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Season 7 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by JrRawlins, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    QB -- Junior Jason Freeman has the talent to lead the Hoosiers to a bowl game.... can he cut down on the mental errors is the real question. Sophomore Scott Cleveland behind him waiting for the keys to the machine...

    HB -- The two headed monster of Andy Timmons and Lee Taylor should have a nice year together Timmons is the power back at 6'0 200 lbs he can handle the inside running, but he has break away speed, Taylor is pure speed and the change of pace back....

    WR – Junior Jake Johnson is the leader and most talented of the group … Huggins has the most experience and the best hands, Powell has the most potential Anderson is the young gun with a great skill set.. and Gerald Sharp is the big JUCO red-zone target… To say we are very excited about our WR core this season is an understatement

    TE – Rob Carpenter led the Hoosiers in receptions last season with 50, he is talented and has a knack for getting open… Freshman Dallas Smith is the heir apparent and has a world of talent…

    OL – This group is experienced with no major holes, and no all-americans… if they can work together to make holes for Timmons and Taylor and protect Freeman.. the Hoosiers could have a really big year.

    DL— Senior Luis Holmes is the anchor to our DL… at left end… the Hoosiers got a monster JUCO AJ Allen while not the prototypically size..at 6’6 229lbs he is a pass rush machine.. We are expecting 10+ sacks for him this season…

    LB – At Right outside backer.. Senior Marlon Morris isn’t spectacular but he is very very solid… at left outside backer, Jake Cabral is very good against the run… in the middle is where our defense he some potential… Brent Martin, JD Thompson and Dominic Miles will rotation all three have good speed, all tackle well, Martin is the most complete, Thompson has the most potential and Miles is the best in coverage.

    Secondary – Seniors Kendrick and Burke will man the outside corners… nickel corner JUCO Keith Moss has a bunch of talent… he could end up starting before the year is over… at safety the Hoosiers finally have some speed Shane Carter can fly all around and make plays at free safety, and freshman Joel Bell has very good speed and play recognition skills…

    Prediction… Bowl game or Bust for the Hoosiers… We are still a year away at least from competing with the big boys, but we took a big step in the right direction last season despite our record.

  2. bringbackjimmy

    bringbackjimmy WTFWTTD

    Feb 10, 2009
    Cal Bears

    QB-Brian Wilson comes in as the unquestioned starter for the Bears, but only because there is no better options at the moment. Coach BBJ decided last year to give Wilson a shot rather than go with a more experienced SR QB and the results were more miss than hit. Hopefully Wilson can right the ship and prove to Coach BBJ he made the right decision.

    HB- SO Anthony Thomas will get the bulk of the carries after sitting a yr as redshirt. At 6" 211 he has the size to be a workhorse that is needed to be a HB in coach BBJ system. Look for Michael Burns to get some carries when Thomas needs a rest. Jeremy Harrell returns as starter at FB and will get some carries in short yardage situations.

    WR-Preston Pendleton and Mario Davis lead a bunch of misfits at WR. look for Davis to continue his solid play from late in the season last year. Preston had a really nice spring camp and looks to a good dependable WR when/if he can get seperation. Look for coach BBj to get some of his younger WR involved so they can get some experience when both Preston and Mario graduate.

    TE-Walker gets the start after would be starter decided to transfer. Coach BBJ could not be happier as Walker looks to be a huge play maker as he will create mismatches with his size and speed. Harrell will get some looks as the number 2 TE in single back formations.

    OL-once again will hold the success of the cal offense in their hands. I believe they are more talented than last yr's group, but some are playing new positions.

    DL-Anchored by Fr DT Chase Gibson the Bears Dline will be a work in progress. Gibson has a huge upside, but is only a true FR and the success of the line will be on him being a disruptive force in the run game and allow the DE to get to the QB.

    LB- Will be a work in progress with Carlos Watkins gone, but look for this group to get better as the yr goes on and hopefully next year will be a strength of the Defense.

    DB- The Strength of this Defense is CB as we are talented and pretty deep. led by Daniel Edwards who has great speed and size 6'2" to play on any #1 WR. look for any team that is trying to get the height advantage to hard press to find a significant matchup. got some hitters at S to keep players honest over the middle.

