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Season 6 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by Masler, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    2017 Kansas State Wildcats
    QB: Patrick Robertson and Carlos Johnson are near identical as they are both pocket passers, both with 87 Thp but Robertson is going to edge out Johnson with his 92 Tha, but Johnson will be more than capable with 91 Tha. I wish I could start FR QB Reed with 92 Thp and 85 Tha but I think he should take the bench for a season, we'll see.
    HB/FB: With Dixon, Walker, and Leverett all leaving after last season we have a familiar face in Perry (who took over for an injured Leverett last season) and a new backup power back in Marcus Fuqua. Perry showed his explosive speed and elusiveness last season and he only got better over the off-season. 3rd String Eddie Wilson could also see some PT as he has some decent abilities. FB Josh Smith has 85 Speed and 85 Accel so he will be useful in the run game at times as well.
    WR/TE: With the departure of Roach and Vaughn, once a slot receiver, now the #1 as Mike Hall will step into the spotlight, he has shown great break away and hands last season. Mike Williams, who returned Kicks and Punts last season comes in as one of the fastest WR we have with 96 speed, 94 accel and he has decent catching ability. Our slot guy looks to be more the possession type with 92 CIT, 92 Spec Catch and 89 RTE. Not a whole lot to say about the TE except they are pretty average and will make the nice play on occasion.
    O Line: Improved since last year, finally have someone over 80 overall. I can handle the run game well without a good line but I need them to block the pass rush for me and we will repeat what we had a couple of seasons ago. Looking to recruit quite a few lineman this year.
    D Line: The greatest DE in KSU history was drafted in the 2nd round and his place will be tough to fill. Tony Cook and Travis Donaldson showed promise when they were brought in last season so I can only hope they can overcome their average ratings. The middle of the line is excellent, making me think we should change to a 4-3 Multiple as both are rated 85 overall, with former DE Randall Thomas moving over a spot into a position that looks more natural for him. He boasts 91 BSD, 83 POW, 84 FIN while his counterpart Brown boasts 88 BSD, 91 POW, and 89 FIN. This looks to be a great group and I hope they can bring the pressure and hold that line.
    LB: Chris Barber lead the OLB with 93 acceleration that makes him better than he is rated, with this kind of burst he is usually the first to the ball carrier and if he doesn't bring him down, others like Stewart and Clarke can be there to lay a big hit. Backing up the DT is MLB McLaurin who showed promise last year as he was thrusted into the starting position. He, like Barber, shows great burst with 92 accel. This LB Corps is full of players with excellent burst, so they swarm to the ball carrier and can hopefully take him down with their average tackling ability, they didn't do too bad last season after all.
    DB: My CBs are sick, absolutely disgusting lol. Medlock bailed on us for the draft but Eaton and Swain decided they would stay. Eaton is a stud this year, he already broke the single season INT record at KSU and now returns with 93 speed, 94 accel, 91 jump, 98 Man, and 99 Zone while on the other side of the field CB Swain shows off 92 spd, 96 accel, 90 jump, 91 pursuit, 93 prc, 91 man, 93 zone and 96 press. Hell even the #3 has 98 man, 92 zone and 92 press so if I have three CB out there they better make a play. Did I also mention Eaton and Swain are homegrown right here in KS. Now to the middle of the secondary with FS Carlso Brown who gets the nod upon the departure of Lee, Brown is speedy with decent tackling and coverage and is backed up by newcomer JR Nelson who is good with coverage and speed but not so much tackling. And now that our star SS has also been drafted, former FS Harrington moved over the SS spot and will be a great contribution with 94 accel, 92 hit power and 97 pursuit, he also has decent coverage in 84 man, 80 zone and 93 press. That said, this secondary will really make me mad if they give up a lot of deep balls.
    ST: Williams and Perry will most likely return kicks/punts. Kicker Rankin is our highest rated player at 95 overall and boasts 96 Kpw and Kac, he better not miss any FG this year. Dawson will be out punter this year and has a nice 87 Kpw.
    Predicitions: While we still lack on the O Line, we have a great players pretty much everywhere else. I am making a run for that Big XII Trophy this season. We almost did it two years ago so it's time to Restore that Roar! I expect to not have worse than a 10-2 record.

