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Season 8 Recruit Spotlight

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by RyanC, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. RyanC

    RyanC Walk On

    Feb 21, 2011

    Welcome to the ESPNU Recruit Rundown, where we buzz on the the top recruits and key recruiting battles around the nation(dynasty(y)).

    One of the biggest recruiting battles in the nation right now is the fight between USC, Rutgers, and Notre Dame for the #1 CB in the nation, Jimmy Smith. Smith is a can't miss talent from Pennsylvania who has elite speed and acceleration, and while still needing some work is also an above average man coverage player. However, what separates him from other corners is his size/speed combination, he is a lanky 6'2" which can eliminate size mismatches. Smith currently has USC at #1and has yet to offer a scholarship, but Rutgers is nipping at their heels with Notre Dame not far behind.

    Rutgers is also in a battle with Big East rival Syracuse for the #5 WR David Smith. Smith is 5'11", but has good speed and decent acceleration and has a great vertical which landed him a spot on the track team as a high jumper in high school. Syracuse currently holds a pretty good lead, but time will tell how this shakes out as Rutgers has yet to offer.

    Week 1 Commit Rundown

    :5stars:HB Mike Thompson commits to Coach Dman and UNC
    :4stars:ATH/T Karl Mills inks with Coach Charleston and Syracuse
    :4stars:FS Kenneth Ingram joins Mills at Syracuse
    :3stars:OLB Mike Vaughn will play for Coach Makinpropel and Pitt
    :3stars:HB Thomas Mangum also chooses Pitt
    :3stars:DE Justin Golden goes to WSU to play for Coach RyanC
    :3stars:CB Jeff George also signs with WSU
    :3stars:C Jeremy Hamilton join WSU as well
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  2. RyanC

    RyanC Walk On

    Feb 21, 2011
    We were able to sit down with Coach Fuzzyl0gic and talk a little about the players on his board and what he has had to do to stay one step ahead of the rest of the nation:

    How big would getting a recruit like Jimmy Smith be for this program?

    I think getting a guy like Smith would be huge for the program. We've seen a lot of stars pass through Rutgers the past few years, but we really haven't seen this kind of elite talent at CB in quite some time. This kid has incredible speed (A+ speed, A acceleration), and great coverage skills (B/B+ Man/Zone). He is also 6'2", which helps against the bigger receivers. We will be giving it all we got to get this kid in a scarlet knights uniform.

    Outside of Smith, who would be the prospect you want to sign the most?

    We are short on QBs for the near future, so we've got our eye on quite a few. JUCO QB George Barrett looks he could come in and play right away (A+/B- THP/THA), and he has some decent speed as well for a QB (B- speed/acceleration). He reminds me a lot of Jonathan Edwards, and that can't be a bad thing.

    Has the emergence of Syracuse as a top Big East team taken much away from your recruiting?

    They have been building up a solid program the past few seasons, and I'd have to say they have definitely made an impact on our recruiting strategy. They stole a couple of guys from under our nose last year, and already a few this year. Intense recruiting battles make for better rivalry games as well.

    All in all, in looks this could one of the best classes yet. There have been some good ones the past few seasons, but a lot of kids are interested in Rutgers these days. It's finally time to start adding some depth to the talent.
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