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Season 6 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by Muttcope, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Muttcope

    Muttcope 2 Own Goals and Counting

    Feb 10, 2009
    Baylor Bears

    The Bears look to improve on their 6-7 record last year in Mutt's first full year at the helm. Coach Mutt has decided to go young and turn the team over to true Freshaman and prized recruit Chad McCall (QB 6'3 211). Coming into Baylor he was in a battle for the starting gig with Josh Siegel and Shaun Gardenr. McCall has won over the coaching staff and new offensive coordinator Colin Kaepernick. After Colin led the Nevada Wolfpack and took them to their highest BCS ranking in 2010 he has worked is way up the coaching ranks, and bring the pistol offense to the Bears.

    Working the backfield with McCall will be a 4 head RB by committee. No one has stood out in the fall practices, and there is depth there but no 1 true standout. Returning starter John Bell will see about 40% of the carries while Foster, Bower, Jackson, and Brown have packages where they will be on the field.

    McCall will have LaMont Williams on the outside to throw to as he is back for his senior campaign. He needs 9 more grabs to top 100 for his career at Baylor at will be the #1 target on the outside. He will be followed by the #2 and #3 returning receivers as well Holly and Pitts. They will look to use their speed to open up the holes for the running game, and to open up lanes for the TE's. Look for Kevin Wheeler to have big year this year at 6'1 244 and breakaway speed at the TE position he will create matchup problems all year long in the Big 12.

    The guys in the threnches on both sides of the ball will be the key to how well the Bears fare this year. The OL and DL were depleted when this coaching staff came into Waco and the depth and talent is not very high. The Bears will struggle all year if the boys up front can not provide holes for the RB's or allow protection for the LB's to make plays.

    The LB's will be the strength of the defense. If the DL allows them to roam and make plays the Bears will be near the top of the defensive categories in the Big 12. But if Sophmore sensation Marcus Lee, Seniors Chris Hall, Adrian Meadows, and Brent Fredrick are tied up by secondary blocks from the opposing lineman the defense in Waco could be in for a long year.

    The secondary in Waco will look to improve upon their average performance last year. Junior SS Kyle Lawson will lead all upper classman secondary. After being in a timeshare last year with Paul Harris, Lawson has shown that he will be the veteran force in the defensive backfield to hold down the opposing receivers after losing our star CB last year.

    K's and P's suck so no comment about them.

    Prediction: 7-5
  2. Drifterbub

    Drifterbub Help me hide a body?

    Feb 10, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    Season 6: Wake Forest Demon Deacons

    Burning questions: What now? Where do we go from here? Who is going to step up? All have to be valid questions that are being asked by the players and coaches in Winston-Salem. Although the team mustered 9 wins last year, it was considered a disaster the way it happened. Two losses to an overachieving Duke squad allowed the Deacon's rivals to put together a Nat'l Championship run, while they suffered a demoralizing loss to South Carolina in the Chic Fil'a Bowl. Untimely injuries were a theme of the season, even early on. QB Titus Blanks went down for 11 weeks in week 3. Week 4 brought about a 12 week injury to AA WR Matt James for 2 week and TE Basford for 3 weeks, the number 1 and 2 receptions leaders on the team respectively. In Week 6, 4th WR and Special teams AA Daniel Hartman receives a season ending injury. Backup QB turned starter Sr Tanner Price went down several times this season, burning the redshirt off of FR Shane Collier to come in and take snaps. Against Duke, Collier had to go out a couple of times in the game, forcing a TE to take snaps and hand the ball off. What makes all of this even more crazy, as it's not even ALL of the injuries. Wake was without a lot of role players last season. Looking back at the injury timeline, it's a miracle they had a winning season.

    What to watch for: Wake returns last years 1200+ yard rusher in HB Dustin Peterson. Backup HB Tom Myers had a good spring and is posed to take some of the load. The offense will need to throw the ball better this year to take the pressure off of the running game and the coaches have been playing with the schemes and packages to make that happen. There is no clear cut leader on this team, however, the coaches have been pressing the soft-spoken Peterson into a more vocal leadership role. Last year the defense was able to allow some playmakers to bloom into their potential. This year they will have to rely on a steep learning curve for a lot of promising incoming players. FS Ware is the presence on the field a young defense needs to be successful and a lot rides on the former Miami transfer to keep this unit together.

