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Season 5 WTF you thinking predictions and AFC Outlook

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by publik drunk, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. publik drunk

    publik drunk King of the East

    Jun 21, 2013
    Another Season down and another Seahawks SB win ugh... Time to get ready for season 5 with some bold predictions:

    AFC East: The Patriots finally cashed in on all their hoarded picks. The Dolphins hit home runs on their first two picks and are lurking quietly. The Jets loaded up on depth and talent in the off season. And the Bills added some solid pieces to their roster. This could be the closest finish yet in the AFC East and do not be surprised if they get two playoff teams.
    Bold prediction: The Jets comeback strong and reclaim the division. The Bills secure a wildcard. The Patriots finish around .500. The Dolphins continue to find their way.

    AFC North:
    The Steelers traded up to get maybe the best player in the draft. The Bengals are aging a little. Who can possibly keep up with the trade happy Ravens. The Browns are quietly lurking ready to make their move.
    Bold Prediction: The North will beat up on each other this year but barely sneak a second team into the playoffs. The Steelers win the division and the Bengals get in the playoffs in week 17.

    AFC South:
    The Jags had a really good off-season. The Colts loaded up on players they didn't need (stupid cpu). The Titans and Texans did really well in the draft.
    Bold prediction: Texans continue to build on the stranglehold over the division, but the Titans could make some noise down the stretch. The Colts after a good run last year really feel the pain of regression and missing the draft. The Jaguars have a solid year and continue to build that roster.

    AFC West:
    Hey everyone, the Chiefs are back!! We know how good their defense is but they spent a lot of picks at the skill positions. The Raiders and Broncos had pretty quiet off-seasons, and the Chargers hit big in the draft.

    Bold prediction:
    The Chiefs D carries them to another division crown. The Raiders and Broncos battle all the way to week 17 for a playoff spot but are edged out and the Chargers have possibly their best full season but still finish around .500 due to their tough division.

    NFC picks
    East: Cowboys -Div Eagles -WC. Having to play both Chicago and Seattle really hurts Philly this year and losing Shady IRL still weighs on BR.

    North: Bears- Div Packers- WC

    South: Really a tough division to call. I'm picking the Panthers though it's going to be really close three way race. Probably the least talented team but the Bucs have the first place schedule and I think Carolina pulls it out.... Barely.

    West: Unique

    AFC Champs: Houston- with their solid draft and the Chiefs young offensive weapons I think this could be Houston's year to take the conference.

    NFC Champs- Bears Craig has been quiet this off-season but he had a pretty decent off season. I think he ends Seattle's run in the playoffs.

    SB Champs- Chicago in maybe the most boring TMFL bowl yet. I would set the over/under at 24 with those two defenses.
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  2. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
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    Good stuff. You got the Bills and Jets backwards though. I'll post my predictions when I get home tomorrow
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  3. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    AFC East: The pillow biters are back at it again .. Jets are looking to rebound, the Bills are look to duplicate what they did last season. Cheez & The Pats are looking to make their mark in the div and hitter is refocused. Something has to give, the Pats & Fins both help the Jets this year by splitting games vs the Bills, giving Publik the edge this year. NEW YORK JETS

    AFC North:
    The usual suspects .. The Bengals while aged a bit still poise a strong problem for most teams. A tough #1 schedule may hinder their run this year however. With the rest of the division playing the AFC W nothing will be easy this year. The Cincinnati Bengals find a way to squeak out enough key wins to win the division with Pittsburgh taking a wildcard birth. Their AP game early in the year may play a key role in the playoff race.

    AFC South:
    The Jags definitely had a great off season; Houston looked to make some big moves but were cash strapped which prevented things from going down. Tennessee is still slowly rebuilding the roster in key positions and the Colts still love old guys. Bad news for these boys is their playing the NFC East, so the division is very alive for the taking if teams can handle business in division. If not the Texans run away with another title. Houston Texans win again...

    AFC West:
    AFC West draws a tough schedule this year and the Chiefs won't get their cake walk #3 schedule. Games against Seattle, Houston and St Louis are on the plate. This opens the door for the Raiders, Broncos and Chargers. Whoever can handle business out of division and go .500 on the road in div will take the crown. KC wins division after Raiders topple late in the year.

    NY Jets
    Houston Texans
    Cinci Bengals
    KC Chiefs
    Pitt Steelers
    Oak Raiders

    Home teams take care of business, Steelers knock off the Jets though in a upset. Chiefs & Texans in AFC championship with Houston taking it.

    NFC East
    Another tough schedule for the Eagles bolds well for the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins who came on strong last season. Giants and Cowboys had a big off season, lets see who pays off. Cowboys adding Julio Jones may be the deciding factor this year. Cowboys win div.

    NFC North:
    Bears win the div, lets just hope someone in the div can beat him once.

    NFC South: The division that lost to the AFC East ... But there are some new owners kicking around this year. Wyrm took his talents to NC after getting ran out of town by die hard Rams fans and their inability to defeat the Seahawks. So with a fresh start with a depleted roster he looks to be the favorite. ATL has a vocal coach with a whole new roster after dishing out numerous trades. This however is still the Bucs division until taken down. Panthers get the roster right and win the division in close race with ATL.

    NFC West: Same story here, Seahawks win division

    Seattle Seahawks
    Chicago Bears
    Dallas Cowboys
    Carolina Panthers
    Philly Eagles
    St Louis Rams

    Cowboys beat Hawks but fall to the Bears in the NFC Championship. On to the Superbowl; Houston Texans take down the Bears and break the reign the Hawks had over the league.
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  4. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
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    AFC North: The Steelers have a rough start being on AP but I still think they are the favorites here. The Bengals' roster is aging although as long as they have Eifert, Green and Dalton they'll compete. The Ravens will build on a great year but with a tough schedule we expect they will just miss out on the playoffs. The Browns will continue to grow under new owner Justin Jones but they look to be a year away.

