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Season 6 Previews

Discussion in 'After Midnight' started by Kapono, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Kapono

    Kapono Walk On

    Jun 28, 2010
    Offense: Pistol
    We lost our full back to the NFL so our offense will change from last year. Gone are the power formations and added are some 4 wide formations.

    QB Eric Everett - Has the skills to play HB and WR for us, but has a great arm and awareness if that means anything. If he fumbles like he did last year, he may play slot WR and move over for sophomore Matthew Gaither, who also has a strong arm.

    HB Stable - 4 guys will split time evenly. Sanders (352 yards) is powerful. Pugh (679) is quick and elusive. Williams (750) is our most balanced back, and Cowan (184, 9 TD) is our power back at 237 lbs. and will see the ball a lot more this year. They won't have the help of FB Will James anymore, but it's a solid group.

    WRs/TEs - Dan Jones is our main TE with 81/83 blocking and pretty good receiving skills. Out wide will be 6'2" receivers Dallas Jones and Derrick Davis, but the main target may be in the slot. 6'7" 236 redshirt freshman Kenny Synder will make his debut and is expected to be a big part of the FSU offense in the future. Our #4 receiver is Joshua Lowery, 6'5" but doesn't have great skills.

    O-Line - Not as good as last year's line, but still a solid group. The group is a little better with pass blocking, and we may sub in run block/pass block lineman by formation.

    Defense: 4-2-5. We lost 3 of our 6 LBs and our best player as SS. We'll be able to play the pass well, but with the loss of 3 DTs, we may give up big runs.

    D-Line - The DE's are back. Temple is the #1 DE, Coleman will play in pass rush situations, and Washington in running situations. Junior David Shelton will play some DE and some LB. The DT position is thin with only 3 guys, but Kilpatrick and Jones are good and will be needed to play well.

    LBs- Bobby Roberts is speedy and hits hard and will play left LB. Grant Fox tackles very well and will be our user LB. Lewis is our 3rd LB and will see a good amount of playing time.

    Back 5 - Ben Olson is a shutdown corner with speed. SS Schneider is 6'4, hits hard and is solid in zone coverage. We've gots tons of CB types with coverage skills and speed who will be used all over at CB, FS, and SS. With Dukes leaving at SS, we've become more of a pass-stopping team.
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  2. MexiRican35

    MexiRican35 ¿Te quieres naranjas?

    Aug 14, 2010
    Clemson Tigers

    QB - Senior QB. Great QB. Not much mobility. Really need to cut down on the interceptions.

    HB - Timmons is the head back, and we've been waiting for a while for him to take over. Not as powerful as Campbell was, but he can still make guys miss. Stewart will be a scat back. True freshman Carroll will see some PT and we'll see what he can do.

    WR/TE - With Walker leaving early, Hughes will be the only one who has caught a pass. So, who knows how this group will be. True freshman Brunner will play in 2 TE sets. At 6-8, we might even split him out wide and just toss it up to him.

    OL - Not much experience here. Hopefully they can pass block better than last years group.

    DL - Wilson had 16 sacks last year, and is back for his senior season. DT Brown can clog the middle on run plays.

    LB - All 3 starters return as seniors. MLB Rosiaro had 50 tackles and 7 interceptions last year.

    DB - I would like to see more interceptions from this group. The lack of turnovers really hurt us against the pass.
  3. Boom29

    Boom29 Walk On

    Jul 7, 2011
    Virginia Tech Hokies
    2018 Season Preview

    2017 Review: The Virginia Tech Hokies finished a disappointing 7-6, losing all five of their User games in the process. The main culprit for the VTech struggles was the offense’s propensity to turn the ball over.

    QB – Daniel Livingston takes over for the Hokies in year two of Coach Akai’s QBR Air Raid offense. The success of the offense will depend solely on whether Livingston can keep his INTs down. Livingston is a great athlete, but must work on his accuracy.

    HB – Sophomore Pete Austin will get the HB duties. His great speed and acceleration will make him a threat catching passes out of the backfield.

    WR/TE – With the departure of All-SEC Jason Noble, Brian Huff takes over as the #1. Huff doesn’t have top-end speed, but he can “go-get-it.” Keeping drops down will be key for Huff. Junior Josh Smart will complement Huff on the outside. Smart will put pressure on defenses with his great speed. On the inside, underclassmen Travis Levine and Jermaine Edwards hope to step up and provide consistent targets for Livingston. Seth Scott returns as the starting TE and will be Livingstone’s safety blanked.

