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Season 7 Preview

Discussion in 'After Midnight' started by Wyrmreaver, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    The SEC continues to be the power conference in After Midnight NCAA football. This conference has put one (or more) team in the national title game in all 6 seasons, including 5 titles. This season looks to be more of the same with Arkansas, Missouri, and LSU ranked 1, 2, and 3 in preseason polls, headlining 9 SEC teams in the top 25.

    Can Missouri repeat?
    Can Arkansas get back to the top after firing their offensive coordinator?
    Will the Conference title game include a team other than those top 3?
    What players will step up?

    All these questions and more will be answered in yet another season of After Midnight! The great storylines of this year are yet to be determined, but the stage is set for another great SEC season.

    Give us all a preview of your team this year. What is your philosophy on offense and defense? Who are your players to watch and why? What positions are you strong at, weak at? Do you have any freshman who will make an impact on the field? Lets hear it!

  2. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011

    Preseason Rank: #2
    Last Season: 13-1, SEC Title, BCS National Champions
    Key Offseason Losses: The Tigers lost all 3 starting linebackers as well as their top 5 wide receivers.

    Offense: Mizzou is a team that will spread you out, throw it all over the yard and run the no huddle. They rely heavily on the ability to get a defense on their heels and love to move the ball with short, high percentage passes to make you come up and then go deep over the top when your safety starts to cheat up. Since Coach Hennessy took over 6 seasons ago this team has been known for the dynamic play of its quarterbacks.

    Defense: The Tigers have had the nations top statistical defense for two straight years. This club loves to use the blitz, bringing rushers from a variety of looks in their 3-3-5 playbook. The team favors man coverage over zone, but if a QB gets too used to hitting his quick man read he could be in a world of hurt when the Tigers switch it up. Since coming to the SEC, the Tigers have had statistically dominant linebackers every year.

    QB: Fifth year senior Jason Jones (96 OVR) is at the reigns again after an excellent season as a junior. Jones is a tremendous athlete, having played WR and CB in addition to QB 2 years ago for this team. He'll keep you honest with his arm and make you pay with his feet. Junior Brian Ray (91 OVR) will once again serve as backup and looks more than capable to carry the load in case of injury.

    HB: The team will use a committee approach with 4 different players getting on the field throughout the game. Senior David Oliver (96 OVR) is the one called on to get the tough yards between the tackles, what he lacks in speed he makes up for in running skills. Sophomore Nick Cannon (92 OVR) has hands like a WR and will be seen split out wide in a couple formations, he is a threat to run the ball for certain, but demands attention by the coverage as well. Erik Curry (92 OVR) is an undersized lightning bolt. He will handle the return duties for the team and is a serious danger if he get the ball with room to work on returns or in the backfield. Sophomore Scott Sullivan (86 OVR) is one of the fastest players on the team. He will see some work and is the kind of back who can just outrun a defense if you lose contain.

    WR: Having lost their top 5 players from a year ago, this is the biggest question mark on the team. Junior Steve Coleman (86 OVR) is a solid possession receiver who looks to hold down the #1. RS Freshman Jake Carr (84 OVR) has a chance to be special with great size and speed, he looks to be the #2. Its hard to say how things will shake out beyond those two, but expect RS Freshman Gavin Jones, who has nice size and decent speed to figure in the mix. Also, true freshman Taylor Edwards (81 OVR) could emerge as a star with his gamebreaking speed and solid frame.

    TE: RS Senior Ryan Barbour is back after a nice year last season. Barbour is a nice player with good speed who can block or catch passes, making it difficult for defenses to know what he's doing on any given play.

    OL: Anchored by All American center Dwayne Young (99 OVR), this is one of the best groups the Tigers have seen. They are better at tackle than guard, but dont have a real weakness to speak of. Given the success this offense has had with less talented lines, this could be a big year.

    DL: All 3 starters return. Senior DT Roger Browning (95 OVR) is a fourth year starter and one of the top DT prospects in the nation. THe guys on either side are improved over where they were last season, but Browning is still the guy opposing teams really have to worry about. IF he gets pressure up the middle and disrupts plays, it allows the linebackers to really get after it.