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  2. dakota7

    dakota7 Former Blue Chip Recruit

    Sep 23, 2009
    Virginia Cavaliers
    Offense -- Looking to kick this offense in the ass, Coach Barber has elected to go with an Air Raid attack. Last season's run first, multiple offense didn't produce the results the Cavs were looking for and it showed in two key losses. QB Jeff Henderson returns for his senior year and he has all the tools to succeed in this system. HB Deon Taylor is an absolute beast, so don't expect this new system to forget about him. The real strength of this team though, is its wide receiver corps. Led by senior Scott Parrish and junior AJ Williams, look for big things from this unit.

    Defense -- The Cavalier defense returns only 5 starters and will be a work in progress. The defense is led by DE Brian Martin and linebackers Dan Johnson and Stan Allen. The team will feature two new starters at safety, so a lot of the defense's success could depend on how these two produce. The unit as a whole has a lot of speed, so hopefully they will produce some big plays along the way.

    Outlook -- Coach Barber has had more success in his 5 years than any other coach in Virginia history. Two ACC championships and two BCS championship appearances have raised the expectations in Charlottesville. This team will compete for the conference championship, and maybe more.
  3. Darkwing

    Darkwing One Nation Under God

    Jul 15, 2011
    Frogs of TCU
    Gone is one year starter Mathews. The campus is ready to welcome in a Freshman starter for the first time under Coach Nixon. Athlete turned QB Jayson McDowell will be giving control of the program. Backing him up will be fellow Freshman Marshall (who was a +13 prospect).
    Seniors Chase and Catalon will leave a whole in this roster, luckily JR Cody Phillips has progressed well. He will need to turn into a workhorse as the only game time ready HB on this team.
    This will be the best group since season 1. The Frogs have 3 solid options as 2 former QBs (Terrell & Hicks) led the way. The natural of them is the bigger target in 6'3" Logan Williams.
    Pass catching stud Gilbert is gone. Making all new starters for skill position players on this O. Ready for his shot will be Nate Luke, a player from the coach's backyard. As a 5th year senior he has finally developed a decent set of skills. The backup will be VHT Fr receiving specialist Thomas Jones.
    If team expectations are made in the trenches then the Frogs are a couple years away from Big XII contention. I believe the young guys will step up around LG Livingston and perform above their abilities.

    The Canadian RE LaRain Johnson will be the one to watch on the outside. The DE's as a group are average to below, major problem. In the middle there's no standout but Williams and Massey should stay fresh as both are equal parts.
    Hopeful I guess. Out of any position on the field I really want to be excited about it's here, but they're likely a step away from dominant. The left side will see a rotation of Sieghard and Malone while the right will be Melton and Hall. Leading the D will be Sr MLB Mason, the leading returner tackler in the nation. This group will be formidable.
    Last season's pick artist, Leonard, will start alongside Moore on the outside. Both are new starters. The once #3 FS recruit, Tucker, will see his first start as a Soph. And rounding things out will be returning SS Troy who is looking to become a playmaker.
    Coach's Outlook:
    This team back doored its way to a NCG last season and weren't able to take advantage of the opportunity. Now it's back to the grind in what's easily the best conference as the Big XII is quickly matching those vaunted SEC BCS records. A bunch of young faces in key positions isn't always a bad thing but there must be a quick learning curve. The Frogs are yet to tackle those Mustangs of SMU and that's a must to accomplish the season goals. TCU has its eyes set on CCG, and the chance to earn a NCG berth.
  4. blLL flo

    blLL flo BTFU!

    Aug 13, 2009
    2017 Baylor Bears

    The Bears come off back to back Big XII and National Championships and have their sights set on adding a third Big XII and BCS trophy to their stash. The scary thing about this Bears team, who have won 24 in a row, is that this is their best squad in the last 3 years. They are a senior lead team with 24 of them on the roster. There will be a lot of turnover next year, but this squad has experience at every position and is motivated to send all 24 out on a high note.

