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Season 5 ACC Team Previews

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by Bucs, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
  2. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
    Team Motto: "Brick by Brick"

    Last year was a crazy one for the Canes, wins over FSU , V Tech but still three losses and a rose bowl victory and finished #2 in the Nation, what a roller coaster. The staff is hoping for a little more predictability this season and is optimistic about its teams chances. There are some key guys who will need to step up though. This years Motto is Brick by Brick, meaning everybody do their part, lay down their brick and help build a solid wall.

    Offensive Style: Pro Balanced Attack (Stanford Base)
    Defensive Style: 3-4

    Offensive Question Mark: Who is the QB? RS So Barry Young got the nod last year in most games, he has legs and isnt afraid of the spotlight, but SR Preston Dewey threw 8 TDs and 3 Ints last season and looked good in spot duty. Dewey had a great spring and the QB controversy is looming large over the squad right now. Word is the coaching staff isn't going to ask much of either guy as the main focus of the offense will continue to be Thunder & Lightning Ken Woodard and Duke Johnson.
    Defensive Question Mark: Whats going on at MLB? This position has been rock solid for the past 5 years as we've had UM greats Denzel Perryman and Raphael Kirby holding down the spot, but now both of those guys are gone and what was a position of strength is arguably the weakest on that side of the ball right now. RS Soph Jeff Washington is in the lead for the spot right now, his 6'5 249 pound frame pared with his athleticism is enticing , while LOLB Teddy Bozeman may be the #2 guy in the middle. Hes a JR who has bided his time and the staff really likes him, he has a 99 tackle rating!
    Circled Game: @I Pench and his UNC Squad, the only team in the ACC whom Coach Al Golden has not beaten, to be the best you gotta beat the best right?
    OFFENSE (94 OVR): 7 Returning Starters
    QB: Whose it gonna be? Preston Dewey the Pocket Passing SR who as studied the offense for 5 years and knows it inside and out or Bryan Young, the Converted Athlete who lead Miami most of last season to victories despite not lighting it up statistically? Right now the Staff is leaning towards Dewey, they love what Young brings to the table and he is a gamer, but Dewey has paid his dues and had a very nice spring.

    RB: For the 4th year in a row this dynamic duo is back at the HB spot. HB Ken Woodard the bruising consistent workhorse is paired with HB Randy "Duke" Johnson the burner who can make things happen on nearly any play. They are co-starters and for the final season they will look to make the Canes offense tick.

    FB: RS JR Scott Powers returns at FB, this guy is a beast, the coaching staff loves watching his tape because he puts somebody on their ass nearly every play. He also has the athleticism to be a viable target out of the back field or toting the rock.

    WR: RS SR Malcolm Lewis is now the guy at WR. The Staff was really expecting big things out of him last season, but the lack of a true passing QB and the injuries at QB and he never really took that next leap between his 2nd and 3rd year. Hes got something to prove this season. Angelo Jean-Louis is the #2 guy , he also had a quiet year but showed he was a dependable target, he will look to get in the endzone much more though. Sophmore Jake Floyd will be the slot guy, he only had 1 catch last season.

    TE: Soph Jamal McClain and JR Russel Gaines will be the TE's both guys are equally as good and are versatile, look for them to be targets alot!

    OL: We return all 5 lineman from last season, this will be the heart and soul of the offense. They have the size and the skill. They will need to play well to keep things moving and rack up the points.

    DEFENSE (95 OVR): 6 Returning Starters
    DL: Kyle King returns at LE and leads the D Line, he was a monster last year with 12.5 sacks and 17 TFL. He will continue to give QBs nightmares. DWayne Holiett will play opposite him ,Holiett has waited patiently and hasnt seen much action in his 3 previous seasons but the staff thinks he is ready. Inside will be Jr Shane Thomas, he is a versatile in the way he can get around or through his blocker and he hopes to grab a few sacks. 334 pound Dequan Ivory will be pushing him for that NT spot though.

    LB: The starters on the outside remain the same in Shane Johnson and Jawand Blue both guys were solid last year and are key to the success of the team. Inside we have two new guys in Jeff Washington at 6'5 249 he is a monster, Teddy Bozeman who couldnt really get PT on the outside is now inside and will roam the middle helping to make tackles.

    CB: All American Tracy Howard is again the man at corner, looking to make it his 3rd straight season with 5 Ints and help himself get to playing on Sundays. Nate Dortch is the #2 Guy, he nabbed 4 Ints last season and took two of those back to the house for 6, he is a playmaker. Leon Smith is the nickel guy, he could start on most teams.

    S: The dream has finally been realized, when Miami signed the #1 SS and FS in the same class a few years back the staff envisioned them back their together fucking shit up, this is the first year where they will be together, lets see if its all its cracked up to be. But two guys will be pushing them for thier spots, Deon Bush who moved to CB last season but is now back at FS and nipping at the heels of FS Ken Everett and Jason Walker is the back up SS but is a freak athletically and the d-coordinator has wet dreams about his play. Chase Holmes will need to watch his back.

    ACC Title, we want it bad this year and if we cant do it this year it probably isnt going to happen. Thats the goal here in Miami ACC Title. I'll say it again. ACC Title.
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  3. Gyrene76

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    Sep 29, 2010
    Good stuff Matt
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