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Season 7 Team Previews

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Kasper, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    2017 Team Preview
    Coach BPHusker has done a solid job during his tenure at Penn State after taking over for the late and great Joe Paterno. His Lions have constantly been a threat in the B1G conference, and look to have a big year with a good crop of talent. I would go as far as to say that they are the early favorites for their division. The big challenge for the team this year is how will they deal with losing two rising stars at WR, HB, and OLB. Three Penn State players (that shall not be named) up and transferred out of the blue, even though all three were scheduled to be big time factors for the Lions. This left PSU nation shocked, and it should certainly light a fire underneath the current players. Let's take a look at this year's edition of the Penn State Nittany Lions.
    At quarterback, fifth year senior Ryan Crawford leads the way. He did a great job filling in for McIntosh last season, but will need to work on ball control this coming year. If he can keep from throwing interceptions, the sky is the limit for this kid. He has the type of frame that has NFL scouts drooling at 6'4 240 lbs; he just has to prove that he is ready for the big time. If he struggles, two serviceable QB's in junior Austin Zeigler and freshman Willie Bowling await their opportunity. Both are athletic quarterbacks that can make plays with their feet- which Coach BP likes in his offense. Word out of spring practice is that Zeigler is even taking snaps at running back - and is currently listed as the #2 back on the depth chart.
    Speaking of running backs, Penn State has another good one in junior Antwan Morton. He is a balanced back with ample speed and a good ability to shed tacklers. He certainly has some big shoes to fill, as Ryan Moore (Penn State's career all time leading rusher) graduated last spring.
    At receiver, Penn State needs a leader to step up. Sophomore Steven Jackson, junior Joel Davis, senior Philip Wade, and sophomore Rashaun Smith are all solid wide outs, but someone needs to seperate themselves and show they can make the big time catches. Wade has some good speed that could be utilized very well, and at 5'11 will likely have some chances for good YAC yardage from the slot position. The tight ends for PSU have ample athleticism, and freshman Mark Thurman has a lot of potential at 6'6 243 and is a solid athlete and blocker.
    The offensive line is led by two seniors, Andrew Miller at center and Tim Hayes at RG. These two are some of the best offensive lineman in the country, and should open up some big holes for Morton and company. There is also a handful of underclassmen that should pan out to be very good lineman. This should be one of the better offensive line units in the conference.
    The defensive line is a menacing unit for Penn State, led by 6'6 280 freak of nature Adrian Sutton at defensive end. He has great size as mentioned, and is also very very quick off the edge. He has a shot to be the best defensive lineman in the country stats wise. Senior Brad Stone is at the other end spot and is a really good run stopper. Donnie Pierce and Matt Graham reside int he middle of the line, and are both solid defensive tackles.
    Linebacker U has a mix of new blood and experience at the position, led by junior Connor Hall. Hall is arguably the most athletic linebacker in the country and has elite acceleration and quickness for the position. True freshman Reggie Daugherty is at the other linebacker spot, and should be a good one when it is all said and done. Sophomore James Henderson resides in the middle, and is a very smart player at the position.
    The secondary is a deep position for the Lions, and senior strong safety Gerald Smith leads the way. He is a good athlete and excels in coverage. Sophomore FS Luke Kiniry is a star in the making and is probably one of the best athletes on the team. Juniors Trent Jackson and Chase Robinson form a dynamic tandem at CB and will be the best duo in the country next season if both return.
    Junior Isaac Wiggins will handle both punting and kicking for the Lions, and was very good last year. He averaged nearly 50 yards a punt, and went 17-19 on field goals with a long of 53.
    Overall, I think this will be a very competitive team. They are deep at some of the key positions and have some blooming stars. The only question is what will happen when teams slow down the running game? Can Crawford take an average receiving group and move the ball through the air? Whatever happens, this should be an exciting team to watch. I see them finishing with 10 wins and playing in the CCG.

