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Season preview (2011)

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by Mogriffjr, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    Tradition Season preview (2011 edition)

    Miami comes into the season as the favorite to win it all. After a successful undefeated season, they return their all-american QB Jacoby Harris but will have a new handoff partner coming into the fray at RB. Can Miami repeat? Let's take a look into the user teams in Tradition 1.

    MIAMI HURRICANES- Coached by Juggs
    SR-QB Jacoby Harris (95)
    SR-WR Travis Benjamin (99)
    SR-RE Marcus Robinson (99)
    SR-ROLB Sean Spence (99)
    SR-CB Brandon Harris (98)

    ---Is it possible that Miami maybe more talented this year than last year? Harris returns at QB for a repeat for a title. While his RB's will be more of a 1-2 punch of two speedsters in SR-RB Lee Chambers (93) and SO-RB Lamar Miller (93), he'll have 1 of his star WR's back in Travis Benjamin, a 5'10" speedy nightmare on the outside. Opposite of him will be SR Laron Byrd (95) a 93 spd 6'4" possession type which will cause all types of problems. Miami can go 4 deep at WR, which gives Miami a ton of toys. Their defense is poised to be dangerous, with Marcus Robinson coming off the end with 89 speed as he looks to improve on his 22 sack total from last year. Add in impact LB Sean Spence who can cover virtually anyone on the field and one of their star shutdown CB's in Brandon Harris and this Miami team can demoralize folks from the gate. Me personally, I love Pookie's cousin, JR Ray Ray Armstrong, a 6'4", 216lb FS with great speed, making him the next line of great Miami safeties. Miami is easily the favorite to win it all.
    STRENGTHS- Impact QB, RB, LB, CB

    SR-FS Cooper Taylor (99)
    JR-WR Thearon Collier (96)
    JR-DT T.J. Barnes (94)
    SR-LOLB Steven Sylvester (94)
    SR-RB Marcus Wright (93)

    ---GT has a few more weapons on offense, giving SR-QB Jaybo Shaw (90) more toys to play with and this offense may resemble more of a balanced but similar results to the 2009 GT team that won the title. Marcus Wright returns for his final season and his 26 total TD effort from previous seasons will be needed but not such a necessity. Added to the team is transfer WR Thearon Collier, a smallish 5'8" WR with good speed and break tackle ability that he's going to get a lot of looks to get him in the open field. Despite the new toys, this year it's the defenses time to shine. With SR-FS Cooper Taylor going for his last hurrah, he's taken over the reigns as the captain of the defense. He's easily one of the premier FS in the nation. Watch for Steven Sylvester, who rivals Miami's Sean Spence in talent pretty much across the board but doesn't share as much fan fare. And enter DT TJ Barnes, a brute force in the middle of this defense. GT's schedule is brutal but Coach Mo has always thrived when the schedule looks tough.
    WEAKNESSES- SS, Pass rushing DE

    AUBURN TIGERS- Coached by Ramirez
    SR-CB Neiko Thorpe (97)
    SR-WR Harry Adams (90)
    SO-RB Xavier Barnes (85)
    SO-RE Justin Sykes (83)
    SO-QB Tyrik Rollison (85)

    ---While predicting a great season for Ramirez would be ideal, he'll have to coach the year of his life with this squad. This Auburn team is YOUNG and full of promise but they lack the ideals of a true Ramirez led team. Adams and Barnes will be the rocks of this offense, that Ramirez trusts to lead this team to victory more often than not and with a QB in Rollison who we feel is more than adequate enough to get the job done, the offense should be stellar. On defense is another story. Justin Sykes is expected to be that beastly pass rusher on this defense but his 83 speed is a far cry from the guys that Ramirez led defenses usually trot out there. Can he be a sack master? Is it more of the product of the defense than the quality of the player? One thing that Ramirez can rely on is Neiko Thorpe, a true shutdown CB who will take away his side of the field. We'll be interested in seeing how well this Auburn team does, coming off a true remarkable year.
    WEAKNESSES- Youth, DE, FS, Left side of OL

  2. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS- Coached by Bruce
    JR-QB Xavier Stephens (94)
    SO-RB Bryce Brown (93)
    SO-DT Montori Hughes (92)
    SO-ROLB Lee Darby (88)
    SO-CB Janzen Jackson (95)