    SP-look for Douglas to continue is great play from last season.

    prediction-8-4 would be nice achievement with this group. 9-10 would be outstanding. look for 6 or 7 more likely..
  3. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
    Arizona St

    QB - Soph (RS) Brunner returns as the starter. He is my worst rated QB overall but has the best throwing ratings with 83 power and 87 accuracy. He isn't awesome, but should be improved.

    HB - This is such a deep position for us. We have 6 HBs 78. The focus will be on the 3 headed monster of Hopkins, Cole, and Starks. Starks is our best overall back ay 88, but is a slower bruising back with 83 spd. Hopkins is 86 overall and the most balanced and will return as the starter. Cole is our speedster with 97 spd and change of pace back. He played a bunch last year when Hopkins went down. Waiting in the wings is 78 over Fresh (RS) Rickey Allen who is a great all around back and is our future star.

    WR - We lost a bit of talent here. SR RS Williams is the #1 at 81. He is a slower big possession receiver. On the other side is 99 spd 79 ovr Rodgers who will be our deep threat. Out of the slot is Sr RS Stewart who is a balanced receiver with decent hands. We have 2 freshman we are really excited for in the future with 77 ovr Nelson (RS) and 74 ovr Jenkins.

    TE - Both top TEs are returning from last year and both are Juniors. Wesley is a 78 and Smith a 76. They should be servicable receivers and blockers.

    Oline - We lost several starters. The line is lead by Senior C Brown who is an 83. Everyone else is in the mid to upper 70s and is young. We are really excited for Fresh RS RG Pierce who is a 79. He will be our stud Olineman of the future.

    Dline - Hughes returns after a steller freshman campaign to apply more pressure from the end at 80 ovr. SR RS 78 ovr Atkinson takes over on the other side while new recruit Flanagan matures. At DT we are deep with 3 82 overall guys. A solid group.

    LB - Both of our stud OLBs graduated this past year. We had to move the 2 backup MLBs to the outside to fill in. All 3 starters are seniors but are all quick and in the lower to mid 80s. Should be solid this year, but will be a talent drop off next season...

    DBs - We like our young CB group. The 2 starters are a 79 ovr Jr and a 77 ovr Soph. Sr Suggs returns as the Nickel back after his 8 int performance last season. 76 ovr Fresh RS Mitchell is a great cover corner and looks to be our future star at the position. At FS, Jr RS Young returns as the starter where he had a solid campaign earning all PAC 12 honors and snagging 6 ints. Humphrey makes the move from FS to SS this season while some recent recruits at the position mature.