  2. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    NC STATE Wolfpack:
    After coming off a disappointing two win season the experienced filled Wolfpack team looks to rebound in a big way. Coach Steamer43 unfortunately had to leave before the season for personal matters and was unable to make it back to the sidelines. He knows it will be rough after missing a whole season to get back into swing of things, but he surely loves the challenge. At the first team meeting he was quoted saying, "We need to have an US against the world mentality and we need to play with the world's biggest chip on our shoulder." He later on apologized for his long absence and promised that everything in the past is in the past and that he could not wait to work with such fine men. Now lets breakdown State's roster.
    QB: Senior leader Ronnie Schroeder looks to heavily rely on his accuracy to get hit the open WR this season. Schroeder has amazing accuracy but his arm strength kills him and limits him from being one of the top QBs in the nation. After tearing his rotator cuff his Sophomore year, his arm has just not been the same. He has an experienced receiving corp and is hopeful to having a 2000 yard, 25 TD and 11 INT type year.​
    RB: NC State has a three headed monster in their backfield. Seniors Carlos Nelson, Cameron Hicks, and Lee Petty all came in together and will play one more season together. These three may not be the fastest RBs but they are shifty. One second they are in front of you and the next you are on the ground watching the back of their cleats. It is clear that Nelson is the best out of the three but with his stamina not being up to par Hicks and Petty will get touches. With an offensive line filled with 4 Seniors look for at least Nelson to have a 1000 yard 10+TD season and Hicks to have at least 800 yards 5 TD season.
    FB: With every three headed monster you need a FB that can get up field and help the OL open up holes. Junior Ryan Adams has the speed, acceleration, strength and blocking abilities to do just that. With having exceptional hands for a big man the versatile back can also go out and catch a pass from Schroeder every once in awhile. His backups are young and with only two more seasons of eligibility left he is looking to teach Akeem Bolden and Marcus Walter a thing or two.
    WR: Marcus Henderson, Jeremy Robinson, Carl Johnson, and Damon Myrick know that their routes need to be crisp, their gloves need to be sticky, and their cut blocks need to be effective in order for the Wolfpack offense to get going. Johnson and Henderson know how to separate from corners with their exceptional burst of speed and route running. Look for these guys to get the most looks from Schroeder and have big years. Robinson and Myrick may not have the talent like the other two but they have size on their side. They are listed at 6'1 and 6'2 weighing in a 189lb and 202lb respectfully. These guys will definitely run a lot go's and fade routes. With all four guys specializing in different areas you could say they are a very balanced receiving corp.
    TE: Chad Greer has absolutely loved his tenure at NC State and hopes to play well enough to be a Pro Football player. His big size, 6'6", and with his suitable repertoire of catching/blocking abilities will get him that look. Greer maybe one of the first reads for Schroeder anywhere on the field and I am sure Nelson, Petty, and Hicks will love running behind him. Again, there is a young TE waiting in the midst to play and Greer is hopeful by the time he leaves Joel Blair will be able to take over.
    OL: Four Seniors will anchor the line with one Sophomore playing in the middle of them. With a mixture of run/pass/balanced blockers the line will be key in helping the Wolfpack move down the field and score. Tackles Daniel Morse and Nate Lewis will be trying to prevent DEs and OLBs from getting into the backfield. With Lewis being the smaller one, look for Coach Steamer to put Greer next to him to help out. Inside guys Bryan Johnson, Michael Jones and Mike Buchanan will be driving the rushing attack every drive. These guys are the best and most balanced blockers NC has and will be heavily relied on to pick up blitzes and double teams. With having so many Seniors on the line NC needs to be strong on the recruiting trail or they will definitely hurt next year.