    LB: Sophomore Chad Wilkinson (86 OVR) took a RS last year after starting as a freshman. His RS allowed this team to start some senior leaders last season but the coaches are glad to see him back. He has outstanding speed for the position even if he is a bit undersized. The other starters look to be 5th year Seniors who have patiently waited for their chance on the field, this group should be strong even though none played a significant role last season.

    CB: Senior Eric Johnson (87 OVR) is the closest thing they have to a shutdown corner, but he lacks the size to really take away some of the big SEC receivers he'll see. Opposite him is Sophomore Thomas Wright (86 OVR) who is also a bit undersized. Sophomore Ryan Hardy (85 OVR) looks to be the go to option in the nickel, while RS Freshman Brad Johnson (84 OVR) looks like the answer in the dime.

    FS: Junior Daniel Stratton (89 OVR) will start for the second straight season at this critical deep safety spot in the 3-3-5. Stratton is almost big enough to play linebacker and is a sure tackler at his position. Couple that with excellent speed and you have a fine player.

    SS: Carlos Johnson (92 OVR) will be starting for the third straight season. The undersized Junior has made many a QB pay for underestimating him, he has above average speed, excellent cover skills and hits like he weighs 280 rather than his 180. Starting at the other SS spot is sophomore Courtney Dunlap (90 OVR). This kid is build like a linebacker at 244 pounds, but don't let that fool you, he is outstanding in coverage and pursuit and can play the role of a 4th linebacker with his size in the 3-3-5.

    Verdict: Despite the departure of key players at WR and LB, this team has to have a goal of getting back to the SEC title game and being in the hunt for another national title. If Jason Jones can be as efficient as last season, this group of WRs can play above their level and allow the talented HB corps do damage to opposing defenses. On defense there is little doubt that this will once again be one of the top units in the country.
  3. Boom29

    Boom29 Walk On

    Jul 7, 2011
    Hurricane Warning

    Last Season: 8-5 (4-5)
    Pre-Season Rank: #17

    By all accounts, the Miami Hurricanes are coming off a disappointing 8-5 season where little seemed to go right. The instability at the quarterback position, led to offensive struggles against most opponents despite a solid O-Line and good skill players. Defensively, the Canes were a sturdy bunch, but constantly having to take the field under less than ideal conditions led to lapses late in games.

    Key Losses: WR, C
    Player to Watch: QB Joe Hall
    Strength: TE, OL
    Weakness: QB, WR

    Despite the struggles of Hurricanes offense, the one positive coming off the previous season is a return back to basics. The Canes offense once again has a look and feel of a typical pro-style offense that Coach Boom was known prior to his hiring as Miami's Head Football coach.

    QB: Looking to lead the Miami offense is SO Joe Hall (76 OVR). Hall was an unknown coming into camp, but with his accuracy and decision making, he quickly became a favorite of Coach Boom. A former linebacker, Hall has great athleticism and moves like a running back. Incumbent rs SR Andrew Vinson (89 OVR) will back up Hall, thought he is only expected to come in for mop-up duty.

    HB: The Canes return thousand-yard rusher rSR Keith Sutton (89 OVR) who though shifty and elusive is a bit inconsistent. As a result, look for rFR Joe Sowell (83 OVR) to get looks at the halfback position and a potential running back by committee to evolve. rJR Derrick Quinn (77 OVR) takes over the fullback duties in what will likely see the position get more into the mix than in past seasons. Quinn is a good receiver and blocker.

    WR: Eddie Walker (94 OVR) looks to pick up were Miami great Lamar Christensen left off. Walker, a rSR has the quickness and hands of a slot receiver to go with the speed and athleticism of a big play receiver. Behind Walker things are bit more unsettled, but expect fellow rSR Joel Mack (87 OVR) to step into the #2 spot. Mack has shown to be a dependable receiver for the Canes. The big concern for Miami is who will step up into the #3 slot. Redshirt FR Maurice Bowman (OVR 80)looks to have the inside track as he has shown flashes of being the next big-time Miami receiver.