    K/P - Our monster K/P Morgan returns for his senior season. We love his 99 pwr leg as he was able to knock in a 61 yarder for us last season. He consistently kicks touchbacks as well.
  4. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    The Ohio State Buckeyes last season built the #1 ranked defense in the country - then they were completely dismantled in the Big Ten championship but the hated Iowa Hawkeyes. This season, the Buckeyes formula stays the same. Field the best defense in the country and let the RB's carry the team to victory. RS Senior RB Josh Rosario returns as the unquestioned starter, sitting behind super stud Heisman Winner Steve Ewing and scat back Trey Martinez. This season, Rosario looks to be the super stud and possesses all the tools to follow in Ewing's footsteps. The Buckeye defense loses key starter and all around defensive star MLB Leslie Key but the youngsters in the wings should fill in nicely. Ultra athletic star CB David Coleman surprised NFL scouts by electing to return for his Senior season and headlines an elite cornerback group and secondary that returns all starters. Lets take a look at the depth chart​
    QB - The one position where you need stability and a constant veteran presence, the Buckeyes don't have. 6'4 187lb RS Sophomore Corey Hunt (82ovr, 73spd, 84thp 87tha) will get first crack at the starting job in what will be the very first start of his career. He's very green and its reasonable to expect some mistakes from him early on in the season. However, he will be challeneged by 6'2 199lb RS Freshman Houston Thomas (75ovr 81thp 84tha) Ohio State has nothing behind these two players, literally, as the only other QB on the roster is a transfer and is ineligible this season. Should there be any injuries at QB, the Buckeyes would potentially be in enormous trouble.​
    RB - The marquee player on the entire roster is none other than 6'0 210lb RS Senior HB Josh Rosario (99ovr 94spd, 99trk 99btk) who reportedly was guaranteed a starting job this season if he decided to return to school for a 5th year. The Buckeyes can't be thankful enough, Rosario's return was the biggest story this offseason at Ohio State and with it, he brings nation title aspirations. Rosario will be spelled by 6'0 205lb RS Sophomore HB Robert Rushing (86ovr 95spd 94elu) who will be in prime position to take over the starting role next season.​
    FB - The unsung hero of the Buckeye run game, 6'0 213lb true SO Will Jacobs (77ovr) paved the way on many of Steve Ewings Heisman winning runs. He will do so again this season and also add a couple carries a game as a very good short yardage back. He is backed up by 6'2 286lb RS SO Mike Hardy who will also see time as the teams 3rd TE.​
    WR - The WR corps is headline by 6'3 185lb Senior Tyler Moore (90ovr 86spd 92cth 94rte 90cit) who returns in his role as the #1 WR in the Buckeye offense. The main storyline here however is that last years 5 star recruit and #2 WR, Freshman All American 6'3 196lb WR Ryan Samuel has been passed on the depth chart by quite a few players and now looks to redshirt this season. 6'1 168lb RS SO Jacob Bright (83ovr 88spd 90rte) should step in, and will compete with 6'3 182lb RS SO Jordan Burgess (81ovr 93spd 96acc) Burgess will likely be relegated to the slot with 6'5 215lb RS Senior Chad Wiggins holding down the 4 spot.​
    TE - Easily the weakest position on Ohio State's roster - the only viable TE right now is 6'3 268lb Jon Patterson (84ovr 79spd 87rbk 88cit.) As the Buckeyes like to run some 2TE sets, its going to be difficult without another legitimate TE on the roster. As mentioned earlier, 2nd string FB Mike Hardy will see time at the 3rd TE slot and the 2nd TE will be held down by 6'2 242lb true Freshman Jordan Fry (61ovr)​
    OL - 6'4 334lb Senior LG James Johnson (94ovr) brings the most skill and experience to the group, he will be flanked by 6'7 328lb RS SO LT Matt Doyle (85ovr) and 6'1 314lb RS SO Center Brett Burke (87ovr.) To Burke's right, 6'2 301lb RS Junior Joe Thomas (87ovr) and finally RT will be held down by 6'2 310lb RS Soph David Jess. A very solid group this season that should only lose 1 starter next season unless someone decides to leave early.​
    DL - One of the top returning units for the Buckeyes this season is defensive line. Headlined by returning All American 6'5 244lb RS SR RE Gerard Green (90ovr 77spd 96bsh 90pwr 95hpw) but he will play next to budding stars 6'3 296lb RS JR DT Jonathan Harrison (92ovr 88str 94pwr 97fin 90bsh), 6'1 322lb RS JR DT Andy Peters (91ovr 91str 91pwr 87fin 86bsh) and 5'11 262lb RS Junior LE Ryan Smith (89ovr 77spd 85str 95bsh 94fin 92prc) - make no mistake about it, these guys are ready to play.​
    MLB - Key to any 3-4 defense is the linebacking corps and while the Buckeye defense loses superstar MLB Leslie Key, they have plenty of youngsters waiting in the wings. The headliner has to be 2nd MLB and returning starter 6'0 214lb MLB RS Soph Eddie Robinson (91ovr 79spd 81str 92bsh 93prc 91pur 88hpw 76man 82zon) who lacks the elite athleticism the Buckeyes prefer to have at LB but should make up for it with his elite coverage and play diagnosis skills. It will be very interesting to see how he turns out. He will be flanked by 6'2 232 lb RS SR Amir Hollis (83ovr 89spd 93bsh) who brings more athleticism to the MLB position but still lacks that elite change of direction skill that made Leslie Key so prominent in this defense.​
    OLB - 6'5 244lb RS SR Derron Wright returns as a starter (84ovr 84spd 79agi 94hpw) on the outside and should see time in the teams Nickel and Dime packages as a coverage LB. He will be flanked by future star 6'1 224lb RS FR Jay Campbell (80ovr 84spd) The LB corps of the Buckeyes is solid everywhere but lacks a true playmaker unless Eddie Robinson is able to step up into that role.​
    CB - 6'0 186lb Senior and superstar David Coleman (94ovr 99spd 99zon 96man 93prs 90prc) headlines arguably the best position group at Ohio State. Coleman made plays down the stretch last season and looks to continue his hotstreak this year. At the 2nd corner spot is 5'9 171lb Senior Tony Holland (94ovr 93spd 99zon 99prs 96man 96prc) who looks to make a name for himself this season as a returning starter. The new starter at Nickel will likely be 5'10 162lb RS SO Paul Schroeder (85ovr 93spd 95zon 90man 89prs 89prc) The Buckeyes are deep at corner, very deep.​
    FS - 6'1 211lb returning starter SO Scott Brown (79ovr 93spd 93agi 93acc) is more athleticism than coverage skills but as a returning starter who made a lot of plays as a true freshman, you have to like his chances to continue to do so. He will be backed up by FS/SS hybrid 6'3 213lb SO Mark Baker (78ovr)​
    SS - 6'1 198lb returning starter SO Phillip Setzer (78ovr 93spd) is a lot like Scott Brown, in that they both possess more athleticism than coverage or play recognition skills. Setzer had a quiet Freshman season as starter but maybe thats more of a good thing than bad. The S/LB hybrid playing in Coach K's unique defensive packages is 5'11 223lb RS SR SS Tony Watkins (86ovr 84spd 84bsh 92zon 89prs) who looks to continue to play down in the box as an athletic coverage SS who is stronger at the point of attack than a traditional Safety.​
    K/P RS SR Patrick Mills (98ovr 99kpw 99kac) will be the unquestioned starter. Best in the country, almost without question.​
  5. Timpegoose