    ---Coach Bruce and these Vols will be a force for the next few seasons. Most of their top players are SOPHOMORES! I repeat...SOPHOMORES!! It's kinda crazy how good/young their team is. They are led by their JR-QB Xavier Stephens who is looking to take the next step in his development as a premier QB in the nation. He'll have to cut down on the 19 INT's he threw last year. While inexperiece will play a roll with his WR's, he does have speed all through, as Tennessee could go 5-wide with 94-95-96 speed WR's across the line. Add in the duo at RB in Bryce Brown and SO-David Oku (91) and you have a team full of NFL future pros. Defensively it's the same with a plethora of Sophomore led guys including star SO-CB Janzen Jackson, who's already labeled as a high 1st round NFL pick. If anything since this Tennessee team is so talented, they are light and I mean in weight. They should be vulnerable to big guys knocking them off their feet and their inexperience will be tested in big games away from home. No doubt about it though the Vols have the most young talent among the user teams.
    WEAKNESSES- inexperience, vulnerability to big hits, DE

    JR-QB JuJu Clayton (88)
    SR-RB Josh Oglesby (93)
    SO-TE Logan Thomas (88)
    SR-LOLB Quillie Odom (91)
    SR-CB Cris Hill (92)

    ---VaTech is looking to get back on the ball and be a force within the ACC conference. It will start with this defense which has been greatly scrutinized the past few seasons and especially last year. Odom and Hill need to become the leaders of the defense and lead by example of their great play. Odom is expected to take a huge leap forward, being the impact LB on this team. We also feel that SO-FS Telvion Clark will have to take a big step forward and becoming more of a playmaker. He was around the ball with 91 tackles last year but only 2 picks. We expect a jump forward. Offensively, Clayton will be handed the reigns from the get-go for VaTech. Coach JMS seemed to exhibit more confidence in JuJu than Tyrod Taylor by all accounts down in Blacksburg. He'll be accompanied by a plethora of RB's which VaTech goes 3 deep and an amazing TE in Logan Thomas who as a freshman put up 84 receptions, 1560 yards, 12TD's.
    WEAKNESSES- SS, Secondary speed, Defensive execution

    ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE- Coached by JFosh
    SR-RB Mark Ingram (99)
    SR-WR Julio Jones (99)
    SR-DT Josh Chapman (99)
    SR-MLB Donta Hightower (99)
    SR-SS/CB Robby Green (98)

    ---Ingram and Jones are out to prove they really want to win a National title and they've comeback with a vengeance. Jones and Ingram are really NFL guys just trying to beat up on the poor NCAA guys and quite honestly, you can go up and down this team and say the same for other guys like Josh Chapman and MLB Donta Hightower. The real interesting thing is Bama moving their top tier SS Robby Green to CB. Bama was a bit worried about covering WR's like Tennessee's and decided to move their best secondary player to #1 CB. He'll team up with JR All-American BJ Scott (93) to form a formidable tandem. Bama is really putting a lot of stock putting the SS spot to Jared King (89), an impressive freshman prospect who doesn't possess great speed but is a coverted WR from HS. Also look for how does the interior offensive line does because they are starting two impressive but freshman guys at LG and C. If they can adequately block for JR-QB Star Jackson (87) and Mark Ingram, Bama will be challenging for the SEC crown.
  3. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    FLORIDA GATORS- Coached by Steelah
    SR-QB John Brantley (95)
    SR-RB Jeff Demps (98)
    JR-RE Earl Okine (95)
    SR-CB Janoris Jenkins (98)
    SR-SS Will Hill (95)

    ---If Florida is going to make some noise, this is the year. They have their senior class up to the bat and just about all of them are starting at key positions like QB, RB, WR, CB, SS. Impact CB Janoris Jenkins will man the #1 CB spot and take on top WR's for one last time while having the help of his two senior mates in Jeremy Brown (94) and Moses Jenkins (87). SS Will Hill maybe the most talented of the secondary group and he's built like a hoss and hits like a ton of bricks. If this defensive line, led by Earl Okine, can get to the QB quickly, they'll let their secondary guys be the ballhawks they all seem to be worthy of being. Of course the track team wouldn't be complete with a stable of RB's who can run the 4x100 meter relay featuring star impact RB Jeff Demps (who posted back to back seasons of 1794 rushing yards). All of this will be tied into a neat bow by QB Jeff Brantley, who wants to make this last year with his senior buddies real special. The talent is there, the offense has the makings to be explosive. Can Coach Steelah, get this team up for the challenge and take these boys on a wild run to a national title berth? We'll see....
    STRENGTHS- RB, WR, Defensive ends
    WEAKNESSES- C, Coaching effectiveness

    FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES- Coached by Kinger
    SR-RB Jermaine Thomas (97)
    JR-QB EJ Manuel (90)
    SR-SS Terrance Parks (96)
    JR-FS Nick Moody (93)
    SR-ROLB Nigel Bradham (99)

    ---FSU was one of the better user led teams last year but being in the tough ACC can keep you under the radar. Well FSU maybe ready to step out into the forefront. First things first, FSU is going to rely heavily on their star RB Jermaine Thomas. He put up amazing numbers and it's a shame he didn't get more recognition (I mean 344 carries, 2086yds, 28TD's). He's back for another year. Interesting enough, he's not even the impact RB here (that honor goes to SR-RB Carlton Jones (96)). All in total last year, FSU almost rushed for 3000 YARDS, which is totally sick by any team to be racking up. This is a run 1st team as E.J. Manuel isn't expected to be superman and pass over a defense and neither should he. With this running attack and the defense, it's a good recipe for success. Their back 4 are all ballhawks, led by All-American Thorpe award winner JR-FS Nick Moody who had 125 tackles and 8INT's last year. Not to be outdone though is SR-SS Terrance Parks who picked off 9 passes and returned 4 for TD. Taking chances on this defense is risky business and many teams have been behind to know that you need to get out to an early lead or else risk being ran over and picked off.

    GEORGIA BULLDOGS- Coached by Helli
    SR-RE Justin Houston (96)
    JR-ROLB Marcus Dowtin (96)
    SR-CB Makiri Pugh (94)
    SR-FS John Knox (92)
    FR-RB Mike Anderson (91)

    ---Ask how Thomas Cody feels that he put up decent numbers in his 1st year starting, becomes an All-American and is now sitting 3rd on the QB depth chart. This is what happens when you lose the heavily sought for battle at QB. That honor went to dual threat and #1 QB prospect two years ago, FR-QB James Scales (87). Maybe Cody and/or Zach Mettenberger may feel the need to transfer. Either way Scales is the winner because he can move in and out of the pocket and make more plays. Georgia is relying on another freshman but at RB and he's a stud by the name of Mike Anderson. Anderson is a speedy back but he has a 219 lb frame to go along with it. Good luck tackling this behemoth of a man with fast feet. Though the story here will be the defense and how good they can take this Bulldog team. SR's Makiri Pugh and John Knox are the defensive playmakers on this team who combined had 5 defensive TD's last year. Dowtin and Houston should be nightmares on QB's but the question is can the other two freshman LB's Dan Bailey (80) and William DeAngelis (80) step up their play and not be liabilities out there?
  4. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    Good analysis man.

    Cody should be 2nd on the depth chart I will fix that. And he should see action this year because I expect that Scales will either be hurt or suck at times. Just the nature of a freshman QB. I think the young linebackers you mentioned will be very good, but yes at the present time might be a weakness. They are not all that fast, or experienced.
  5. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    LSU TIGERS- Coached by Ryno
    SR-QB Jordan Jefferson (95)
    SO-RB Michael Ford (90)
    SR-WR Terrance Toliver (99)
    SO-DT Chris Davenport (92)
    JR-MLB Kevin Minter (88)

    ---Coach Ryno has said to be breaking in a new offensive scheme and we'll see how that happens. SO-RB Michael Ford will be the rock of this scheme I feel as he's quick to get outside and powerful to run between the tackles. As he goes, I feel LSU will go. It does help when you have a dual threat QB like Jordan Jefferson behind center but he needs to cut down on his INT's (26 to only 24 TD's). Impact SR-WR Terrance Toliver is a man amongst men with a 6'5" frame and 95 speed. All the makings of an explosive LSU offense are there but can they deliver? Speaking of delivering, that's what JR-MLB Kevin Minter does. 103 tackles, 18 for loss, 3 sacks is what he did last year as a Sophomore. JR-CB Patrick Peterson (97) has all the tools to become a shutdown CB and he's big (6'1", 206lbs) to bump CB's. Watch out for SO-DT Chris Davenport who at 329lbs, he gets off way to quickly for a man his size. If he can help control the defensive line and let his buddy Kevin Minter pick his way through opposing offensive lines like he did last year, LSU's defense should be well on their way.
    WEAKNESSES- Secondary speed