    Offense: The Demon Deacons must find a QB that can minimize the mistakes. JR Titus Blanks emerges spring as the starter after only having 50 pass attempts last year before his injury. The medical staff believes that he is at 100%. So QB Shane Collier is more athletic and will provide a serviceable replacement should the injury virus strike again. Let's hope not, because depth is really thin at this position. Which is exactly why the Deacons will look to a sustainable ground attack (much like last year) to carry most of the load. AA HB Dustin Peterson returns to lead one of the ACC's top ground attacks. HB Tom Myers and Lonnie Carson provide quality depth and will both be called upon this year.

    The WR corps sees a lot of new faces with the departure of both the #1 and #2 WRs. So WR Aaron Carter and Justin Howard look to shine in their first glimpse as features in the offense. WRs Daniel Hartman and Ben Smith are both members of the Wake Forest 4x100 relay team and can leave anyone behind. At TE Calvin King (6'8'') and Dion McKnight are the athletic type who can catch, block and make guys look silly in the open field. Unfortunately they are the only two TEs on the depth chart and an injury to one of them could land Wake into some really bad personnel problems. The offensive line is well-rounded and less "holy jeans" than last year. Depth continues to develop as more and more reputable prospects come to Wake.

    Defense: What can you say about JR MLB Adam Williams? A relatively unknown high school prospect out of the state of West Virginia was a role player and special teams guy for Wake his freshmen year. After having a spectacular spring, he earned the starting MLB job and the rest is history. Last year Adam received AA honors, the Nagaruski and Best LB awards and was a top 5 tackler in the nation. Adam is proving to be just as much of a role model on the field as he is off and will lead a good LB corps into the 2016 season. Adam will be not only accountable for the play of his LB group, but of the VERY young DL in front of him. DT FR Adam Johnson and FR Leon Mathis were immediately the best DTs the minute they stepped onto campus. DE Daniel Moore and his consistent effort and play return to anchor the line. True frosh DE Rob Russ will be called upon during pure passing situations to utilize his incredible athleticism. The secondary likely takes a small step in the right direction from last year despite the graduation of SS Haden. SS So Keith Brown steps into the safety role opposite of Ware. CB will likely be effective by committee as Wake has 8 scholarshiped CBs all within 5-6 OVR points of each other. A clear starter has not emerged yet, although JR CB Thomas likely holds an edge due to experience.

    Outlook: It's going to be hard to nail down what this team is actually capable of. Are they more athletic? On defense, yes. With the loss of Matt James and TE Neil Basford on offense, you would probably have to say no. An improved running game and conservative passing game should help in that aspect. There will likely be no 'big play' ability from the Demon Deacon secondary, but they should be a bit more solid and consistent than last year. The front 7 is very young and inexperienced outside of MLB Adam Williams. The defense will likely have to play with a previously absent energy level in order to stop good offensive teams. Wake will likely beat some teams they shouldn't and lose some games in which they are favored on their way to another 8-9 win season.
  3. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
    Season 6 - Mississippi State Preview

    The Bulldogs are coming off a winning yet slightly disappointing 8-5 season. They did have an extremely tough schedule, but left some points on the field and lost close games to LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas mostly due to big plays and turnovers. Miss St has lost 4 starters AA SS Love and AA DE Eulls, OT, and HB Griffin. Returning 18 other starters and getting access to 2 transfers and some redshirts offers an exciting start to this season. Overall the team is up to a B-, improving from last season's C+.