    TE: Miami boasts one of the better tight ends in the nation in rSR Dylan Meyer. Meyer is basically an extension of the offensive line and has above average receiving skills, allowing him to cause mismatches with his 6'8", 261 lbs frame. Behind Meyer are Scott Jackson and James Hill, both who can also catch and block.

    OL: The Hurricane offensive line has both experience and talent, but due to youth at the Guard and Tackle positions, it has forced Coach Boom to play some players out of position. Center Tavita Brooks (94 OVR) will make the calls at the line and should have no issues one-one-one against any DT in the nation. Sandwiching Brooks will be fellow C Joseph Hicks (90 OVR) and RG Robert Clayton (93 OVR) who are also exceptional blockers. The combination of Brooks, Hicks and Clayton make the interior of the line, the strength of the Miami offense. At the bookends, the Canes will start rSR Kyle Williams (92 OVR) and C Eric Jackson (85 OVR). It will be up to Williams and Jackson to keep QB Joe Hall upright throughout the season as they approach the tough task of facing the premier defensive ends in college football.

    Key Losses: DT, CB, FS
    Player to Watch: OLB Jeremy Jennings
    Strength: DE, LB, SS
    Weakness: DT, FS

    The Canes defense will be breaking in new starters at each level of the defense including three in the secondary. In order for the Canes to be successful, the team's strength, its defensive ends, must generate a pass rush to help out the largely inexperienced secondary.

    DE: Miami returns both DE starters rJR Andrew Schultz and SR Michael Sledge (both 87 OVR). Both ends are fairly balanced and can play the run and pass well. Look for rJR Peter Young (86 OVR) to see ample time in pass rushing situations as Coach Boom will freely rotate all three players.

    DT: You don't lose three NFL level players off your D-Line and not see a drop in production. Nevertheless, this is the task facing rSO Gary Morris (87 OVR) and rFR Micah Clement (79 OVR). While Morris looks poised to take the mantle as the next great Miami DT, outside of Clement there is not another DT on the roster that will see playing time. This fact may force Miami to employ the 3-4 defense for the first time in Coach Akai's tenure.

    LB: The Canes line backing core is a skillful bunch despite not being as athletic as would be expected. Senior James Rogers (91 OVR) is the leader of the defense and is a tacking machine. On the outside, rSR Jeremy Jennings (91 OVR) is the play-maker of the bunch with his sideline-to-sideline speed and great knack for finding the ball. Brian Spencer (86 OVR) round out the other outside backer position, and while a good player, he is unspectacular.

    CB: Miami also their best two corners to the NFL, leaving SR Vince Burton and rSO Matt West (both 86 OVR) with the unenviable task of matching up against opposing teams best receivers. While both player are good in their own right, the lack of experience may prove too be too much as the season goes by. Unfortunately for Miami, there is even less experience at the Nickel and Dime positions. which will force the Canes to be fairly conservative on the defensive side of the ball.

    S: The departure of FS Kurt Covington leaves jJR SS Bill Galloway (89 OVR) as the only returning starter in the secondary. Look for Galloway to patrol the secondary more like a Free Safety this year while rSO FS Orlando Castillo (80 OVR) catches up at the other safety position. Castillo has the athleticism to play the Free Safety spot, but must improve his coverage skills to truly be a star.

    There is a lot of uncertainty regarding this Canes team, but the unknown has the Canes flying under the radar. Just as the team is capable of a repeat performance of a year ago and drop to 7-5 during the season, with proper execution and some break the Canes can again return to a 10 win season.
  4. Jayrah

    Jayrah AllCougdUp.com Editor - A.M. avatar Guru

    May 31, 2010
    I realize hardly anyone is doing this but I figured at least the rival of the guy who put this up should respond.

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Aggies are back and according to coach Sumlin "better than ever", ranked #24 and returing a qb that greatly improved as he learned what he could accomplish with his feet and arm throughout last season, and a physical running game and defense.

    HURDLES: Can't seem to beat Arkansas. Also, LSU and Mizzou have beaten the Aggies in consecutive seasons.
    KEY STARTERS LOST: 2 receivers, DT FS and a CB. Better at all positions with seniors stepping in however.


