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Season 8 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Trifecta' started by Hokie Effect, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Hokie Effect

    Hokie Effect Whats a Hokie?

    Jul 4, 2009
    Penn State

    I wish I could tell you guys that this would be a rebuilding year and this would be the best chance to knock off the champs, but I can't. The Nittany Lions return 8 starters on offense and 8 starters on defense. They boast a league best 24 90+ ovr rated players. So a 5 peat as crazy as it sounds may be possible....

    QB- rsSO Ahmed Jones 92ovr has big shoes to fill with the early depature of Montana, but in his limited playing time Jones has proven he will be able to handle the torch and the offense shouldn't skip a beat

    RB- SR Jason Brown 98ovr returns from his season ending injury and should carry the load, back up rsJR Sam Larsen 97ovr is a reliable back up

    WR- Penn State returns their entire recieving corp and SO Jim Matthews looks to build on his record breaking freshman year. WR position is deep and experianced, expect the top 4 to contribute and excel in the spread attack

    FB/TE- only question mark for the offense with 2 new starters, but shouldn't be a factor with the spread offense

    OL- All five starters return including 3, 99ovr rated players

    DL- Penn State must welcome 2 new starters in the 3-4 scheme, but history shows they reload at this position with 3 past lombardi award winners

    LB- return 3 starters, but all 4 are rated 90+ ovr and provide speed and experiance

    DB- all 4 starters return, with 3 year starter rsSR Tony Ramsey 97ovr 99spd continuing the shutdown corner tradition at PSU

    Penn State should be in the BCS NC talk throughout the season, but what goes up must come down. Is this the year tOSU knocks off Penn State? If the Nittany Lions can get through their Big 10 schedule with Minnesota back on the rotation; an end of the year showdown with FSU could be the final road block to a 5th consecutive BCS title appearance. Prediction 11-1 with tOSU finally getting it done (I have to lose eventually??)

  2. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Big 10 starts off with 1-2-3 in the opening polls so the conference will be tough as always. I think my team last year was more talented than this squad but offensive skill positions have 3 99 overall players (QB-HB-WR).

    Anyways I will do a full write-up later in the day. I have to get back to work at the moment :).
  3. Papa Perry

    Papa Perry Leeroy Jenkins!!!

    Jul 1, 2009
    Featured Threads:

    Last year was a dissappointing season for the Bruins 4 tough losses including 2 that were in Coach Papa's absence. A lot of last year can be blamed on youth and inexperience. This year the Bruins are still young but most of the starters have atleast 1 year of starting under there belt so they are far more dangerous than they would seem for a team that only has 11 seniors on the roster.

    Offense - Pro Style

    QB - rsJR Paul Maxwell is looking to build on his somewhat average performance last year. He doesn't really have the arm strength for the deep ball (82 THP) but his accuracy will definitely help UCLA win games (89 THA). Although Maxwell is the starter, be prepared to see rsSR J.P. Lynch take some snaps out of shotgun running some option (88 SPD, 74 AGI, 88 ACC).

    HB - rsSR Jordan Shaw leads what continues to be a loaded backfield that's deep with talent. Of all returning players he led them all in rushing yards last season (1283 yards). He has very good speed (95 SPD, 92 ACC) and has the ability to break tackles (94 BTK). He will share some of the carries with SO David Garcia who has good top end speed (92 SPD) and is difficult to bring down (92 BTK, 90 ELU).

    FB/TE - Marcus Ridgeway will be a first time starter this year at FB. While he is undersized (5'9 201 lbs), he is too good at the position to not start him (84 OVR). Jared Roach returns to start at TE. He has ok speed (80 SPD) but is a much better blocker than our other options (74 PBL, 79 RBL).

    OL - Solid pass and run blocking group. No seniors so the whole group should be together next season as well. 1 rsJR 2 JR 1 SO 1 rsFR. 85 average OVR for starters.