    SR-QB Mike Paulus (89)
    SO-RB Dustin Clancy (87)
    JR-WR Joshua Adams (94)
    SR-ROLB Zach Brown (95)
    SR-LE Quinton Coples (95)

    ---After using a mix of fleXbox One and pass/run sets, and seeing the results not be where they wanted, Coach Bly went back to the drawing board and from all accounts, they are now a more traditional team and not using the fleXbox One offense. Coach Bly is the only user that has a dropback passing QB at the helm in Mike Paulus. Paulus has only thrown 7 passes in his career so it'll be interesting to see how he performs but we feel that impact JR-WR Joshua Adams will help him along. A 6'4", 202lb WR, Adams can get to anything that's near him and that will help Paulus out. In order for this UNC team to go though, look for Dustin Clancy to become a star. Blessed with 97 speed, Clancy also weighs 208lbs and loves contact. He maybe one of the rare north/south runners who has speed to breakaway from the defense. Speaking of defense, All-American SR-LE Quinton Coples is equally good on run/pass. He had 73 tackles, 26 for loss and 9 sacks. The 6'7", 250lbs monster who reminds many of Julius Peppers will once again look to have a big year. Zach Brown is one of those LB's that should be mentioned with Sean Spence from Miami and Steven Sylvester from GT in terms of sheer athleticism. It's unfair these guys are LB's when they run like safeties! These two guys will have to lead this team and hopefully they can cover up the weakness of the UNC secondary, which isn't as fast as other teams and is starting a whole new safety tandem.
    WEAKNESSES- Safeties, secondary speed, DT

    CLEMSON TIGERS- Coached by Coleman
    SR-RB Jamie Harper (94)
    SR-LE Daquan Bowers (99)
    SR-MLB Stanley Hunter (88)
    JR-FS Spencer Adams (90)
    JR-SS Carlton Lewis (87)

    ---Many maybe sleeping on Clemson but their coach carries the moxy of a modern day Rex Ryan here. He talks smack and certainly can back it up. Clemson is one of those teams who loves to pound the rock and they have a rock at RB in Jamie Harper. A powerful runner, Harper is 240lbs and hits HARD. What makes him so good is that he's agile and pretty fast for a man his size. He carried the ball over 300 times, which goes to show you what Clemson is all about. Him and backup RB Roderick McDowell (87) is the lightning to Harper's thunder. Both combined should give opposing defenses fits. Only thing lacking here is an adequate enough passing game to keep those defenses off balance. Clemson's JR-QB Kyle Parker (90) didn't pass over 2000 yards so teams maybe keying in on the run early on. It's up to Parker to make them pay. Their defense features an All-American in Daquan Bowers who had 14 sacks last season. He's fast and agile and one helluva matchup problem for opposing offensive lines. Add in a tandem at safety in Spencer Adams and Carlton Lewis and you have one very good defense that loves to hit you in the mouth. With a mix of youth and seniority in the Clemson defense, we are interested to see how they all mix here this season.
    STRENGTHS- RB, OL, LE, Safeties
  6. jfosh

    jfosh Super

    Feb 10, 2009
    You got it right here. SS Jared King will have to produce he is the first of my recruits to hit the field along with C Cedrik Irvin. King had all the hype coming in to Tuscaloosa so now its time to show the fans some big hits. Alabama will be physical on defense outside and inside.

    I disagree with FS Mark Baron being a weekness but I will agree there is no depth there. If he goes down look for a SS to move over. LG Oritz will not stay #1 on the depth chart. I have a backup tackle Fluker who looks like a giant and rates in the low 90's. Fluker will slide into the guard spot.

    2 things to watch from Alabama. Bama put in a new offense this year hoping to utilize QB Star Jackson and get the ball more to WR Julio Jones. Jackson fought for the starting job as a freshman but was not ready.

    HB Mark Ingram also needs to show up in big games. Ingram has been a stud until user game time and has either fumbled or got hurt. Held under 100 yards in his last 3 user contests. Jones getting more touches should lighten this guys load.
  7. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    I think I said he's a weakness because of the lack of speed but he maybe always in the spot he needs to be...I'm not sure if I remember u playing with your safeties...I think you do sometimes.
  8. Blaza

    Blaza In Arsene Wenger I Trust

    Apr 17, 2009
    HAHAHAH, Awesome

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