    OL – The lifeblood of the offense, the Hokies line struggled at times last year to give the QB time to throw. Both starters at the Tackle position are new, but are capable pass blockers. The Guards, though experienced, are better suited to the running game, but will hopefully be able to use their experience to make up for their deficiencies. The leader of the group, C Victor Neal is a preseason All-SEC and is a stalwart at the point of attack.

    DL – The Ends will be a strength for the Hokies with SR Scott Gross and JR Jesse Newton at the helm. Newton is able to get off blocks and use his speed to get to quarterback, while Gross has a great motor and is able to create havoc in the backfield. Inside, Chad Jordan and Chuck Lamb are solid players, but will need to be stronger at the point of attack in order to stop the strong running games of the SEC.

    LB – Overall, this is the weakness of the Virginia Tech football team. Both Outside Linebacker positions will be filled by first-time starters that not only lack experience, but are still learning to play the position. Luckily, VTech returns SR Ernest Ross to plug the middle of the field. Ross has outstanding athleticism to go along with great football instincts. Look for fellow SR MLB Walter Mitchell to get some snaps at OLB in order for the Hokies to take advantage of his experience and skill.

    DB – The trio of JR corners Carlos Scott, Derrick Meyers and Akeem Robinson lead the way in the defensive backfield – all three equally capable of playing man and zone. The safety position, especially at FS, is a concern as neither starter has much experience. Chauncey Smith will get first chance to succeed, with the coaching staff hoping that his awareness will assist him.

    2018 Outlook: With the QBR Air Raid offense in its second year, expect the offense to be more efficient, and hopefully less turnover prone. Don’t expect the Hokies to again go 0-5 against the User teams. In so, eight wins is an achievable goal for the Hokies. With some luck, the Hokies may even get to 10.
  4. SatansAngel1104

    SatansAngel1104 Walk On

    Mar 29, 2011
    My three HB's and my Option QB all are gone...
    Airing it out
  5. Kapono

    Kapono Walk On

    Jun 28, 2010
    FSU Incoming Freshmen:
    LB Reggie Dickerson - 81 overall - One of 2 guys who won't get redshirted. He's 6'2" 208 with safety skills and 86 zone coverage. He'll play in the secondary this season and may move to LB later. He also has the potential to play corner, free, or strong safety because of his coverage skills.

    LB Trey Murphy - 81 overall - The other freshman who didn't get redshirted and a prize recruit we got at the end. He'll play a little at SS this year and will move to LB later.
    • QB Mark Simpson - 77 - Fast with a decent arm. Only 57 carrying so he may never play much.
    • HB Trent Arnold - 82 - White power back with 86 trucking and 90 speed. We didn't sign a HB last year, so he'll see a lot of time in the future.
    • WR Devin Reed - 80 - Pretty good receiver, balanced overall. He's 6'5" 210 but 77 jumping isn't special.
    • TE Jeremy Jones - 76 - He's slow and an average blocker. But at 6'7" he's a nice target situationally.
    • C Amir Ferwerda - 80 - we recruited him, 6'4" 237 pounds, as an athlete-DE, but expected to move him to LB. But after seeing his run blocking skills, we decided we'd move him to O-Line. It'll be interesting to see what he looks like out there at 237 lbs., he may move back to defense.
    • G Victor Roland - 79 - Run Blocker
    • G Brandon Clark - 76 - Balanced
    • LB Josh Johnson - 76 - 6'0" 216 with 80 zone coverage. With depth at LB and his small size, his future may be in the secondary
    • LB Kendrick Weeks - 72 - 6'1" 219, not that great in coverage, and just average overall.
    • LB Robert McDonald - 68 - He's 6'7" 229 and will most likely move so safety. His only strength is his speed 88/83, below average tackler and coverage, but he's 6'7" and might be worth something his 5th year.
    • MLB Marshall Howell - 75 JUCO - 6'8" 251, 79 speed, 85 acc. He's a pretty good tackler with block shedding. A converted DE so he'll only play situationally or as the user. His catching is at 40, so his big frame might not be a big deal.
    • CB Craig Long - 77 - 88 zone, 88 man, 90 press. We have a bunch of guys like him already.
    • FS Richmond Cook - 79 - Fast, good tackler. Nothing special in coverage so he'll ride the bench for a few seasons.

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