    Defense - 3-4

    DL - Anchoring the middle will be FR NT Lee Odom but he will be splitting time with fellow FR Darrell Pope and SO Roger Harris. JR Tim Carroll will be one of the starting DE and will stay there in pass rush situations while the 285 lbs SR Kevin Parks will be starting at the other DE and will move inside on pass rushing situations.

    LB - It all starts in the middle with this group. SO MLB Avery Parker and SO MLB Jed Doyle will hold down the middle for the 3-4 defense. SR OLB Jon Clark will be our primary cover guy while JR OLB Richard Jones will be our primary pass rushing "Jack" linebacker.

    DB - The secondary for this squad is very talented. Starting as the first CB is rsSR Scott Miller who is the best coverage guy on the team and probably one of the best in the nation (99 Man, 99 Zone, 97 Press). The other CB will be rsJR Tom Wallace who is just as good as miller when it comes to man-to-man (99 Man). Starting at FS will be SR Andrew Jacques who returns as a starter from last year. SO SS Daniel Smith while inexperienced is still a solid player to start at his age.


    While this team is still good, the Bruins still have an up hill battle. They open up with a strong North Carolina team on the road, then come home to face a preseason top 5 Alabama team. After that it's back on the road to face another preseason top 5 team: Ohio State. After all of that the Bruins do get somewhat of a break when their top conference opponents, Washington State and USC, have to come play at the Rose Bowl.

    I'm gonna bet the farm on this year. I'm gonna play the cocky asshole role this year and say 13-0 and I'll knock off Hokie in the title game. Big talk but I intend to back it up.
  4. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    I downloaded my roster, so I'll try and write something more detailed up later, but it's going to be a bit of a struggle for FSU this year. We lost 4 early draft entry juniors who would have been the cornerstones of the defense this year. There is some talent behind them, but it's all unproven. All in all, we lost our nose tackle, all 4 starting LB's, and our top 4 CB's. The offense returns talent at the line and at WR/TE, but there will be a new QB (a freshman or sophomore) and a new HB.
  5. vBIG SLICKv

    vBIG SLICKv Varsity Baby !!!

    Mar 21, 2010
    University of Texas Longhorns

    Last year was a very disappointing season for The Horns. Back to back non-conference loses to top ranked Minnesoata and Penn State really put Texas in the hole early. Texas was able to rebound and run through the Big XII South division to reach the Big XII Title game for the 6th time in 7 season. The Horns could not bring home their 6th title losing to Nebraska in a blow out.


    Texas loses some firepower with 2yr leading rusher HB Kemp leaving early to cash NFL paychecks and 2yr starting QB Williams graduating. However, Texas looks to reload with a very strong offense line and a new general running the offense.

    QB: After spring drills it looks like Soph-RS Raymond Wright will be the starter over JR Brandon Mackey. Wright has a strong arm with 88-thp and great accuracy with 94-tha. Mackey will continue to see some playing time as he is a dual-threat to run the ball with 86-spd and 85-accl.

    HB: Going into the first game of the season this has been the most difficult position. The starter is between Season 5 #1 HB Marcus Bishop and Season 7 #1 HB Vincent Bell. Both backs have been splitting time with the 1st offense all offseason. Bishop is the power back with 90-brk tck and 86-trucking and Bell is the speed back with 94-spd and 90-accl. Early indications are that Bell will be named the starter but Bishop will see significant playing time in short yardage and goal line situations.

    FB/TE: The Longhorns improve the FB position with the signing of the #1 FB from season 7 Cary Richard. Richard will immediately start and lead the way for the tailbacks. Tight End is the weakest position for the horns with Calvin Campbell being the best at 79-ovl. Texas is still searching for someone to replace Chad Bailey from Season 6 and the search continues.

    WR: This is the unknown position for the Longhorn offense. The Longhorn group is young with no senior receivers. They are all solid receivers with really no superstars. Darren Joseph will be the leader of this group with 99-cat and 95-spectacular catch, but he does not have the top end speed to stretch defenses at 81-spd, however, he is quick off the line with 96-accl.