    QB: Senior Robert Sampson is the real deal (87 OVR, 90 SPD, 89 THP, 84 THA) and the Aggie coaching staff has added a couple wrinkles to help him be even more versaitle and to keep the offense as unpredictable as possible. He was a little inconsistent last season but should be rock solid. Behind him is RS Freshman Drew Muhammad, who is the Aggie future (80 OVR, 80 SPD) and ready to go should Sampson endure an injury.

    RB: Michael Peters is now 251 lbs and an absolute bear to bring down (95 OVR, 90 SPD, 86 AGI, 99 ACC, 97 BTK, 95 TRK, 99 SFA). He should wear down defenses while his speedy running mates Clay Stephens and returning Freshman All American Stan Holland will flank him. D.J. Long is also in the mix and all 4 RB's are rated 88 or above.

    WR/TE: This will be a difficult group of players to contend with this season, adding 2 dangerous elements to the Aggie offense. The first is tremendous size for jump balls and the second is blocking ability on the outside. At WR Jeff Taylor goes 6'3" 263, Matt Dean 6'7" 241, Casey Smith 5'11" 187 and Pat Goins 6'7" 240. At TE Brandon Oliver goes 6'4" 251, Josh Russell 6'4" 231 and Timi Lane 6'3" 229. Any questions?

    O-Line: The line isn't the best group Sumlin has had, but because of the offensive philosophy that they'll be running the line will get to attack as much, if not more than they will be pass blocking. Still, could be interesting with 1 Sr, 1 Jr, 1 So and 2 Fr starting along the line.


    D-Line: 3 year starters and Srs Guidry, Smith and DT Robinson anchor a d-line that has been strong traditionally for Sumlin since the switch to the 4-3 several years back. Jr D. McConnel is the other DT and another Sr, Richwalski, will get plenty of playing time in the rotation. Expect teams to struggle against the Aggies on the ground.

    LBS: All American Sr Andre Carroll has been starting for all 3 seasons and makes a lot of plays for TAMU defensively, but he won't be short on help. Freshman AA Kris Grant returns and Jr Harry Foster is in the mix for and all SEC spot as well. RS Freshman Travis Pearson waits in the wings and may be the best of the group when his time at TAMU comes to an end.

    Secondary: The constant thorn for the A&M defense over the years has been the inability to stabalize the secondary, but this season the group could be solid 3 Srs and 2 Jrs will hold down the fort and have better than decent covering ability. Sophomore Ben Brown has an opportunity for some package duty this season and will be an NFL prospect in 3 years.

    Special Teams: Best ever here, period. K Gant is an AA candidate as a Jr and Freshman P Darryl Jones will be tremendous as well. Stanley Holland was a freshman AA and ran 2 back last year (PR and KR). *Holland had a 3rd in the Mizzou game but nobody will see it as it was erased by a DC.


    An 8-5 finish last season was good among the higher powers that be as they offered Sumlin an extension after the season, but highly disappointing to the coaching staff. The loss to Nebraska in the Outback Bowl in particular, really stung and has had a driving effect on this team going into the season. The team as a whole has not been this powerful since probably their 3rd season, when they challenged but came up a game short of an SEC title shot. In fact, don't be surprised if it comes down to the rivalry game with Mizzou for this years' SEC Championship appearance in the West. whygodwhy1111 MexiRican35 Wyrmreaver

    HOW DO I ONLY HAVE 1 BOWL TROPHY???????????? That's embarrassing and we will be fixing that in a big way this season!
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  5. MexiRican35

    MexiRican35 ┬┐Te quieres naranjas?