    There is some shakeup at QB and HB. Griffin is gone, and Parker steps into the starting role after getting significant playing time last season when Griffin had a season ending injury. He has some speed and can break some tackles. The coaching staff felt that QB Griffin caused some of the losses last season with some inadvertant throws in crunch time. He put up big numbers but just doesnt have the arm desired in the style of passing attack offense Miss St operates. We heavily recruited a QB last offseason in hopes to replace him. However, enter last years back up Jones. He went up 6 points in the offseason, and trained enough on his accuracy to get it in the 70s to go with his rocket 97 throwing power. Coaches are hoping this will allow him to get some zip behind the passes and not float them as Griffin often did which led to ints. The freshman recruit is promising at 75 overall and 89 pwr 81 accuracy, but Jones made enough strides that we felt we could stick a redshirt on him and let him develop a little more. The pride of the offense will no doubt be the group of receivers. Miss St boasts they have the best receiver squad among user coaches. AA and Heisman hopeful Jr Manson worked hard in the offseason and has developed into one of the top receivers in the nation as a 95 ovr. He will be auditioning for a 1st round draft grade this season. We also have overshadowed WR Montgomery at 88 ovr with great speed and hands. Last seasons slot receiver (and part time starter when montgomery went out for 4 weeks) Johnson graduated, but Jr RS Wade is stepping in as the prototype slot guy. Smallish and blazing fast with 98 spd, his only concern is questionable hands at times. we are hoping he can compliment the other 2 guys with some big plays. The TEs didnt improve much, but they are servicable and are weapons in the pass game. The Oline returns almost intact, losing last years RT. He is easily replaced with a backup gaurd.

    The sore spot for Miss St the past few seasons. They seem much improved on paper this year, we are hoping it translates to the field. The weakness the past 2 seasons gets a talent injection with the eligibility of Bama transfer Coker. He is a 90 ovr OLB with 87 spd and 99 acc. A bigger LB, we are hoping Coker can put some big time pressure on the QB to make up for a mediocre secondary, and shoot some gaps and get some RBs in the backfield. Potts returns as MLB though he was lazy in the offseason and only went up 2. Once a very promising DE prospect at 79 overall, he had to be sacrificed to fill a void at LB, and as a JR, has just now made up the ratings loss from the position change. Last years starter and AA Townsend will be coming in as a reserve after losing his spot to Coker. We also recruited a 3 star LB whois a great surprise 76 overall with nice speed and acceleration. He is looking to fill in for Coker next season. On the line, McNamara returns from being injured all last season. His replacement White, moves to the right side to fill in for dominating Eulls. Jr transfer Higgins comes in as the top DT replacing last year starter Smalls moving him to reserve duty. We have great depth here. Miss St has a mixed bag in the secondary. We have seemingly locked down both safety positions with great recruits this season. SS Hollins is a 78 ovr true freshman who looks to be a 3-4 year starter. He has big shoes to fill by replacing impact and AA Love. 3 year starter Lake is returning for his senior season to be the leader in the secondary. At corner, we have Henderson and Gonzalez both in the lower 80s returning as starters. The problem is, we have 6 CBs, and 3 are seniors. The underclassmen are dime backs at best, and a serious void needs to be filled this offseason.

    This might be the best chance yet the Bulldogs have at making some BCS noise. Some big question marks need answering though. Will Jones be accurate enough to cut it at QB or will Griffin make a return? Can Parker last all season as the feature back? Both seasons for coach Jmustang Miss St's starting HB has lost significant time to injury. Will the improved defense step up and play?
    We have a lot stacked against us though. A rematch with Missouri after last seasons devastating loss, and the addition of a user game vs a solid Boston College team highlights the out of conference schedule. Of course, the conference schedule is the hardest in the nation. Games against #1 LSU, Alabama, and Ole Miss, are just but 9 of 12 games against preseason ranked opponents, and in Jmustangs first 2 seasons, we are just 1-5 in games against those 3 teams. This could easily be a 6 win season or a 10-11 win one, all depending on how some of the guys respond.

    On the recruiting side, we obviously need corners and more corners. Another LB would be nice to develop as a redshirt next year in Potts' senior season. We need some young DTs as the group as a whole is getting old. I will be losing 3 Oline starters, but really just need 1 solid guy to come in and start as a freshman. We have 5 Jr Wrs and are expecting Manson to enter the pro draft after the season, so picking up a future starter would be a good idea now. The rest is depth and possible upgrades at RB and TE where we have been using promoted backup caliber guys as starters. With 19 scholarships, we should have enough to shoot for some future stars and gobble up a few roleplayers on the way as well.
  4. OMlawdog

    OMlawdog Going full Cheeze

    Feb 10, 2009
    Ole Miss Team Preview -

    Review - Last Season was a successful one for the Ole Miss Rebels as they captured the SEC championship, and also brought home the Sugar Bowl trophy. Led by Kevin McKeon and a stout DL, Ole Miss was able to control the line of scrimmage and cause problems for lots of teams. Ole Miss lost 17 Seniors off last year's SEC championship team, and they will be missed, but the returning players are ready to get back to the BCS national championship game.