    OL: The offensive line is the strongest part of this offense and are solid at every position. The line consists of 3 seniors and 2 juniors. LT-96ovl LG-99ovl C-98ovl RG-97ovl RT-96ovl. The horns will put a lot of pressure on this experienced group to blow open holes for the running game and keep first yr start QB Wright off of his back in the passing game.


    The Texas defense is still a work in progress. The front 7 remain pretty solid, but the horns are still struggling to find the shut-down secondary it had 2yrs ago when it graduated FS-Hill, SS-Heinz and CB-Holloway. Overall the defense is solid but no studs.

    DL: Texas will be solid in the middle with DTs Bell and Bowling anchoring the line. Texas will look to add pressure to opposing offenses on the edge with LE Hawthorne-97ovl and RE Joseph-91ovl.

    LBs: The Horns linebacking crew are all above average guys with 92-ovl OLB Castillo leading the way. The read and react well but none are capable of taking over a game.

    CBs: The weakiest position of defense. Jordan and Cutler will get the starts but this guys are far from shut-down corners. They have good coverage skills but lack in some other areas to be great overall corners. They will really on help over the top from the FS and SS.

    SS: JR Harris will be the starter at 92-ovl and is a solid guy. He is able to both back off into coverage and get up on the line of scrimmage in run support.

    FS: SR Bolden-97ovl will be the leader and the last line of defense. Bolden will look to back everyone up and not get beat deep with 99-spd, 96-accl and 99-zcvg.

    Texas looks to have another solid year, but does not expect to be in the National Title hunt. A lot of question marks will be answered in week 4 when The Longhorns travel to Tallahassee to try and avenage their Season 6 ass whoppin' against FSU.

    Prediction: 13-1 Big XII Champion.
  6. Vandermint

    Vandermint Walk On

    Jul 12, 2010

    Last season the Tar Heels opened play with no players rated higher than 90 but exceeded expectations with a victory over Washington State and an ACC & Orange Bowl Championship in large part due to the absence of Dru. This relieved Carolina of its one season in 3* hell, but even with 3 players over 90 it may be difficult for this group to duplicate last year's effort.

    Strengths: QB Mark Craft is OVR 95, increased his accuracy to 83, and has speed and acceleration to 90. He's the centerpiece of the offense for obvious reasons and if he can't get it done the Heels will be in trouble. He's got to lower his interceptions and stay healthy--if he does, Carolina will always have a nasty little homerun threat.

    The offensive line should be among the best in my tenure. No, they aren't all rated 99, but 4 starters return, all are rated at least 81, and RG Daniel Hicks is OVR 92.

    The receiving corps is led by Tyler Hayward and Tar Heel favorite Leo Thompson. Hayward is rated 94 and Thompson has always played above his ratings.

    Weaknesses: Defense. The Heels had a strange starting mix last year of something like 7 seniors, 3 FR, and a JR. This year...ugh. The entire starting secondary graduated, including Defensive Player of the Year candidate CB Lance Martin. Terry Rice, a sophomore, will take over at SS and got significant playing time last season in the 4-2-5 so he is a player to watch--he's rated 80 with 3 seasons of eligibility left. Unfortunately, Rice is one of only 4 defensive players rated higher than 80 with RE Aaron Davis the highest at 86. Expect the Heels to go to a multiple defense this year to keep fresh legs on the field and to present different looks to their opponents.

    At RB, Howard Jefferson has a severe lack of speed. He'll get his carries but will be used more as a change of pace than as a regular weapon.