    Offense: Led by 2015 Heisman winner and 2016 E MVP QB Nick Skinner will once again be the focus of this highly talented group. The kid can do it all and wants to win another Heisman to tie Archie Griffin as the only players to win the award twice. Joining him in the backfield will be SR George Roberson who proved him self an explosive runner when JR Nick Carroll went down last year. Skinner will have some "new" faces to throw to this year as Corey Coleman and Nick Richard have gone on to the NFL. WR Jason Haas will lead the group, being promoted from the slot. Luke Lee and Marvin Freeman will play big roles as well at the #2 and #3 respectively. The offensive line lost both tackles, so the strength of the line will be up the middle lead by G Devin McLaughlin and C Jack Randall. This group should be very dangerous for the Bears will talent at all the skill positions and a solid o-line.

    Defense: This group returns 8 starters and hopes to be even more dominate than prior years. Each season the defense has improved and a lot of them point to the last game the lost in which they were embarassed by SMU. The line is solid with two DEs that have 90+ acceleration. There are 4 solid options at DT and the plan is for everyone in the group to rotate in. The defense will be led by the LBs starting with MLBs Jeff Huggins and Joe Webb. In the secondary everyone worked hard in the offseason to improve and only one CB will need to be replaced. That shouldn't be too hard with 5 guys rated 86 or better with 90+ man and zone skills.

    Outlook: What else can be expected besides another Big XII title and National Championship apperance? The group definitely has the talent and the coaching to do both, now they just need to produce the results on the field. The bullseye will be on this team from week 1 so it will be up to them to come ready to play no matter who the opponent is.
  5. jello1717

    jello1717 "Those who stay will be champions." -- Bo

    Jun 21, 2009
    The 2017 SMU Mustangs Preview
    OFFENSE (97):
    Gone is dynamic QB Brad Simmons. Entering is dynamic QB Ryan Smith. The SO(RS) is already faster than Simmons with a more accurate, strong arm. Luckily the young QB will be surrounded everywhere he looks with talent which should take the load off of his shoulders. SMU lost 1300+ yards as their top 2 rushers (Simmons and HB Richardson) are now playing on Sundays, but they still return 2,200+ yards of rushing from last season. As always the backfield will be very dangerous with a great mix of speed (2 kids with 95+ SPD) and power (3 kids with 81+ TRK , high of 95, and 3 with 81+ BTK, high of 92). 2016 Biletnikoff winner Tommy Freeman passed on the draft to lead an extremely talented bunch of receivers. They feature 5 guys with 94+ SPD and all 6 guys in the depth chart have 90+ SPD and ACC. All WRs also have at least 79 CTH (high of 93). As if the speed wasn't enough the are 3 WRs that stand 6'2 - 6'5. It'll be interesting to see how coach Jello utilizes FR(RS) TE#2 Fred Little who is a man child at 6'7 274. If he's used in the passing game, he'll be a bitch to cover. The O-line is solid as usual and should provide great protection in the passing game and knock defenders on their asses in the running game.
    DEFENSE (93):
    The D has a lot of new faces as SMU lost 3 starters to graduation and another 3 went to the draft early (5/6 are playing on Sundays this year). The D-line will see 2/3 new starters as both superstar DEs from last season are gone. Hopefully FR(RS) Hartman and/or JR(RS) Mike Foreman can step up. 3/4 LBs return, but they lost their anchor in the middle. SR Erik Thompson will be the new general in the middle and should have a very solid year. On the outside, SO Matt Bass looks to build on his great FR year (where he was a FR AA and 2nd team all Big XII). At corner, there are 4 decent guys who are all 82+ OVR. At safety is the biggest question on the team as 2 guys entered the draft early, forcing guys to play earlier than anticipated. Everyone thought that highly touted FR FS Kenard Mack ( aarondramp ) would start, but he's getting to RS instead. This leaves JR Harvey Smith to start, when he thought he'd be a career backup. @ SS true FR Kevin Walker will start. Everyone in Dallas is expecting great things from the #2 SS right out of the gate. He's not the fleetest of foot, but he's a monster that will cause any receiver in his area to get alligator arms. He has 88 TKL and 82 HIT and has already forced 2 fumbles in his first game.
    OVERALL (99):
    Despite starting a new SO QB, the offense will be more than alright. They should dominate defenses once again. The D is solid, even though there are a ton of new faces starting. This team needs to get back on track and win the Big XII title after 2 straight years of utter disappointment.
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