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Season 5: Team Previews

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by HackGolfer, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. HackGolfer

    HackGolfer Administrator

    Jun 22, 2009
    Can the dynamic Freshman QB lead MSU back to the SEC Title Game?

    Returning Starters: The Bulldogs return 5 on offense, 7 on defense and the place-kicker and punter on special teams.

    Star Power: Senior CB Larry Hope emerged as the team leader through spring camp and looks to help fuel a defensive turn around for the Bulldogs this season. His 99 speed will certainly be a weapon and his coverage and zone skills leave little to be desired.

    New Faces: Two incoming freshman should see significant playing time this season while many others should get a fair amount of looks in live action. Freshman QB Frank Brown comes in with tremendous abilities and is a much needed addition to the Bulldog Hurry Up Spread offense. Freshman TE Brad Carter will also see a heavy workload possessing the hands and route running skills of an experienced veteran.

    Don't forget about: Punter John Hill. Hill has the ability to change the field position battle each week with his 86 power punts, but most importantly, his quickness can be a factor with a 93 speec and 91 acceleration rating.

    Big Shoes to fill: The Bulldogs have a depleted running back core with the graduation of Milton and Griffin. Jeremy Whitehead has some game experience, but had better be ready for the gauntlet of the SEC West. If he gets banged up, it could be a long season in the Bulldog backfield.

    Key Battle: Larry Hope has one CB spot locked up, but his counterpart position is up for grabs. Juniors Sean Wagner and Adam Rankin will have to prove their worth to take the field and incoming Freshman Sean Payne could also make a move on the depth chart.

    Rising Star: Junior WR James Lacey was under the shadow of WR Joe Morrow all season. The coaches expect him to be a weapon on offense this year, and could be the return specialist this season to put his 97 speed to good use.

    Bottom Line: Mississippi State has talent on both sides of the ball, but are putting their offense in the hands of a true freshman. If Brown struggles to learn this offense, it will be a long season.

    Games to Watch:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. H22APWRD94

    H22APWRD94 RG3 Bandwagon

    Jul 11, 2009
    2016 Iowa Football Season Outlook
    The Iowa Hawkeyes look to build off of another strong recruiting class, and a strong performance to end the season in 2015. They return 7 starters on offense, 7 on defense, and both their kicker and punter. This is a team that achieved a great deal last season, but two early losses hurt their chances of making a run at a National Championship. This year, the roster looks even stronger, and they are prepared for another tough schedule.​
    JP Brooks SR.png
    Who will lead this team? You will find seniors in many key positions, but none bigger than JP Brooks at quarterback. As he goes, this team goes. He has re-written the Iowa record books for passing touchdowns in a career, and looks to threaten the total passing yards this season as well. Depending on his season, he could re-write them all. On defense, Donald Coleman will be assigned to the #1 WR of our opponent. He tied for the NCAA lead in interceptions last season at 9 total, and is only 5 away from the Iowa career record.​
    Newbies LG Clayton Warren gets his first action in what is sure to be a 4 yr career, barring early declaration for the draft. DE Larry Glover finally gets his shot at glory, as he has been waiting behind some serious talent the past two seasons. He almost declared early last season, and certainly had the talent to, even as a backup.​
    Sleeper cell WR Ryan Huff. Iowa's first real speed threat since Tim Dwight, Huff will look to stretch the field as the slot receiver.​
    Who needs to be the next big thing? Somebody needs to step up and fill a huge hole at RE. Riley McMinn was there for four seasons, and the replacement just moved inside to add depth at DT this season. Veteran Marlin Jones, redshirt freshman Trevor McCall, or true freshman Damien Johnson will have to step up to solidify that side of the line.​
    Spring Practice duels The OLB spots for Iowa are up for grabs. There is a group of young talent that will be competing for the two spots. Some players will be situational players, coming in on Nickel defense, or playing against bigger TE's.​
    The CREAM WR Michael Holmes. He needs to cut out the drops, and prove his worth as a #1 WR. He is not the fastest guy on the field, but when that ball is close, he has his own gravitational field that attracts it. He needs to produce 1000+ yds and 10+ TDs this season to see this offense really hit its mark.​
    What not to bet on Clemson in week 2, Michigan State in week 8, Ohio State in week 12.​