    Expectations: The defense is just miserable by Trifecta standards and I may have to trick it out a little to try to get some advantages. With UCLA, Penn State, Ohio State, and Texas on the schedule it may be impossible to find a way to 10 wins again. The Heels may lose three straight near the end (OSU, UT, FSU in the ACCCG) and will need a big win in the bowl game to hopefully avoid any risk of dropping back to 3 stars.
  7. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    Florida St Seminoles - 2017 Team Preview

    Last year started to look very promising, with the Seminoles finishing the regular season at 12-0, but unfortunately Coach Dru had to take a leave of absence to end the year, leading to UNC getting its first ACC crown and PSU winning yet another BCS title. To make matters worse, the ultra-talented defense cleaned up in the offseason awards, leading to 3 key underclassmen (Bednarik winner MLB Eric Moore, OLB Grady Keyes and 2 time Thorpe winner CB Cory Jackson) leaving for the pros. The team isn’t as talented as some of the upper tier squads in T3 (12 players 90+ OVR) but we have some key newcomers who look promising and FSU will be running the same offense and defense for the 3rd consecutive season, so I like my chances to make a run.

    Offense – Mississippi St

    QB – The starting signal caller position is up for grabs, with Cory Jones graduating last year. Returning sophomores Austin Day and Gavin Johnson got some playing time last year in a 4 game stretch when Jones was injured. Both played pretty well, but neither wowed the coaches enough to guarantee themselves the starting job. Day is a pure pocket passer, which limits the coaches ability to use the entire playbook, and Johnson is an above average athlete with decent throwing ability. Incoming freshmen Brandon Jones and Mike Ransom will be given a chance to win the job, as both have the elite athleticism that the incumbents lack, but neither is a great thrower at this point in their careers.

    HB/FB – Erik Rogers waited 3 years to get his chance to start last season, and he made the most of it. The RS junior won the Maxwell award and was among the top rushers in the nation, which led to him bolting for the NFL. The HB job will be shared initially by RS freshman Jermaine Smith and returning senior Andre Hansen, with Smith expected to get the starters role. Smith is in the mold of Andy Frank and Erik Rogers, a good all around back without anything that blows the scouts away. FB Bobby Geurrero returns for his senior season, this will be his 4th consecutive year starting and he is a good blocker and occasional weapon out of the backfield.

    WR/TE – Maurice Jones left the team last year as the all time leader in career receiving TD’s, and he was among the best slot WR’s to play in the past 10 years at the school. Starting WR’s from last year Jay Arnold and Matt Ryan return this year, and they will be joined by RS sophomores Damion Summers and Anthony Fuller. Both TE’s return from last year’s team, with David Jones returning as the starter. The receiving corp should be the strength of the team, if the QB position can be solidified.

    OL – The offensive line unit from last year returns intact for 2017, which should aid the young QB/HB group in their adjustment to big-time college football.

    Defense – 3-4

    DE/DL – The DL should be a strength of the defense this year, as both DE’s return and there is great depth across the unit. DE’s Zac Thompson and Leon McCoy, and will be joined by DE’s Will Butler and Brad Keenan as the backups. DT will be a new starter this year, with RS freshman Brock Donaldson competing with incoming JUCO transfer Brian Young for the starting nose tackle job.

    OLB – The entire LB corp left after last season, but the players waiting in the wings are ready to step in. RS senior Tim Golden is the star of the group and should shine in the role of Grady Keyes from last season. RS freshman Marcus Hodge is expected to get the other starting position, but don’t sleep on incoming true freshmen Matthew Harris or Michael Jacques. Harris is a technician at the LB position, and Jacques just likes to hit people (he doesn’t always tackle them though).

    MLB – Both starting MLB’s in the 3-4 look will be new this year, as Chris Murphy and Colby Dorsey try to live up to the expectations FSU fans have for their MLB’s after 4 years of watching Chris Wright and Eric Moore terrorize opposing QB’s. Both kids fit the FSU LB mold – fast, strong, not real bright and they hit like trucks.

    CB – Here is where things can get dicey. The Noles lost the top 4 CB’s from last years team, the only 2 returning players at the position are sophomore Ricky Rice and senior Sean Cooper. Neither are bad, but neither are likely to make fans forget Cory Jackson. They will be aided by 4 freshmen CB’s, led by #1 CB recruit Brandon Barrett. Coach Dru has been rumored to be considering starting Barrett over Cooper, allowing Cooper to play the nickel, since all the cheesy fuckers in T3 do nothing but throw corner routes anyway. FS Jamie McKinney was also seen playing some nickel/dime corner in spring practice, so that’s in the works as well.

