskers over the hump. Bell is the leader of a WR corp that is very deep, but also very young. Behind him on the depth chart are 3 sophomores and 1 Junior. Bell isn't the fastest WR but he catches most anything and his first few steps are off the chart. He's being asked to lead this young group and show them how they need to prepare to be at their best.

    TE: Willie Ransom SO 6'3 245lb- Ransom is stepping into the starting role for Nebraska this season, but don't be surprised if many times he isn't the only TE on the field. Ransom is the first of a talented twosome that will be in the second season in Lincoln. Ransom gets top billing here because he is the better run blocker and in situations where only 1 TE is on the field Ransom will be the guy.

    TE: Jason Robinson SO 6'6 251lb- Robinson stepped onto the field last season and showed college football why he was rated so highly coming out of HS. He caught 23 passes last season for 369 yards and 6 TD. He is a great big target in the passing game, and he has pretty good wheels for a big guy too. Ransom and Robinson will both be on the field much of the time, but the two of them are such great receivers it doesn't look like it will hamper the passing game much.

    Key Defensive Players:

    LE: Austin Harrison SO 5'11 241lb- Harrison is already blossoming into the fantastic DE the coaches saw in him coming out of HS. Harrison made the AP's Freshman All American team last season and hopes to step his game up enough to make the big boy squad this season. Harrison has great speed and acceleration which makes him a heat seeking missile in obvious passing situations. He did have 1 Int. and 1 Def. TD last season. Harrison looks to be a huge part of this defense for at least the next two seasons.

    DT: Darryl Ruffin RS SO 6'1 263lb- Ruffin is a converted DE and is shows. He teams with Harrison to form the backbone of a fearsome pass rush. In spot duty last season Ruffin had 7 tackles. It doesn't sound like much, but it is impressive when you consider that 5 of them were sacks. Ruffin is stepping into a starting role this season, and if he can stand up on running plays and still generate a pass rush on passing plays he will help make this unit one of the best in college football.

    SS: George Peterson SO 6'5 210lb- Peterson is another sophomore who is playing a key role for Nebraska. The tall rangy SS played a little during last season mostly during mop up duty but he racked up 3.5 sacks. Peterson is the coverage SS of the 2 SS in the Huskers 4-2-5. His height allows him to disrupt balls his average speed would keep him from.

    SS: Corey Burns SO 5'11 170lb- Burns reminds many of his coaches of Bob Sanders the former Iowa great. He's a small SS who really loves to hit, and has game breaking speed. Burns played in mop up duty last season and 4 tackles and a forced fumble. Kevin "The Wonder Years" Arnold is the odd man out. Arnold is the most technically sound of the 3 SO SS he is also the slowest.

    KR: Aaron Green SR 5'11 194- Green has spent his career at Nebraska as a KR. It wasn't what he envisioned when he signed with Nebraska out of HS, but the talented Texas never looked at transferring. He knows he can return kicks and he also knows he is one injury away from becoming the feature back. Green however looks to be a victim of his own success. Despite leading the team in yards per carry at 8.6 he will begin the year as the #3 RB on the depth chart.

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