    Timpegoose Walk On

    Jul 17, 2010
    Stanford Cardinal

    QB - Todd Morris takes over after 2 year starter Abrams graduated last year. He'll be solid for us, but its a slight drop off.

    HB - We have a pretty deep stable of running backs this year, led by RS Junior Bruce Watson. He is pretty explosive with 95 speed, 91 agility, and 94 acceleration. Backup/goal line back Jeff moore is a nice compliment to Watson. He's a bruiser at 6'2 252 and has 89 speed and break tackle. Our halfbacks this year are similar to the thunder and lightning days of Tiki Barber and Ron Dayne with the Giants.

    FB - Terrance Ryan comes back for his 3rd year as our starting FB. Good solid lead blocker, and can pick up short yardage when needed.

    WR - Jake Henderson and Jamaal Finley are 2 solid seniors, but we drop off a bit after that. The rest of our receivers are either freshman or sophomores so they are kind of getting thrown into the fire this year. We've got some size at the #3 and #5 spots with Day at 6'3 and Davis at 6'5. We also have Vince Scott who is 6'5, and a 6'7 recruit we're looking to bring in next year.

    TE - Sean Wilson is back as a 2nd year starter, and is definitely more of a blocking TE. He can make plays when the ball is thrown to him though.

    O Line - We have 4 seniors all 90 OVR or better on the o-line, and then a 74 OVR sophomore starting at RT. We're going to be hurting here next season.

    D Line - We moved to a 3-4 defense this year to take advantage of our big line, and lack of depth at DT. Geoff Gray looks to be a force at LE with 5 sacks already in the first 2 games. Junior Clark Francis has the RE spot and is the better run stopper of the 2. Jeremy Williams is a monster DT in the middle at 6'5 315, and definitely eats up some space in the middle allowing our ends and linebackers to roam free.

    OLB - Neil Turner is a very athletic junior OLB with 88 speed, 80 strength, 81 agility, and 86 acceleration. He does pretty much everything for us on the left side. Junior Bobby Jones takes the right side and is also very athletic. He is more of a pass rusher than Turner, but he can drop into coverage when needed.