    FS/SS – Erik Cronin started all last year as a true freshmen and his presence was felt immediately, as he had 4 picks, and multiple defensive scores. He’ll be joined in the defensive middle again by junior SS Alex Randall. Randall isn’t the physical freak that Cronin is, but he is very intellectual (rumor is he takes all the tests for the entire defensive unit) and is great in zone coverage. Coaches will look for ways to get sophomore SS Josh Dunbar involved, as he is a huge kid (6’3” 221) with elite athleticism.

    K/P – Who really gives a shit? They’re all pillow-biters anyway….
  8. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Ohio State continues to disappoint fans. Ohio State continues to boast one of the most talented rosters in the NCAA but has won just a single Big 10 title. This year's team is similar in talent level to last season's squad, though the strengths and weaknesses are swapped around.


    QB - Chris Ford 99 (R-JR)
    Ford struggled at times last season but played his best football at the end of last season. He worked on his skills during the offseason and he appears ready to fill the shoes left by Larry Walters. His arm strength (99) and accuracy (99) make him one of the best pure passers in college football. He just needs to work on making better decisions, as evident in his 14 interceptions last season.

    RB - Chad Gilbert 99 (SR) Chris Dixon 99 (R-SR) Jesse Parker 82 (R-SO)
    Gilbert had a solid season last year but a steep drop off from his sophomore season. Part of this was depth at running back, but he is the last man standing after OSU lost 3 senior tailbacks. He doesn't have the break away speed of Michael Vickers but Gilbert is a solid, well-rounded HB. His backup Jesse Parker has little game experience prior to this season, but he is a solid athlete. Dixon is an elite fullback with great blocking skills and enough speed to run a few times per game. He is also good at catching the ball out of the backfield.

    WR - Ryan Barrow 99 (R-SR) Wesley Burgess 90 (JR) Mike Graham 84 (R-SO) Jamar Diggs 81 (R-SO)
    The Buckeyes lost 2 of their top 4 wide receiver but bring back last year's #1 in Barrow and the stat leader in Burgess. Ford and Burgess were on fire the last 2 games, and Burgess had more than 300 yards receiving and 5 TD in the last 2 games. Graham is a solid slot but lacks great speed. Diggs has good top end speed but doesn't have great burst or receiving skills.

    TE - Joe Johnson 89 (SR) Marcus Williams 82 (SO)
    Johnson is a tested veteran at tight end. He can block or make plays in the passing game. He doesn't have elite speed but can find openings if matched up 1 on 1. Williams is more of a big receiver than a tight end. He is used almost exclusively as a receiver, even lining up on 4 and 5 WR sets. He did not see much action last season but is expected to see the field more this season.

    OL - Roland Fenton 92 (SR) Terrell Wright (R-JR) David Johnson 99 (R-SR) Thomas Ross 99 (R-JR) 85 Robert Daniels 85 (R-JR)
    This group took a big hit after last season with the loss of 4 starters. The group is still strong and should still hold their own against most defensive fronts. Johnson is the lone returning starter so he will be counted on as a leader.


    DL - Justin Mitchell 96 (R-JR) Terrance Noel 82 (R-JR) Vincent West 88 (R-JR) Chase Terry 86 (R-SO)
    Mitchell is the returning vet with 2 years of starting experience, while West and Terry both started last season. Mitchell will be counted on to get pressure on the outside while West is a very good pass rusher in the middle. Noel is the only new starter and he will need to perform at a high level. This unit needs to get pressure on the QB in passing situations or OSU will continue to give up yards to good teams.

    LB - Jordan Norton 99 (R-SR) Michael Moses 85 (SO) Jamal Williams 97 (SR)
    This unit is one of the best groups on the team, led by 4-year starter Norton. The Buckeyes are counting on Norton and Williams to be the leaders on the field, especially with Moses being a little green. Norton has the speed (91) to make plays anywhere on the field. Both Norton and Williams also show excellent burst (99 accel.).

