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Archived Season 5 Recruiting Discussion

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by Bulldog, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Bulldog

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    Jul 1, 2010
  2. Bucs

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    Jun 30, 2010
    Lets look at The Canes class so far: (In order of commitment)

    WR #17 Josh Barnett 78 Overall :4stars: 6'0 190 WR out of East Brainerd, TN. A solid possession wideout, he isnt going to outrun you but he has the ability to make the tough catches and hold onto the ball in traffic.

    CB #9 Ryan Roberson 78 Overall :4stars: 5'11 175 CB out of Oak Ridge, FL. A coverage corner who can use his athleticism to make the plays, 96 speed and acceleration help him overcome some agility issues , but he will have time to develop as the Canes are deep at the position already.

    CB #22 Kelvin Bell 78 Overall :3stars: 5'9 186 CB out of Azle, TX. Another corner for this class, Bell was underrated in HS and the Hurricane coaches have him grading out higher than intially thought. He has the athletic talent with 96 speed , acceleration and 90 jumping. He played in a Cover 2 scheme in high school so he is more comfortable in zone right now. As with Roberson he will sit and develop.

    MLB #2 Zach Gordon 76 Overall :4stars: 6'0 243 MLB out of Tamiami , FL. Gordon has great instincts which he relies on to put himself in advantageous positions, he isnt the most athletic guy but he can diagnose a play quickly and put himself in a spot to make a tackle. MLB is lacking depth and Gordon will be a great addition and eventual starter.

    WR #16 Tracy Britton 78 Overall :4stars: 6'1 197 WR out of Jacksonville, AR. Tracy will add some nice depth to the WR spot. He runs good routes and has solid hands but he needs to work on catching it over the middle, he wasnt asked to do that much in high school.

    DE #13 Glenn Walker 77 Overall :4stars: 6'2 255 DE out of Rainsville, AL. This kid is a solid 3-4 end, he has the size we like and can get off the block and make the tackle in the open field. A solid addition to a sort of thin defensive line.

    OLB #4 Danny Swan 79 Overall :4stars: 6'2 220 OLB out of Mountain Park, GA. A great solid sideline to sideline defender, he will add some speed and stability to the Outside lineback position. He rarely doesnt make the tackle once he gets his hands on the ball carrier. He is a little weak in coverage but thats expected out of a freshman.

    Athlete #1 Roy Thomas 78 Overall :5stars: 6'5 229 WR/DB out of Goose Creek, SC. Roy Thomas is the #1 overall recruit and Miami duked it out with Iowa to grab him. In HS he did it all for his team playing, WR, Safety and HB. The Canes staff has said that he will most likely be a wideout and at 6'5 229 in High School he earned the nickname Optimus Prime.

    WR #32 John Thomas 74 Overall :4stars: 5'11 179 WR out of Oak Hills Place, LA. Thomas is a true slot WR. Great acceleration off the line, and excels at running routes and making the tough catches in traffic. A great addition to the WR corps that has been the focus of the class.
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