    MLB - We have 2 solid senior MLBs both rated 83 OVR. Hall is a little better in coverage with his 70 agility, but Houston is a better run stopper and the better tackler.

    CB - Seniors Reggie Bridges and Chris Cox are both very good shut down corners, and junior Will Dunn is a good nickel back. There is a huge drop off after these 3 though. We're going to need some help in recruiting the next couple of years.

    FS - Senior Mark Harper is a preseason 2nd team All-American after a solid season last year. His athleticism allows him to take away a good chunk of the middle of the field.

    SS - Senior Erik James isn't quite as athletic as we like in our safeties, but he made plays last year. He does a good job of reading the QB and adjusting accordingly.

    K - Freshman Derrick Jones is fairly accurate, but doesn't have the best leg. Anything over 45 yards we'll bring in the punter Art Warren.

    P - RS Freshman Art Warren has a huge leg with 96 kick power already. His accuracy leaves some to be desired, only at an 81.

    Projection: This is probably our best chance to go to the conference championship game for a couple of years. Our team is heavy with seniors, and there isn't much depth behind them. I think we'll finish 9-4, and 2nd in the division behind Oregon State.

  6. Drifterbub

    Drifterbub Help me hide a body?

    Feb 10, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    Last Season: 11-3 (7-2)
    - PAC-12 North Champions
    - Holiday Bowl victory over #12 Oklahoma
    - Final rank in polls: #13

    Returning Starters: O: 6 D: 5

    Key Losses: HB Walter Holden, HB Marcus Scott, QB Phil McConnell (Not Really), CB Justin Brigsby, DT Murphy

    Key Returners: JR TE Terrance Clayton, JR WR Howard Henry, SR DE Leon James, SR(RS) DT Jeremy Bell, SR(RS) Akeem McKenzie, SR(RS) C Doug Thompson

    What to watch for on offense: Coach Drifter spend the entire offseason calling every fraud agency in the country. Someone has stolen the identity of his offense. The traditional cut-back ground attack he has enjoyed since his time with BGSU is likely gone for this season. The inexperience and inconsistencies along the offensive line combined with less explosive running backs are mostly to blame for this. Not that the RBs on roster for the Beavers are bad - at all. SO(RS) RBs Lance Lynch and Jack James form a pretty good tandem. Lynch is likely to shoulder most of the load simply due to consistency. Injuries are a concern, but Jack James is faster and provides a very servicable backup. FR(RS) RB Aaron Goodman, the bell cow of the top recruiting class in the nation two years ago, will provide a roll - mainly spelling.

    Looking at the roster, receivers in particular, you would think the Beavers should be lining up 01 and 11 personnel and just airing it out on everyone. Afterall, the depth at WR is unrivaled by any opposing secondary this year. The Beavers are 5-deep at WRs, not including AA TE Terrance Clayton and spectacular true frosh Drew Myrick, and it might be more dangerous towards the bottom. The problem with that look is QB Jared Rutledge, whose inexperience and lack of physical tools prove challenging for an air raid. Rutledge isn't a guy who can be asked to throw 28+ times a game. JR Howard Henry returns as the go to guy and is closely followed by JRs Brian King and Kyle Smith.

    Junior All-American TE Terrance Clayton is a megastud with NFL potention. Yes, he deserves his own paragraph. LBs are too slow to cover him and he has made a living off of making DBs miss in the open field. And then there is jump balls, which defenders can pretty much concede on the spot. You're not getting higher than the lanky 6'5'' fram of Clayton.

    What to watch for on defense: Patch-work for the most part. Only 5 starters return from a defense that was elite on 1st and 2nd downs, only to be pathetic on 3rd downs. Youth replaces experience in the secondary, while talent essentially stays the same. Improved DE play should allow for a better pass rush, but if they can't get to the QB, expect good WRs to take advantage of the Beaver back 7.

    Successful season means: Winning the PAC-12 north. It's a long road ahead. Last year's narrow wins over Stanford and Cal are going to be even more difficult to come by. Just like last year, the division winner is expected to NOT be undefeated, so winning games against the best team in the division is crucial for tie-breakers. Cal and Stanford are both talented this year, so the division should be even more competitive than last year (if that is even possible).

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