    Aug 14, 2010

    2019 LSU Tigers Preview
    Its a new era at QB for the Tigers. Clark, after starting 4 straight years, has graduated. In comes redshirt Junior Ben Russell. This means a new change in offenxive scheme too. With the departure of Coach Cheez Mexi has decided to run the 3 yards and a cloud of dust, with the help of multiple TE sets and a lot of motion. Even with all these changes, one thing has not changed; the preseason hype of this squad. They start off ranked third in the country. That's usually a good thing, but not so much when the other two teams in front of you are also in your conference. Arkansas cost the Tigers a trip to the SEC Championship game and possible National Title.​
    QB: Russell, who has been a Tigers fan since a kid, takes the reigns of the offense. The kid has a cannon of an arm, throwing the ball 65 yards in the air, standing. Off of playaction, he can go deep at any moment.​
    HB: Green, who transferred from OU, is the main guy. Typically, Mexi likes to rotate in a lot of backs. Green looks to get a heavy workload all season long. He's an all around back who can run in between the tackles and outside.​
    WR: One word describes this unit: speed. None of the starters is below 95 in the speed department. They won't be called on often, but when they do, safeties better hope they arnt left in the dust.​
    TE: All 3 TE's will be utilized often. They have been working with the wideouts so they can line up and then motion back inside.​
    OL: The line will carry the offense based on their run blocking. They bring an SEC smash mouth approach in the trenches.​
    DL: All 4 lineman are seniors, so you know they are experienced. The DE's are great pass rushers and look to cause chaos. ​
    LB: Only Avery has had extensive playing time. While they lack experience, they are vastly talented skill wise.​
    DB: Gatewood has risen as a great corner and will lead the secondary. Interceptions must happen with this group.​
    Overall: This team is highly talented and should be in contention for a shot at the SEC title at the end of the year. The big hurdle will be Arkansas once again at the end of the year, which will likely determine the West winner.​
  6. Boom29

    Boom29 Walk On

    Jul 7, 2011
    There is no question that Arkansas has the best offense in the SEC and it's not even close. After toying with an option based offense the previous year, the Razorbacks will be back to a more conventional, not to mention deadly, pro-style attack. Missouri and Florida have the offensive firepower to score on any defense and hope to challenge for the top offense in the conference. ​
    QB Ovr HB Ovr WR Ovr TE Ovr OL Ovr
    Arkansas 92.5 Arkansas 96.33 Arkansas 91.75 Florida 91 Arkansas 89.57
    Missouri 91 Missouri 93.33 Florida 90.25 Miami 89 Florida 88.29
    Georgia 90 Texas A&M 91 LSU 87 LSU 87 Georgia 88.29
    LSU 90 LSU 90.67 Florida State 86.75 Missouri 86.5 Missouri 88.29
    Florida 88.5 Georgia 90.33 Miami 86.25 Texas A&M 85.5 Miami 87.57
    Tennessee 88.5 Auburn 88 Texas A&M 85.25 Arkansas 85 Florida State 87.29
    Auburn 86.5 Tennessee 85 Tennessee 85 Florida State 83 Tennessee 86.29
    Florida State 86.5 Miami 84 Missouri 84 Tennessee 74 LSU 86.14
    Miami 86.5 Florida 81.67 Georgia 83.75 Auburn 72 Auburn 81.71
    Texas A&M 83.5 Florida State 80 Auburn 82 Georgia 44.5 Texas A&M 80.29

    The top defense in the conference is up in the air as a number of teams boast playmakers all over the field. Perennial powerhouse Arkansas Razorbacks likely has the best overall combination of talent, but don't sleep on an LSU defense that is just as solid on all levels. Not far behind are the Missouri Tigers, who although not as talented overall as the other two, employ a system that allows for players to maximize their potential. The Georgia Bulldogs can be added to the conversation, but the lack of talent at the corner position may keep them out of the top three when all is said and done. ​
    DE Ovr DT Ovr LB Ovr CB Ovr S Ovr
    Arkansas 91 LSU 89.33 Georgia 90.6 Arkansas 89.5 Georgia 90.25
    Georgia 89.33 Missouri 86.33 Arkansas 88.8 LSU 86.25 Missouri 88.5
    LSU 89.33 Arkansas 86 Miami 86.4 Missouri 85.5 LSU 87
    Auburn 88 Texas A&M 84.67 Texas A&M 85 Miami 84.75 Arkansas 86.5
    Miami 86.67 Georgia 84 Florida State 84.2 Tennessee 83.5 Florida 86
    Tennessee 85.67 Florida 83 Auburn 83.6 Texas A&M 83.5 Miami 82.25
    Texas A&M 85.67 Tennessee 82 Missouri 83.6 Florida 81 Texas A&M 80.25
    Florida State 85.33 Auburn 80.33 LSU 82 Auburn 80 Auburn 79
    Missouri 85 Florida State 79.33 Tennessee 82 Georgia 79.25 Tennessee 79
    Florida 82 Miami 78.33 Florida 79.4 Florida State 77.5 Florida State 76.75

