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Archived Season 5 PAC-12 Team Previews

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by Bulldog, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Bulldog

    Bulldog Coach Richt is my Dawg!

    Jul 1, 2010
  2. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    Team Motto: "Get Nasty"

    It is time to rise up Beaver Nation! 11-3 is a good record but Coach Saw felt like they could have done better. All three loses hurt their chances to not only win the PAC 12 but to compete in a BCS Bowl Game. The loss to USC has put a bitter taste in their mouths and a huge chip on their shoulder.

    Offensive Style: Balanced Attack
    Defensive Style: 3-4

    Offensive Question Mark: This year marks the era of QB Joshua Taylor. The true freshman will be eased into the offense by leaning on the run a tad bit more. The big question is, can Taylor continue where Mannion and Harrington left off?

    Defensive Question Mark: Just like last year the main focus is on the Secondary. There are two veteran corners on the outside but their is a new face at FS in Jacob Gray. Will Gray be the play maker Peter Ashton was? Only time will tell but there is going to be a big learning curve for him.

    Circled Game: California

    OFFENSE (78 OVR): 6 Returning Starters
    QB: Freshman Joshua Taylor- This one time big recruit is ready to take the reigns his first year and lead Oregon State to greatness. His counterparts are a mix of youth and talent so barring injury it is his job to lose. Backup Dennis Bennett will be used from time to time to change the pace of the game.

    RB: Freshman Kyle Daniels & Freshman Dallas Collier- These are two of the youthful players Taylor has to take the pressure off of himself. These guys are both solid in stature and will have the ability to "bruise" opposing defenders up.​

    FB: Sophomore(RS) Danny Jones- Last year he was the backup and this year he is the starter. With Markus Hall getting time back at his natural position of TE, Jones will be clearing paths for the two freshman.

    WR: Junior(RS) Willie Manning, Freshman Jeff Dunlap, Sophomore(RS) Ray Vaughn, Sophomore(RS) Brandon Lyles- Manning is the only one with a lot of game experience and he will have to mold this WRs together. Vaughn and Lyles did not get much playing time last season but when they did they made it count so look for them to continue their success. The new face is Freshman Jeff Dunlap and he will immediately come in and start as the #2 WR. His size hurts on the outside but he makes up for it in jumping. All four are vital in building Taylor's confidence.

    TE: Junior(RS) Randy Tate & Junior(RS) Markus Hall- Tate was stoked when hearing Hall was coming back to TE. Both are tremendous blockers and are huge. They are pretty much to extra OL out on the field. Receiving may not be their forte but do not count them out when a ball is thrown their way!

    OL: Sophomore(RS) Nathan Berry, Senior(RS) Issac Seumalo, Junior(RS) Billy Brown, Sophomore(RS) Shawn Small, Junior(RS) Thomas Hawkins- This is the most experienced OL the Beavers have had since Coach Saw took over. All of them except Berry has played with each other from day one. Seumalo is the captain of the line and his #1 priority is protecting their young talent in Taylor, Daniels and Collier. Each one has their strengths and the mix of pass/run blocking could very well make this offense very lethal.

    DEFENSE (80 OVR): 7 Returning Starters
    DL: Freshman Brandon Matthews, Junior(RS) Travis Edwards, Junior(RS) Wallace Taylor- After having a stellar year last year Kelly will be redshirted and Brandon Matthews will come in and take his place. Matthews is a Freshman that will play better than most Seniors in the country. Travis is looking to build upon his total career sack total of 8.5. After a big position battle during the spring Wallace Taylor was able to edge out a feisty Joel Duncan. This line has been built to keep QBs in the pocket and to clog up the rushing lanes. Versatile is not a good enough word to describe these guys.

    LB: Freshman Kenard Bowers, Senior Jason Vaughn, Junior(RS) Keith Freeman, Junior(RS) Blake Hill- Another very experienced group of players that welcomes Freshman Kenard Bowers with open arms. Coach Saw is possibly looking to move Bowers to MILB once Vaughn graduates and he thought starting him right away would be the best thing. Backup Brian Denman will see the field about as much as he did last year. Vaughn and Freeman have gelled into one big monster. If Freeman is in coverag, Vaughn is popping a RB/TE/WR in the mouth and vice versa. Blake Hill is the most underrated LB in Corvallis and he likes it to stay that way. It will be an exciting year!