    DEFENSE:DE:This position has the most experienced players on the team. With one Senior and four Juniors NC State is looking pretty this year. With the DT position being weak Oscar Harris and Marcus Berry will look to create all the pressure from the end positions. It will be hard for opponents to run at Berry without TE help because the RB will not get far. On the other side the QB needs to release the ball quickly or Harris will be breathing down his neck.​
    DT:The weakest part of the DLine is here. Coach Steamer will look to place the backup DEs to hold the fort down until he can recruit some talent. With any opposing team having a decent OLine should easily get most of their rushing yards up the gut. Pat Evans is a Red Shirt Freshman and has a big task at hand. He shows flashes of eventually becoming a great player but without having the time to develop it will be hard for him to push any C or G around.
    OLB: Another weak position but Junior(RS) leader Jermaine Dailey will hopefully rally his Freshman troops to do some great things. Dailey is quick, can hit hard and cover. This is what an OLB should look and play like. It is unknown who will start on the right side but it is anyone's position at this point. If NC State doesn't choose between Adam Bowman, Hayden White, Tim Thompson, Shannon King, Kellen Sullivan, and Quinton Williams they will need a MLB or DE to the position. So far OLB and DT will be the biggest holes to fill when recruiting starts up this week.
    MLB:Mario Green is one of the bright spots on the Woflpack defense. He is young, Sophomore(RS), quick, explosive, sheds blocks and has decent zone coverage skills. Behind him is Junior(RS) Mike Harrison who is a little bit stronger and more physical. The possibility of him playing somewhere else on the field is likely. He could be moved to OLB or maybe to the line due to his block shedding skills. Alex Brown is set to be the 3rd String MLB but with his size and speed he will probably used as a downed lineman.
    CB: The secondary will carry this defense this season. Two more Seniors will be playing their final season looking to cause turnover after turnover. Antwan Chase and Brian Thompson have two different playing styles but have one goal in mind, shut down the opponents passing game. Antwan is more of a coverage guy who won't do a lot of pressing but will do damage in coverage. He has exceptional zone and man coverage, and with his quickness should be able to get in between the WR and the ball multiple times. Thompson however is the bruiser who is strong for a corner. He plays really physical and will go toe to toe with anyone's #1 WR. Although being shorter than most WRs his pressing skills will allow more time for the Dline and LBs to get to the QB. Chase and Thompson will be a menace to society.
    S: The strongest part of the secondary is at the FS position. Defensive Captain Justin Campbell will be calling out the coverages in hopes of putting them in the right place at the right time. He excels at acceleration and zone coverage. While being 5'11 he will need to rely on his timing to jump with the bigger WRs/TEs. Playing next to Campbell will be Junior CJ Henderson. CJ is a very tall safety but lacks the coordination to use his size to his advantage. The best thing for Henderson is that a young and hungry Red Shirt Freshman is nipping at his heels. This competition should push CJ to work harder and stay in the #1 slot. If he fails to do that then the hard hitting Jarred Jones will easily take his place.
    Special Teams:
    K: Tyler Harrison looks to be the go to guy for FGs. He has a powerful leg but lacks accuracy and in clutch situations they would make any Coach worry.
    P: Freshman Brent Allen maybe the guy to not only punt but to kick FGs as well. Other than pinning opponents inside their own 20 Allen has something Harrison does not, accuracy. With having four years ahead of him look for Allen to be one of the best punters in the nation.
    KR/PR: It still has been undecided who will be returning kicks but it looks like the advantage would go to WR Jeremy Robinson.
    PREDICTION:This team is out to prove they are better than the two win season they had a year ago but with the lack of talent, skill, and a consistent leader it will be hard for teams to take them seriously. I think if they could possibly make it to a bowl game and a .500 record. This is one of those teams that screams UPSET in the making kind of games. I wish the coaching staff and players the best of luck!
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  3. BPHusker