    Specialist/Team OVR
    Specialist Ovr Offense OVR Defense OVR Team OVR
    Arkansas 94 Arkansas 90.73 Arkansas 88.36 Arkansas 89.77
    Georgia 93.5 Missouri 88.2 Georgia 86.89 Missouri 87.07
    Florida State 93 Florida 87.47 LSU 86.26 LSU 86.67
    Missouri 89 LSU 86.94 Missouri 85.68 Georgia 85.6
    LSU 88 Miami 86.21 Miami 83.94 Florida 84.9
    Florida 87 Tennessee 84.15 Texas A&M 83.73 Miami 84.82
    Tennessee 87 Texas A&M 83.84 Tennessee 82.26 Texas A&M 83.9
    Texas A&M 86 Georgia 83.47 Florida 82.1 Tennessee 83.4
    Miami 80 Florida State 83.42 Auburn 82.05 Florida State 82.57
    Auburn 72.5 Auburn 81.78 Florida State 80.63 Auburn 81.45
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  7. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
  8. Kapono

    Kapono Walk On

    Jun 28, 2010
    FSU will dramatically change its offense and defense this year. Since coach Kapono missed the last 2 seasons of recruiting, the team is no longer his team. The dominant D-Line is gone, the power running backs are gone, and the dual-threat QBs are gone. FSU switches to the 3-4 this year and will run a run n shoot offense to get the best athletes on the field.

    QB TJ Jefferson RS SO (88 OVR)- I recruited this guy and he is pretty solid. He is 6'5", 222 with 93 throw power and accuracy. Not very mobile.

    WR Maurice Carter SR (89 OVR)- At 6'0" he has great route running and catching, but not much speed. He may play a lot in the slot.

    WR Evan Reed JR (88 OVR)- At 5'11", he has average speed, but can get open and make moves in the open field.

    WR Marcus Wilson SO (85 OVR)- Wilson has good speed and a 6'6" frame. With Carter and Reed running around in the run n shoot, FSU can use Wilson as a deep threat

    LE Randy Jennings RS SR (89 OVR)- A great overall DE that can get to the QB and hit hard.

    OLB Gary Brittain RS JR (89 OVR)- This guy is really fast and hits hard. In the 3-4, he can will used in different positions.

    CB Troy Myers RS SR (89 OVR)- Myers is great and a shutdown corner, but FSU still needs someone else to cover the #2 receiver.
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  9. Jayrah

    Jayrah AllCougdUp.com Editor - A.M. avatar Guru

    May 31, 2010
    Just as I figured, our O-line is bottom of the conference. Sampson was going to balance that out with speed and on the run ability, but now it's up to Freshman Drew Muhammad. He doesn't have the game-breaking ability of Sampson (90 spd) yet, but he can move (80 spd) and use his legs to keep defenses honest still. The offense will change a little bit in the way it is run situationally, but for the most part Muhammad has the playbook at his disposal.
  10. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    is your QB hurt? For the season?
  11. Jayrah

    Jayrah AllCougdUp.com Editor - A.M. avatar Guru

    May 31, 2010
    Per Game Recap:
    "On one of the most disheartening touchdowns passes coach Sumlin can remember, Sampson hit Matthew Dean in the endzone on a crossing route while getting drilled by a blitzing linebacker. Sampson immediately clutched at his knee and Aggie Nation had their hearts jump into their throats. It was confirmed later that Sampson suffered a complete PCL tear and is done playing in a TAMU uniform."

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