    CB: Senior Bryan Fields, Senior Chris King, Sophomore(RS) Gary Sears, Junior(RS) Steven Sharpe- One last hoorah for Fields and King. They have managed to play almost every down since their Freshman year. Yes, they have struggled at times but they have continued to work hard and it has finally paid off. The outside should be secured and with the insurgence of Gary Sears it looks like these guys will lock down he passing attack. Steven Sharpe will be used in the dime package but he brings more than his coverage skills, he brings in run support and getting after the QB. Hopefully this tandem will once again improve their passing yards allowed average.

    S: Freshman Jacob Gray, Sophomore(RS) Josiah Jenkins- Peter Ashton is gone and Jacob Gray is in. Gray is bigger than Ashton but will he develop the same type of coverage skills? Being physical only goes so far but the Beavers will need him to be sharp in coverage or kiss a lot of stops goodbye. On the other side is another new face, Josiah Jenkins. Jenkins can read the all well and has shown a glimpse of greatness the few times he has got in but there is always that but. This one is the speed demon Freshman(RS) Nick Wilson. Wilson will get start taking Jenkins reps if he cannot come up and make plays against the running game. The Safeties will make or break this defense.

    Offensively we would like to stay balanced across the boards and implementing a "newer" system there might be a little more rushing yards/TDs than passing ones. Defensively the Beavers need to limit the passing attack and keep firing away at opposing teams RBs. Staying physical on both sides of the ball will be key to get all the nastiness out. We compete for one thing, a national title, and it would hurt to see us not get chance to at least get into that picture.​
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  3. Bulldog

    Bulldog Coach Richt is my Dawg!

    Jul 1, 2010

    We are young this season but that doesn't mean we can't compete. We hope to make it back to the PAC-12 championship and possibly the national championship. We have 30 total freshman this season and just 14 seniors.

    At QB we have an experienced player finally getting the starting job, Jeremy Heinz will take over this year. We are going to miss Kessler and Wittek that's for sure. Heinz is a fine QB but he doesn't even compare to Kessler or Wittek. Heinz's backup will be (JR)Heath Johnson who may actually end up starting for us. Johnson's accuracy is better than Heinz.

    At HB we are hurting this yearbut we have some decent backs. The starting HB will be (SO)Phillip Bellamy and behind him will be 3 freshman. So hopefully these guys can get it done this year.

    At FB we are also hurting but young and that can be a good thing in the long run. The starting FB will be Brent Smith and his backup will be Jacob Dobzinski.

    At WR we have a little more depth and experience. Starting 2 will be Drew Davis and Nelson Agholor and behind them goes Kevon Seymour, Kyle Nolen, Nick Hollis and Kyle Tate.

    At TE talented and veteran TE Jalen C Fitzpatrick returning for his senior season. His backups will be Matt Barrow and Andrew Davis.

    The buffet busters look good once again. We have alot of seniors returning for us. Starting line goes Max Tuerk(RT), Zach Banner(LT), Jordan Simmons(LG), Kyle Young(RG) and Tony Keith(C) and they have plenty of good backups.

    At DE we are just stacked with talent and experience. D-line goes Cornelius Butler(LE), Cody Williams(LE), Leonard Williams(RE) and Chad Bush(RE).

    At DT we have some pretty good dudes, our best player and starting DT will be Drew Hooper and behind him will be Joe Hicks.

    At linebacker we have Jabari Ruffin(ROLB), Kyle Faulk(LOLB) and Terry Holmes(MLB) and behind them are alot of talented and ready to go warriors.

    At CB we have Jason Washington and Reginald Cook. They ahve plenty of good backups as well who will see plenty of playing time.

    At FS we have Adam Hale who has been starting since his FR season and at SS we have J.D. Greene both are gonna lock up any passing game.

    At K we have Brett Hunter returning and he can make 60+ yarders and at P we have Sam Pratt returning who can punt them 100 yards.

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