    BPHusker Walk On

    Jul 4, 2011
    Nebraska 2017 Team Preview
    Since taking over for hornfaninbama last season, Coach Kasper has started to build something special in Lincoln, NE. The main theme while looking over the Nebraska roster this year is youth, with some very good upperclassmen in a few positions. If Nebraska will challenge for the B1G title, the young guys will need to grow up quickly.​
    At Quarterback, Larry King looks to be the starter after looking very good in relief of his cousin Cory King late last season. He has some good quickness and has a good arm. He will need to learn quickly with all of the great defenses he will face in the B1G. If King can't handle the pressure, SO Patrick Fogel could also get a look. He is a little bit less athletic than King, but he has a better arm. Fogel throws a much more accurate ball, which could be the difference between a touchdown and an interception in the defensive leaning B1G.​
    Like quarterback, there is also youth at running back. The positions is a pretty big logjam, with Jeremy Turner, William Cooper and Joe Christian looking for playing time. If I were to guess, I think the younger Joe Christian will be getting the most carries this season. His speed, acceleration and elusiveness gives Nebraska something they haven't had for a while. Look for Nebraska to try to bounce it to the outside with his great speed, agility and acceleration. Turner will probably still get a decent amount of carries after running for over 850 yards last year, but you can't have a guy like Christian on the bench.​
    At receiver, Nebraska will have to have a leader step up after losing Brandon Smith. The top 3 WRs: Mack, McKinney and McConnell are talented, but they only have 10 combined catches in their careers. They will need to learn quickly if they want to help out their young quarterback, whether it is King or Fogel. Mack is the most reliable receiver on paper. He catches pretty much anything thrown at him. McKinney and McConnell are the guys the defense will need to pay attention to. Don't be surprised if they line up and Mack just lobs it down field and has them go get it. They are very quick and will give defenses fits. TE Willie Ransom returns and looks to have a big year, as he is just as fast as a receiver. He is deceptively fast, so expect him to factor into the play action game.​
    The offensive line is anchored by three seniors, guards Akim Morris, Mike Harrell and Gary Rodriguez. All three will be on the awards list at the end of the year. They should be able to open holes for the young running backs.​
    The defensive line lost a couple very talented players last year. This year, they will need a leader to step up. DE Brigham Harris and DT Ryan Johnson are seniors who will be leaned upon most. This unit has the potential to be very good, but it remains to be seen if they can elevate their game. They have a lot of underclassmen who with some experience this year, will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.​
    Nebraska returns a lot of talent in their linebacker corps. Dre Treangen is the most talented of the MLBs, but he has only tallied 1 tackle in his Nebraska career. Mike Lamb is the most experienced MLB, who racked up 48 tackles last season. OLB Chris Burke returns for his senior season after a great finish to the season last year. He had 23 tackles for loss and 4.5 sacks last season. The LBs will have to pick up the slack if the young defensive lines can't make the stop.​
    The secondary is pretty much a mirror of most positions, one or two talented upperclassmen and a ton of youth. AJ Sims and Keith Rhodes are the most talented guys in the secondary for the 2017 Huskers. They are very speedy and it will be tough for opposing receivers to get behind them. At safety they are the definition of youth as they will be starting true freshmen at both the FS and SS positions. The corners and the front 7 will need to play very well to make sure that these young guys don't get abused by the more experienced QB and WR combos in the conference.​
    Freshman Trevor Parker should be handling all kicking duties in the fall. His strong leg will look to be a major factor in close games.​
    Overall, Nebraska is a very young team, who will be a major player in the B1G in the future when their young guys gain more experience. This year, their season depends on the youth at a majority of positions. Can they learn quickly and play well, or will they falter. They should win 7-8 games, possibly 9. They may challenge for the B1G title, but they will have to play out of there minds to have a shot.​
  4. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Good diagnosis BPHusker -- I am very curious to see how my safeties play against users. I moved a CB back to SS I think- his tackling will suffer at the position, but hopefully my front 7 can keep him from having to make too many tackles. I think my frosh FS is a star in the making.

    Offensively I think Turner will be the got to back after his performance vs Auburn, and Christian will come in and be a spark plug for the offense.