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  3. onaradio34

    onaradio34 Tryin not to show how little I know bout anything

    Sep 24, 2009
    2016 Tennessee Volunteers Outlook
    Tennessee took a big step forward this offseason jumping from a B rated team to an A-. Big expectations abound as they look to end their win drought against the rival Florida Gators and win the SEC East. The 9 wins and Top 10 ranking from last season won't do this year for the boys from Rocky Top!
    The Man, the Myth, the Legend
    Vol fans are expecting big things from Graham in his swan song season. His personal goal is 1,600 yards and 15 TD's, up from the 1,400 and 9 he posted as a JR. You won't see him go the distance much, but opposing defenses wilt under a 4 quarter barrage of Graham carries. He is approaching Chuck Norris stature in Knoxville.
    Wide Receiver U Returning?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Seniors Horton and Croom form a lethal combo that Rocky Top hasn't seen since Rogers and Hunter. Those 2 were both tall and fast. A better comparison of former Vol WR duo's would be Carl Pickens and Alvin Harper though Croom has some Willie Gault speed and acceleration. Horton will spend some time of KO returns as well and be the backup punt returner.
    Old Faces, New Scheme: The Vol Defense
    After 4 years of 3-4, the Vols are switching back to the 4-3. Jeff Riggs and Eli Harold are pass-rush specialists from their end positions with big Brian Anderson and RS Fr Sean Atkins holding down the middle of the line.
    Drive Ender
    Though he won't be on anyone's Top LB list, and could go undrafted, Sr OLB Eddie Hall is a drive-wrecking force. He reads plays very well and plays sideline to sideline with his exceptional acceleration and pursuit ability. His 6-6 frame and long arms make it tough for blockers to get into his body and makes him a big distraction to a qb's vision.
    Sam West, Darius Wilson and Eric Allen form a solid CB trio that the Vol coaching staff have no problem leaving on an island by themselves freeing up the mentioned above Hall to wreak havoc in the backfield. Jr SS and impact player Sam King is going into his 3rd year as a starter.
    The Young'uns
    True Freshman Greg Howard is the backup at LT. RS FR Charles Deluca will be the backup at LG.
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  4. Cimmy24

    Cimmy24 Candy Ass Self

    Jul 6, 2009
    Returning Starters
    Penn State returns 9 starters on offense, including QB Nick Kirby, HB Chris Hackett, WR Andrew Thompson, TE Ross Griffin, and C Jesse McCoy. Look for this offense to move like a well-oiled machine as they have the experience and skill level to be one of the most efficient in the country. The defense has a fairly new look about it, with 6 returning starters, the entire defensive line gets a new look, minus All-American DT George Hunter who will anchor the line. OLB Ryan Morse and CB Grant Shelton will lead their respective groups and look for FS Simmons to be a huge factor in the passing game.​

    New Faces
    True Freshman DE Maurice Pearson will take position on the left side of the line, filling the void left by Nittany Legend Darrell Walker, making him the only True Freshman to see a starting role this season. However, do not be surprised to see TE Jordan Berg get his share of playing time in multiple TE sets. Other new names that should make an impact include DE Nate Louis, LOLB John Brown, OLB Ryan Pettway, CB Julian Walton, CB Brandon Hayes, and FS Lewis Mosby.​

    Big Shoes to Fill
    There is no doubt that DE Darrell Walker's departure to the NFL is a huge loss for the Nittany Lions defensive line. That role will be taken over by a true freshman, in Maurice Pearson. He will be compared to and questioned about Walker all season long, but the coaches believe he will do just fine. With 80 Power Moves, 85 Finesse Moves, and 89 Block Shedding, he could even make Nittany Nation forget Walker is gone....​

    Rising Star
    He may not be a star any longer, but HB Chris Hackett really started to emerge as the season came to a close. Look for him to really start getting the carries he desires this season for the Nittany Lions. As well, WR Matt Hawk will get more time this year as the Lions #3 WR. An explosive receiver, many compare him to the NFL's Wes Welker. We will certainly find out as the season progresses.​

    Bottom Line
    This Penn State team has a lot to prove. They had the division and road to the B1G Championship and Rose bowl in their hands and dropped it by losing their last two games of the season that they should've won big. The result sent them to the Gator Bowl, where they earned a victory over Mississippi St, but were extremely disappointed in what could've been. This year, they will fight harder for what they let go to waste.​

    Games to Watch
    Week 2 v Pitt

    Week 4 @ Miss St
    Week 6 v Ohio St
    Week 12 @ Tenn
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