    Projected Finish
    1. Steelers (11-5)
    2. Bengals (9-7)
    3. Ravens (9-7)
    4. Browns (7-9)

    AFC South: The Texans continue to improve their roster while all three of the other teams continue to slowly build. The Jaguars had their biggest offseason in years and will surprise some folks with their improvement this season. The Titans are a sleeper and could be fighting for another playoff berth.

    Projected Finish
    1. Texans (13-3)
    2. Titans (9-7)
    3. Colts (6-10)
    4. Jaguars (4-12)

    AFC East: The Bills don't look to be going anywhere but all three of the other teams had big off-seasons. Its debatable whether the Jets or Patriots are the most improved team this year. The Jets added HB Jamal Charles and OLB Brandon Spikes while adding 3 legit starters through the draft. The Patriots added CB Aqib Talib, DE Greg Hardy and 2 young CB's in the draft. The Jets will be a legit contender and the Patriots much improved while the Bills and Dolphins hold steady.

    Projected Finish
    1. Jets (12-4)
    2. Bills (10-6)
    3. Patriots (8-8)
    4. Dolphins (5-11)

    AFC West: The Chiefs are not going anywhere with 2nd year QB Rich Doughty still undefeated. Could they have pulled off the upset in last seasons Super Bowl had he been healthy? The Raiders and Broncos will continue to be contenders but a tough schedule and one of the hardest divisions might hurt them. The Chargers finally found a HB in rookie Diamond Reed, but can Riley cut down on the INT's?

    Projected Finish:
    1. Chiefs (15-1)
    2. Raiders (11-5)
    3. Broncos (9-7)
    4. Chargers (7-9)

    AFC Playoffs
    1. Chiefs
    2. Texans
    3. Jets
    4. Steelers
    5. Raiders
    6. Bills

    Bills over Jets-Bills pick the perfect time to end their slump against NY and send them packing in the first round
    Steelers over Raiders-Steelers prove too tough at home.

    Chiefs over Bills-The Bills have been unable to overcome the Chiefs in 3 tries and not much has changed to convince us they could now.
    Steelers over Texans-The Steelers just seem to have Houston's number.

    AFC Championship
    Chiefs over Steelers-The Chiefs roll into the Super Bowl again and look to do what they couldn't last year.

    AFC OPOY-QB Rich Doughty-Chiefs
    AFC DPOY-MLB Brian Cushing-Texans
    AFC OROY-WR Connor Gaines-New York Jets
    AFC DROY-CB Cordaveous Toomer-Tennessee Titans

    NFC North: The Bears have absolutely owned this division since Craig took them over and we don't see that changing this year. The Packers are always a dangerous team and will again prove troublesome for anyone they play. The Vikings are on the right path but is QB Peyton Manning the answer? The Lions appear to have a long way to go.

    Projected Finish
    1. Chicago Bears (15-1)
    2. Green Bay Packers (10-6)
    3. Minnesota Vikings (6-10)
    4. Detroit Lions (2-14)

    NFC East: TMFL's toughest division IMO is always a tough one to call. The Cowboys and Giants both made some major improvements this offseason and the Eagles quietly made some improvements adding DE Mario Williams. The Redskins our one of the most underrated teams in TMFL

    Projected Finish
    1. Dallas Cowboys (11-5)
    2. Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)
    3. New York Giants (9-7)
    4. Washington Redskins (8-8)

    NFC South: This divisions is almost as big a toss up as the AFC East. 3 Teams all have a legitimate chance to take this thing, however we like the Falcons. They've had quite the loud offseason while the Panthers look to be 1 year away from competing. The Bucs, last year's champions, are a dangerous team and could find themselves back on top. These guys play two of the toughest divisions around in AFC North and NFC West

    Projected Finish
    1. Atlanta Falcons (9-7)
    2. Tampa Bay Bucs (7-9)
    3. Carolina Panthers (6-10)
    4. New Orleans Saints (3-13)

    NFC West: Can the new Rams coach compete with the Juggernaut that is the Seahawks? The Rams are without a doubt the 2nd most complete team on paper while the Cardinals are always a tough out. The new 49ers coach will be out to prove he can compete in this divison also.

    Projected Finish
    1. Seattle Seahawks (14-2)
    2. Arizona Cardinals (9-7)
    3. St. Louis Rams (8-8)
    4. San Francisco 49ers (4-12)

    NFC Playoffs
    1. Chicago Bears
    2. Seattle Seahawks
    3. Dallas Cowboys
    4. Atlanta Falcons
    5. Philadelphia Eagles
    6. Green Bay Packers

    Dallas over Green Bay-Hudson and co. just too much for the Pack to overcome
    Philadelphia over Atlanta-The Eagles show that ATL's rebuild isn't quite complete

    Chicago over Phildadelphia-The Bears revenge what we think will be their one regular season loss
    Seattle over Dallas-The Cowboys offense is high powered but not quite ready to overcome the LOB

    NFC Championship
    over Seattle-For the 3rd straight year, these two teams meet in the NFC Championship. However, this year the home field puts Chicago over the top and into the super bowl

    NFC OPOY-QB Russell Wilson Seahawks
    NFC DPOY-MLB Daryl Washington Cardinals
    NFC OROY-QB Orlan Watkins Falcons
    NFC DROY-DE Geoffrey Noble-Lions

    Super Bowl
    over Bears-Two teams who aren't all that familiar with each other, this will be a defensive battle. Ultimately, the Chiefs pull it out behind the play of Doughty
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  5. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
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