    Offense - This offense will have one of the best offensive lines in the country led by Gabe Douglas and Derrick Guiterrez. Last year Guiterrez lost his job to Ryan Grant, so he spend his offseason hitting the weights and the juice and that allowed his ratings to sky rocket, going up 8 points, and the most improved player on the Ole Miss team. Teamed with Roy Lynch, and Brandon Graham, the OL looks to pave the way for the Ole Miss ground game. This rushing attack will be spearheaded by Kevin McKeon a RS Junior who tested the NFL last year, and from all indications looks to have a monster season this year. Backing him up are RS Senior Eric McNeal and RS Sophmore Dwayne Quinn. Both players have the ability to go the distance, with Quinn having 99 speed. The QB this year is Vernon Wright a QB who has developed in the passing game, to go along with his lightening speed. We expect huge things from Wright, and some are talking 2500 yards passing and 1000 yards rushing this season. At the WR position, things aren't so bright and Ole Miss need players like Adam Hall and Cody Jackson to step up. Helping the WR position will be Brett Brown a Senior who needs to have a big year if Ole Miss is expected to do some things in the passing game.

    Defense - Gone are the great DL that anchored last year's team, and in their place are younger players that will need to prove that they are capable to the task. Leading the defense will be Luke Johnson, runner up for the Bednarik award and Ron Robinson a RS sophmore, that we expect huge things out of at DE. At the other DE spot, Al Rice is expected to step up his game. At the LB spots, Lonnie Carter and Steve Haumiller should be really good and if the DL can come around, the LB's don't expect to give up many yards. In the Secondary, Ole Miss is stacked at Corner, with All American candidate Dennis McGill looking to have a monster season, and several other corners ready to step up. At FS, look for some youth as Scott Smith will challenge the starting FS all season and make take over for him by the end of the year. At SS, Antwan Jackson can lay a lick and as Junior he is ready to take the next step.

    Outlook - This Ole Miss team is young, but there are a few juniors and seniors at key spots which will need to be shored up in recruiting, but overall this is an OMlawdog type team. Strong OL, good stable of running backs, and a running QB. Defense should be solid and overall the team should perform well this season. We are hoping to get back to Atlanta and have another top 10 recruiting class.
  5. jkhaalis991

    jkhaalis991 Back in The Deuce...been gone too long.

    Feb 10, 2009
    Kentucky Wildcats 2015 Team Preview

    Review: The Wildcats are coming off a 1-11 season & have not had a winning season yet under coach KHAALIS & it doesn't look to get better anytime soon. With only 1 WR on the roster that can be counted on, a not so polished QB & a defense that has struggled in the secondary for the past 2 years, it looks like to be another long season for the Wildcats.

    Offense: The offense will have to look to JR HB Antoine Goodard to carry the team. SR QB Trent McLaughlin has great throwing accuracy, but not a powerful arm. JR WR Rick Keith is the most reliable WR on the roster, but he can't do it by himself. The Wildcats need SR WR Chris Hall & JR TE Greg Moore to step up & show they can be counted on to make the big catch.

    Defense: The defense is led by SR MLB Jamaal Williams. Jamaal had a JR season with 81 tackles. All -American SR DT Dylan Massey is coming off a 7.5 sack season last year & looks to get his sack total in double digits this year. The secondary has always been a problem since coach KHAALIS became the coach. He doesn't have a star in the secondary, but he has guys that can make plays if they stay focused. SR FS Cornelius Hines to repeat what he did in sophmore year where he had 4 ints.

