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Season 5 Preview

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by Muttcope, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Muttcope

    Muttcope 2 Own Goals and Counting

    Feb 10, 2009
    Season 5 Preview


    Coach Mutt and his staff are excited about the Cornhuskers program this year. They have been talking all offseason about the progress that Maurice Turner as made since talking over the reigns in Week 3 of his freshman year. He has already been through two offensive schemes in his two years, but entering his third he looks to have found his groove. Coming into Lincoln as the #4 QB in the 2010 class from Farmington, Michigan, Turner has not disappointed in his time at Lincoln.

    "Coach Mutt put me into the fire my freshman year, and to tell you the truth I just wasn't mature enough to handle the rigors of college football. Then last year, I was knocked out of the UVA game with a minor injury, and played well in our loss to FSU. I knew I could play at the this level after the FSU game, and I'm ready to bring the Big XII championship back to Lincoln this year."

    Leading the offense for the Huskers will be the right arm of Junior QB Maurice Turner. He will have a plethera of RB's to hand off to this year. As JR Paris Pierce and RSSO Adam Joesph will be joined on the field by RSFR Ray Rowe. "We are excited to have Rowe on the field this year. The plays this kid makes in practice are just flat out sick. He has a knack for finding the gap, and running through the hole. He has also been smart enough to pick up all of the blitzes that our defense has been throwing at him. We have to keep Turner upright, so having a back that can block will be necessary."

    Turner's options to throw to this year will be lead by JR wideout Jerry Wright. Wright turned up his playmaking ability after preseason All-American WR TJ Dorsey was knocked out for the season against UVA last year. The big news on the receivers this year is that JR WR 6'4" 236 lbs Cole Koch will be moving to TE to make up for the loss of the departed Ben Cotton. "We needed a kid with hands at the TE spot to make up for Cotton. Cole just wasn't going to get the reps on the outside with the addition of Williamson, and Brewer to our program so we agreed that it was just time for a change."

    On the defense the year, Paul Matthews will be returning for his Senior campaign. He has lead the Huskers in sacks for one of is three years on campus, but more has always been expected of the Manchild from Texas. "If you remember back in '09 we had a kid by the name of Suh around here. He was always talented, but never blossomed until his senior year. We expect Paul to do the same this year." He will have to step his game up as the rest of the DLine will be unproven and very young to say the least. There will be 6 RSFR or true freshman in the 8 man rotation up front this year.

    The linebackers will be the strong suit of the Huskers team this year. Josh Ham, the unherald :3stars: recruit out of Lexington, NE. This kid has turned around the defensive program here at Nebraska. "Growing up I always dreamed ouf playing here at Memorial Stadium. Being from here I know the pride of putting on the Blackshirt every day, and working your ass off to play for the state of Nebraska of Saturday. That is why when I was being talked as 1st to 2nd round pick this year, I had to listen to Coach and come back to finish what I started here." It doesn't happen that often that the fan favorite is also of the best players on and off the field, but Josh Ham is most certainly that.

    In the secondary for the 2013 Nebraska Cornhuskers they will be lead by Ashley Graham, yet another natvie Nebraskan who has blossomed into a star here at Lincoln. He came to the program ranked as the #42 ATH by Rivals.com, and has not let go of his starting spot to the #1 ranked FS by Rivals.com in the 2012 recruiting class Matt Vincent. Ashley has forced near double digit fumbles in his career, and has been chosen by his teammates as a captain for the 2013 season. "I know that as a team we have been a disappointment to the Husker faithful the last few years, but this year I can sense a differnet attitude around the locker room. We have heard the rumors from Rival schools down south that talk about how their programs have turned the corner, while our program has regressed. I can tell you man for man each of us in this locker room will be taking our game to another level this year as we look forward to the Dr. Pepper Big XII title game in December."

    Prediction: 10-2
  2. OMlawdog

    OMlawdog Going full Cheeze

    Feb 10, 2009
    UCLA -

    UCLA had several opportunities to do great things this year but due to poor coaching, a couple of key injuries, and great plays by other teams, they were left on the outside looking in for a chance at Big XII title and chance at a BCS game.

    2013 is going to be a different year.

    Led by Terrance Morris the (RS) Junior QB looks to trigger an explosive attack led by Randall Carroll, Morrelly Presley and Athony McClain. Big things will be expected by all three, with players like JT Green, Joe McCoy, Dalton Hilliard have yet to become major contributors for the UCLA program. UCLA will attempt to have a more balanced attack this year, but the bread and butter of this program will be it's running game. UCLA returns 4 starters on the OL and will replace the RT with Silo Fu Ati, a 99 OVR RT that has played everywhere on the OL and will settle in at RT. The OL should be a strength next year.