    CB - Shannon Mitchell 93 (SR) Gary Dingle (82)
    Mitchell takes over the #1 CB spot from Dave Hadley, while Dingle moves from #2 to #4. The loss of Hadley and nickel back Moore leaves the Buckeyes very thin at CB. With games against Penn State, Minnesota and UCLA the secondary will surely be tested.

    S - Paul Miller 81 (SR) Blake Wesley 97 (R-SR) Markeith Harrison 88 (JR)
    The swap of Jeff Cox for Paul Miller is easily the biggest drop off from last season. Miller will need to show he can play or Harrison will slide over from SS to relieve him. Ideally Miller will hold down the spot because OSU is looking to keep Harrison as a super sub, as well as nickel back. As for Wesley he is talented but lacks great speed. This is why Harrison overtook him on depth chart last season but he has less to worry about this year since Harrison will be occupied in other positions.


    The Buckeyes first test will likely be the week 3 game against the UCLA Bruins. UCLA has a talented roster and coach Perry is always dangerous. The next game circled on the schedule is the yearly match with the Gophers. The Buckeyes are 6-1 against Minnesota under the current regimes, but the Gophers continue to increase the team's talent level. The game that always trips up Ohio State is Penn State, and the Nittany Lions boast another loaded roster. To make matters worse that game will take place in Happy Valley. If the Buckeyes somehow survive those games, they still have to get past UNC. The Tar Heels QB Mark Craft is a pre-season Heisman candidate. He is one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NCAA because he can win games with his arm or legs.

    Prediction: 13-0 with National Championship

    This is the year the Buckeyes finally get over the hump. Penn State has to lose sometime, so why not week 10 against OSU?
  9. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    Because you can't beat Hokie? That streak should have been mine to break last year, Hokie's keeping it alive until week 13.....

    {what you have to ask yourself is whether Dru is using reverse psychology on Hokie/Brave since pimping Brave to beat Hokie the last 2 years hasn't worked. Only I know for sure....}
  10. Bl0ndeRedHead

    Bl0ndeRedHead Official TSO Pothead

    Jul 31, 2010
    In Nebraska's books, Hokie's streak has been over for about a year now
  11. gowazzucougs

    gowazzucougs WSU is better than UCLA

    Jul 18, 2010
    WSU Season Preview
    The Cougs look at this season as a season in transition. Last season the Cougs were led by 23 seniors, this year they are gone the Cougs must rebuild. On the defensive side of the ball, the team is young with most players having yet to reach their true potential. The Cougs' best defensive player is SS Lewis Elliott (86 OVR). Last season Elliott played corner back, and looks to continue progressing at an excellent pace. The linebacker crew consists of Terrell Crum, Phillip Kendrick, Josh Wynn, and Darrell Mckinney. All four expect to and contribute for the Cougs. The defense line is a good unit with Howard Amir and Brian Bradshaw leading the way.

    On Offense the Cougs are also young. Many of the starters are under class men. The Cougs will be using a new playbook, Mississippi State. The reason for this is because the Cougs are starting redshirt freshman Drew Webb. His throwing attributes are little less than senior Brandon Mosby. However Webb makes up for these defiencies with his legs, 89 speed, and 77 acceleration. Webb will be giving the ball to last season's freshman All-American Antwon Brady. The receiving crew will consist of Barrett Bray, Jason Robinson, Matt Davis, Jason Whitlock, and last season's top recruit for the Cougs Ray Walker.

    The schedule starts tough for the Cougs as they open up with three straight road games. They travel to Austin to play the Longhorns week 2, then go on the road to Morgantown to face the Mountaineers, and then open conference play at the Rose Bowl against UCLA. The Cougs main goal this season is to remain ranked in the Top 20. It looks like the talent is going to start coming to Pullman, WSU's coach will just need to take advantage of it.

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