    Overall, like I said, good diagnosis of my team. I think I have a good mix of youth and experience that can make for an exciting season. Hopefully Treangen is a beast in the middle- he showed it in the Auburn game.
  5. BPHusker

    BPHusker Walk On

    Jul 4, 2011
    I was trying out practice mode this afternoon and I struggled to even gain yards. I dunno if its the CPU, but holy crap the PSU defense is fast. The d-line was busting through and pressuring the QB on almost every play. I'm liking what I'm seeing. :)
  6. Kapono

    Kapono Walk On

    Jun 28, 2010
    Quarterbacks: Dual-threat QB Joe Walker is the best option at QB, but Purdue is going to need to use his legs because he doesn't have the most accurate arm. The 3rd string QB Talib Leslie has the best arm but probably will not see too much time.​
    Running Backs: Junior HB Teddy Franklin will see most of the carries, and is a very powerful back. Franklin has the acceleration, but not the speed.Purdue doesn't have too much speed at the halfback position, so don't expect too many homeruns despite a pretty nice stable of backs. Senior power back Jeremy Richards might be seen more often in goal line situations.​
    Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Purdue only has 6 wide receivers on the roster, and none of them are superstars. Senior Joe Davis has great hands with little speed, but he should make some plays on jump balls. 6'2" Ryan Smith should have the best season (83 overall) but his rating look very good with catching, speed, and route running. William Riley and Simeon Williams will battle for the slot position. Williams, a true freshman, may not have a huge season this year, but he has potential to be a star for Purdue in a year or two. Warren Lewis will get the start at tight end and he has the blocking ability of some lineman in the Big 10.​
    Offensive Line: The strength of Purdue's offense is definitely the offensive line. Damien Dennis and George Hall will start at the gaurd positions and will anchor the line. Daniel Goff is the weakest link at RT but should be able to hold his own vs. most teams.​
    Defensive Line: DT Jermaine SMith (6'0", 318) is a monster and should block up a lot of holes. James Bates is the #1 D-End and has pretty good speed to rush the QB. There will be battle between 3 players for the other DE spot.​
    Linebackers: Nick Brown is the best of the linebackers and will start on the outside. He can hit hard, run fast, and is decent in man and zone coverage. Doug Carpenter will start in the middle and should be very good against the run, but some teams may take advantage of him, since he is not too good in coverage.​
    Defensive Backs: The corners for Purdue are pretty good. Nate London has track speed and is very good in coverage, but is not a great tackler. Richard Davis can hit and cover, but there's a possibility he can get beat deep because he doesn't have great speed. Ralph Wright will start at SS and despite his good coverage skills, he is undersized and is not the best tackler out there.​
  7. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011
    The Iowa Hawkeyes have a new coach this season with Coach Kapono coming in and taking over. CoachRedd left the Hawkeyes in good shape and a top contender in the B1G conference, but it seems like his option attack that he recruited for has been thrown out, and the Hawkeyes will be running the Spread this season. The offense will still have some option concepts ran no doubt, but the Hawkeyes will no longer be using the FleXbox One. Iowa is currently ranked #11 coming into the season, and should easily be a top contender for a B1G conference Championship appearance, and a Conference Championship win. For the past 6 seasons, whoever wins the Legends division, wins the conference.

    QB- Zach Stevens- 6'1, 196 83 Ovr. Zach is a veteran who will be called upon to lead these Hawkeyes and will have to play up to his potential in order to get the best out of everyone around him. He's a dual threat QB, who's much better running the ball than throwing, but with the defense always knowing that he's a threat to run, it will open up a lot of passing lanes that normally wouldn't be available for other QBs who are one dimensional. The one thing about this guy though is he will need his teams to get early leads that will allow him to continue to run the ball and not have to throw as much.

    RB- Tom Bradley 6'0, 239 85 Ovr.
    Ryan James 5'10 208 80 Ovr. - The Running back position will be split between these two backs. Both backs are very similar, but both can be dangerous. Neither have a first quick step, but once they get going, they can burn just about anyone on the field. Travis has the better vision and can take a lot more hits than Ryan can, and still be able to stay in the game. Both are good at breaking tackles when it's one on one, so defenses will have to really swarm both backs in order to bring them down. The good thing about these backs, no matter which one is in, they will still get the same type of production, there isn't really a drop off between the two.