    Depth will be key next year with Morris only weighing 180 lbs, he does seem to get hurt, a lot, and next year QB Brehuit, and Jamie Phillips may be counted on to play a decent bit. Hopefully they won't be needed, but its a long season.

    Defensively big things will be expected from Casey Thomas a great CB that will take over for Aaron Hester a stud CB from last year. The LB crew is led by Patrick Brown a speedy LB that can go sideline to sideline. At MLB Terry Johnson will patrol the middle and hopefully stop the run significantly better than they did the previous year. At safety, Jeremy Rogers makes up for his lack of speed with good run support and decent coverage skills, but the team will miss Stan MCkay a FS that started for the last three years. Tyler Adams a RS Soph will take his place and is a big hitter, but not great in coverage.

    On the D-line, the team is still furious about Ramon "Im thinking about myself only" Turner leaving for the pros, and at DE there will be some depth issues. Joe Sanders and Drew Lumpkin will attempt to fill the void left. Both have solid speed, but both need to develop a better ability to get off blocks. At DT, RS Soph Spencer Moss looks to anchor the line and stop teams from running right over UCLA.

    UCLA has not taken good steps forward the last few years, and hopefully this year they will be able to make the next big step.

    Im hoping for 11-1
  3. Drifterbub

    Drifterbub Help me hide a body?

    Feb 10, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    Coach Drifter should play the lottery, because if he has a smidgin of luck that seemed attached to his team last season, he could be a millionaire. The Aggies were the underdog all season and was the attention of a lot of public praise. Defying the odds with what the experts consider a inferior talented team, after suffering back-to-back defeats to UCLA and Oregon, everyone thought they were done. The theme for the rest of the season was to "Battle Back." To fight, scratch, and claw and believe that when the dust settles they would be back in it. To the surprise of everyone outside of that locker room in Kyle Field, the Aggies found themselves right-side-up of a blowout in the Big XII title game, earning them enough leverage in the BCS slightly edge out Oregon for a spot in the BCS National Title Game.


    What to expect: More pizazz. Not to get away from what the Aggies do well, but they found themselves incapable of handling certain situations in the game. In particular, passing situations. Coach Drifter has brought in a passing coordinator from the NFL to work on a scheme and with RsSo QB Alex Reid as he takes over the helm. Not a lot will visibly change, but it should give the offense a lot more looks out of the same formations as last year. The OL is good, like last year, although the faces have changed. This is a mammoth OL that is deep with highly recruited prospects. Some of them are young, but the tools are there for this group to be strong.

    Who to watch: SoRS QB Alex Reid has the tools, but is he ready? Coach Drifter said that overall he has had a good spring, but still needs to get some things corrected before he is turned loose. Sr RB Keith Slaughter will be counted on to handle most of the load, but RsFr Matt Bingham is a talented runner who could play a big part. Sr WR Kenric McNeal opted to return for his Sr year after hearing news of a new offensive scheme.

    Best Pro Prospects: C Jim Lewis, WR Lance Banks, FB Blake Young

    Newcomer of the Year: QB Alex Reid


    What to expect: A nugget filled center. All-American MLB Kyle Mangan graduates and the top three DTs also are gone. There is some talent behind the starters at those positions but a good spring will be needed by several to even get close to reproducing the level of play of last year's unit. JR LB Tyrell Woods had a coming out party last year and will really anchor the defense. All-American SR SS James Davis returns for his last year after being graded as one of top draft eligible safeties. Along with CB Terrence Frederick, who also decided to stay for his SR year, the defensive backs

    Who to watch: JR LB Tyrell Woods is a lean, mean machine with potential that is off the charts. Scouts roar about his similar attributes to Cowboys LB Demarcus Ware, but he needs to put on 15-20 lbs to be near that. He has the frame for it, though. DE David Malloy PS#1 had a good year last year and will anchor a young DL. Sr SS James Davis will lead the defensive unit.

    Best Pro Prospects: LB Tyrell Woods, DE David Malloy, SS James Davis

    Newcomer of the Year: MLB Jorge Guiterrez
  4. theSANDMAN215

    theSANDMAN215 Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, HI

    Feb 10, 2009
    Virginia Tech:

    I really do not know what to expect. I am excited to see my new QB whom I redshirted last season. He is a pocket passer and has great numbers at THA and THP. I lost a TON due to graduation and players leaving early.

    I am expecting around 3 losses. I am looking forward to the season though.

    (can't be any worse than the Virginia Tech in real life, damn barely beating ECU!!! went from #4 to barely beating ECU, jeez)

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