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Season 4 - Week 4

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Bl0ndeRedHead, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Bl0ndeRedHead

    Bl0ndeRedHead Official TSO Pothead

    Jul 31, 2010
    Welcome to Week 4!
    Remember to visit dynasty.easports.com to publish your own stories.

    =============== #11 Clemson Tigers (3-0) ===============
    Last week, Clemson won 41-7 against Maryland (1-1).
    This week, the Tigers will host Boston College (0-2).

    =============== #5 Florida Gators (2-1) ===============
    Last week, Florida won 42-14 against Michigan (1-1).
    This week, the Gators will host #25 Tennessee (0-1).

    =============== #12 Florida State Seminoles (3-0) ===============
    Last week, Florida State won 62-17 against Boston College (0-2).
    This week, the Seminoles will host Virginia Tech (0-2).

    =============== #20 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2-1) ===============
    Last week, Georgia Tech won 30-27 against Virginia Tech (0-2).
    This week, the Yellow Jackets are idle.

    =============== #6 LSU Tigers (2-0) ===============
    Last week the Tigers were idle.
    This week, the Tigers will host #7 Georgia (2-0).

    =============== #2 Miami Hurricanes (3-0) ===============
    Last week, Miami won 45-0 against Virginia (0-1).
    This week, the Hurricanes will host #3 Ohio State (1-0).

    =============== #13 Arkansas Razorbacks (2-1) ===============
    Last week, Arkansas won 24-18 against Alabama (1-2).
    This week, the Razorbacks will host #1 Penn State (2-0).

    =============== #1 Penn State Nittany Lions (2-0) ===============
    Last week the Nittany Lions were idle.
    This week, the Nittany Lions travel to Fayetteville to face the #13 Arkansas Razorbacks (2-1).
    In recruiting news, the following Penn State targets have announced their decisions:
    - (****) FS Orlando Miller has committed to Rutgers

    =============== #3 Ohio State Buckeyes (1-0) ===============
    Last week the Buckeyes were idle.
    This week, the Buckeyes travel to Miami to face the #2 Miami Hurricanes (3-0).
  2. Bl0ndeRedHead

    Bl0ndeRedHead Official TSO Pothead

    Jul 31, 2010
    #13 Arkansas - 27
    #1 Penn State - 14

    Arkansas beats top ranked Penn State thanks to HB Lance Ray's 3 TD

    In a closely contested battle of two top contenders, Arkansas held off Penn State in the final frame thanks to 2 INTs from the defense, and enough from the offense to pull away from the #1 ranked Nittany Lions. Neither team was very effective through the air, but both rushing attacks were nearly unstoppable, with both starting backs averaging over 6 yards per carry.

    On the first drive of the game, Penn State struggled somewhat, needing plenty of 3rd down conversions before a touchdown rush on 4th down gave them the 7-0 lead. Where the Nittany Lions took about 5 minutes on their first drive, Arkansas quickly went the length of the field, getting a touchdown from Lance Ray on a drive that took just over 1 minute. Arkansas' defense came up with a big stop on Penn State's next drive, and once again the offense went to Lance Ray and quickly got into the end zone. But Penn State's offense got the big play they needed, a 65 yard touchdown pass courtesy of Rob Bolden, who had a mediocre day in the air. An interception from QB Brandon Mitchell ended any chance of Arkansas taking the lead before the half ended.

    In the 2nd half, Arkansas came out and took the Penn State approach on their first drive, taking even longer than the Nittany Lions did to score a touchdown, the 3rd one of the day for Ray. Down 21-14, for some reason Penn State went to the air predominantly the final quarter, where they were unable to find their rhythm. Arkansas intercepted Bolden twice, and the offense was able to convert those turnovers into field goals, with 2 of them in the 4th giving Arkansas a 27-14 lead. Penn State threatened a few times, but weren't quite able to get it in the end zone. Fortunately for Penn State, they get their loss early in the season and will still have a chance to make the BCS Championship. Arkansas moves on to SEC play and looks to get back to the SEC Championship.
  3. Bl0ndeRedHead

    Bl0ndeRedHead Official TSO Pothead

    Jul 31, 2010

    When will you play Ohio State? He's on AP and you're the last game left.
  4. smlVICTORIES53

    smlVICTORIES53 Walk On

    Jul 21, 2010
  5. MurkYa21

    MurkYa21 Walk On

    Apr 19, 2009
    Like I mentioned when I was signing up for a league, there may be alot of people I can't connect with. If that's a problem I'll resign, I just wanted something to do in my spare time...when I'm at home I will be able to play everyone.

    He said he wanted to sim it, I told him to play it... I still think he should play it.

    I can see how me possibly only playing certain teams is unfair for those teams..
  6. Bl0ndeRedHead

    Bl0ndeRedHead Official TSO Pothead

    Jul 31, 2010
    It's no big deal man. I'd rather you stay then leave. I'll give him til the end of the night to make a decision. If he wants to sim it it's up to him
  7. mboda

    mboda Walk On

    Jul 26, 2010
    well I'll be home in like 10 mins and I guess I'll play it
  8. ZCar352

    ZCar352 Keep Pounding...Go Panthers!!!

    Aug 26, 2010
    Florida State 38
    Virginia Tech 7

    Virginia Tech opened the game with 2 plays and 2 Seminole pick sixs...there quarterback ended the game with 6 INTs.

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