    Outlook: Just breaking even would be a win for us. Every year we think we can contend & this year is no different. Its gonna take alot of work though.
  6. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Kansas State Team Outlook

    Offense -- Jason Mcgee leads a new offense…. The spread….. Alex Jackson starts at HB and he should be a great fit for this offense as he can catch….. At Wr, the Wildcats have a lot of speed, I mean a lot of speed… the slow guy is at 95… Larsen, Christensen and McDaniel all had 40+ catches last year and TE Palmer also had 40 grabs…. If the young guys can step up and be productive, our offense can be extremely productive if not, it could be loooong year…. It all come down to the youth on our offensive line, if they play to their ratings we will be productive…

    Defense -- Our defensive line has a great player Kyle Stanford, and some solid additions. Our linebackers are senior-laden... Griffith and Adams could be stars, Carter slides inside and with his speed and acceleration he should be a problem for offenses….. in the secondary, if our young corners can cover, our two safeties Garner and Coleman are awesome….. they both have great coverage skills and the speed make plays all over the field.

    Projection-- 10-2, just miss out on the Big 12 conference game again….. but it could be a special season if everything comes together….
  7. bringbackjimmy

    bringbackjimmy WTFWTTD

    Feb 10, 2009
    Eagles Review
    The Eagles are coming off a disterous season which took them to the prestigious Meinike Car care Bowl. The Season was filled with really high highs with beating 2 #1 teams and really low lows with losing to Virginia, and injury riddled Wake Forest and a UR UNC. Phillips led the offensive passing game in a season where he took all of BC Recieving records and became the All-time career yards leader in NCAA. The Eagles had some injury problems of their own with both Starter and backup Qb's getting hurt late in the season along with OLB Peire-Louis who was having a nice season.

    Eagles Preview
    The Eagles offense is led by JR QB Brent Mitchell and HB's JR Washington and SR Harris. The eagles are going to look to pound the rock and take advantage of the passing lanes that open up. The Offensive line has improved, but is still a work in progress. At WR Freeman takes over the #1 spot With Chavez jumping hayes to move into the starting lineup. Burrell and Butler form a decent duo at TE, but their best qualities will be their blocking to help out the oline.

    The Defense is led by a secondary that has taken it's lumps, but now is a strength of this team. Ryan Wilson looks to shut down his side of the field while Grigsby who moved back to his natural position will look to take advantage of people forcing things his way.. Dline is led by DE Dunn who looks to be poised for a monster season. The LB's are fast and talented and will shut down opponents running games from reaching the outside.​

    Prediction:11-1 ACC Champs....​
  8. Shaun Mason

    Shaun Mason Somebody you used to know.

    Feb 9, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    Duke Season Preview

    After an incredible season last year, the only way to go is down for the Blue Devils. Gone is QB Brandon Connette who won every game he started at Duke. In comes a pair of polar opposite freshman who look to make a name for themselves in Durham. The upside is a young defense that tormented the conference gets a year older and a year better.

    The Duke offense is about balance. However, it is hard to be balanced when the quarterback position is not solid. While Duke has talent at the spot, it is potential more than actual talent. Freshman QB Cornelius "Korny" Blount comes in with the best passing skill set, and a virtually opposite Cameron McQueen is more of a scrambler. Luckily for Duke, two solid running backs (both of whom where freshmen All-Americans) are back in the form of Christian Ricks and Buster Smith. Behind them is some depth, coming from junior college. The full back position is manned by 3 year starter BJ Myrick, who is an excellent lead blocker. Wide Receiver is a changepoint, with both starters gone. In comes a much improved Quincy Hudson, as well as Dennis Johnson and the Smith's, Mickey and Ryan. Tight end is held down once again by four year started Michael Sparks with freshman Montrell Carlson at the blocking tight end spot. The offense line is a year older and stronger, marked by guys who can get to the second level and seal off linebackers.

    Eight starters return for this year, with two of the losses coming on the defensive line. That unit is anchored by true freshman Jared Humprey. Flanking him is junior Kyle Golden (juco) and Jason Robinson. Sophomore sensation Luis Jackson plays the backside linebacker, with Anthony Miller lining up on the strong side. The middle is manned by returning starters Erik Butler and Ray Fellows. The secondary returns intact, with corners Kyle Joseph and Erik Baily. Safeties Gabe White and Martin Williams return from solid years last year, where both were on the Thorpe finalist list.

    Special Teams
    Vince Huffman will again handle returning duties, with senior K/P Brandon Higgins returning to kick.

    Key losses to Wake Forest, Texas, Virginia Tech and Boston College will likely push Duke down to 7-5 or 8-4 this season.

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