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Season 7 Recruiting

Discussion in 'After Midnight' started by Kapono, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Kapono

    Kapono Walk On

    Jun 28, 2010
    FSU's top 5 recruits
    1. :4stars:ATH Kyle Jackson. 6'7" 217 (79 OVR WR)- He's an athlete but his only position is WR. He's got speed and runs great routes. We've already got Kenny Snyder, a 6'7" RS SO WR who's doing well and but Jackson's hands aren't so good yet.

    2 :4stars:OLB Nelson Patterson. 6'0" 210 (81 OVR)- Undersized LB who's very similar to our RS SO LB Dickerson, who plays mostly in the secondary. 86 zone coverage, like Dickerson had, and will play most of the time in the secondary.

    3 :4stars:CB Drew Charles. 5'11" 193 (77 OVR)- 88 zone, 88 man, and good speed. He'll be starting pretty soon.

    4 :4stars:ATH Mike Rogers. 6'5" 222 (78 OVR)- He's fast, big, and has WR abilities. But with 4 WR's coming in next year, he may even play defense. 72 tackle and 75/80 coverage. We're looking for size in the secondary, but we may just add size at WR along with Jackson.

    5 Offensive Line Class
    • :4stars:Lawrence Brown. 80 overall, run block
    • :4stars:Joey Dunn. 79 overall, pass block
    • :4stars:Zach Jackson. 79 overall, run block
    • :4stars:Nolan Jordan. 79 overall, run block

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