    WR- Bryan Morgan 6'4 198 87 Ovr. - Bryan could very well be the best receiver in the B1G conference. He's the perfect build for a WR, tall and lean, and is a flat out burner on the field. He's very quick and fast, excels when jumping for the ball, and runs crisp routes. He will be a huge playmaker for the Hawkeyes this season, and is the type of WR that can get get Zach Stevens out of trouble with the type of plays he can make and what he can bring to the table. He could be a game changer this year, not just because of what he can do, but because defenses will have to think twice about leaving him in single coverage.

    DE- James Moore 6'4, 208 86 Ovr. - James will lead the defensive line and should do very well in the 4-3 defense the Hawkeyes will run. He's not fast, but is quick in his first step, and that should give him the advantage on offensive linemen when they try to block. When engaged with the line, he is very good at using his finesse moves to get around and get to the QB. He should be called upon several times this season to make plays, but with a talented line around him, teams will be unable to just focus on James.

    DT- Shane Jones 6'6 269 87 Ovr.- Shane will be the anchor of the defensive line this season, and is poised to have a huge year. A lot of mock drafts have him going pretty high, and it's crazy because he's only a Redshirt Sophomore. The young man has a lot of potential, and playing with the talent around him will only make him better. Shane is very strong, and will over power offensive lines every game, getting into the backfield with ease. There is no doubt he will be clogging up rushing lanes for B1G opponents all season long.

    FS- Mark Sullivan 6'0 200 86 Ovr.- Mark will be the leader of the secondary. With the Cornerbacks not being that strong for the Hawkeyes this season, he will be asked to clean up some of their mistakes they'll make. Mark has decent speed for the safety position, not as fast as some, but more than makes up for it with his ability to recognize different plays. Mark is also a very good tackler and can make one on one tackles look routine.

    Weakness- The Cornerback position will be a weakness that Iowa has this season. Only 1 senior, and a whole lot of freshman, the CB position will be the weakest point on this Hawkeye team. Teams will most likely try to take advantage of this by using a high passing attack, but in order to make these passes, they'll need to provide time for their QB to throw which will be tough to do with this strong Hawkeye defensive line.

    Games to Watch-

    Week 3 North Carolina- This will be the new coaches first real challenge this season as the Tar Heels always have a solid team and are always well coached. This is the week everyone will find out how good Iowa is this season.

    Week 5 Purdue- First conference game against a team that is known to be dangerous. Purdue doesn't have a lot of talent, but Coach Qwon always gets the most out of his teams. This could be a trap game if the Hawkeyes aren't careful and go in overlooking the Boilermakers.

    Week 9 Nebraska- Nebraska has to be the early season favorite after a disappointing season last year for it's new coach. Nebraska should bounce back well this season and could very well be a game where both teams are undefeated going in. Not to mention, the game is in Lincoln and that's always a tough place for any team to play.

    Week 14 Penn St.- The final game of the regular season will see the Hawkeyes go up against the team that has had recent success in the Legends division. This could be a huge game for the Hawkeyes depending on how the rest of their season goes.


    Kasper I understand the concept of doing other teams to learn more about them, but I feel that I don't know his team as well as he does and couldn't do him justice for a team preview. He could start guys that are lower rated on the depth chart because they fit his style, but I wouldn't really know that until playing him, or until he had a few games played where I could base stuff off stats. I like the idea of learning more about the teams, but I feel I learn just as much when guys do a good preview and write up on their own team. Granted, we don't always get that, but on the occasion when we do, it's always a good read. Just my 2 cents, either way, they're still fun to do.
  8. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    I know where your coming from Philstyle3005 , maybe we will go back to previewing our own teams next season. We'll see-- nice job on Iowa though.
  9. CoachRedd

    CoachRedd I come through in something real foolish

    Jan 23, 2011
    I remember Morgan at WR and I remember recruiting Stevens at QB. Brought a tear to my eye. Pretty sure Stevens is teh same guy I made left handed and switched his number to 15 to resemble Tebow. That may have been Kirk instead though.
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