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Season Previews

Discussion in 'The Flashback' started by hornfaninbama, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    Again. Not required, but I like to do them.

    The past 2 seasons have been the 2 best seasons in ULL program history. 2 Bowl Victories, 2 Sun Belt Titles, All-American's, 2 NFL Draft Picks. The ULL Ragin Cajuns have seemed like a real college football program. The talent level takes a dip this season, but there's no reason the Cajuns can't repeat as conference champions. We had a discussion with an anonomyus member of the Cajun coaching staff to get his insight into the depth chart.

    At QB there's a battle raging. Brooks Haack is the returning veteran who would seem to have the inside track to the QB1 job, but JUCO transfer and redshirt sophomore Eric Harris showcased some amazing physical tools this spring and may have won the job over the summer.

    "We really like both players, but Harris is a better passer and a better runner. We haven't named a starter yet, but I bet Harris get the nod. He's got better speed (85 to 82,) he's a shiftier runner (89 Juke vs 76 juke,) Haack and Harris have about the same arm strength, but Harris is much more accurate (84 and 99 vs 83 and 81.)"

    Prediction: Eddie Harris as the starter and a big season from him. 3000 yards passing and 600 to 700 rushing.

    Alonzo Harris hid some of the depth at RB the past few seasons, but it will be on full display this year. Effrem Reed will finally get his shot at the #1 RB spot, and it will be interesting to see how he handles the increased workload. The second slot is being fought over byt a couple players who have seen some time, but have been kept at the bottom of the depth chart. Torrey Pierce and Montrel Carter have been going back and forth all summer, and it's been difficult to tell who the coaches are leaning towards. Pierce is more of a home run threat because of his speed, and Carter is the better all around back.

    "I'm not sure who we're going to go with at the #2 spot. Pierce has great speed, and that's typically what we want in that #2 role. Someone who can take a pitch, get to the corner and find the endzone. Carter is slower, but he runs inside much better than Pierce, and he's a little bigger. This one will probably continue all season. But look for Carter to get the nod to start game 1."

    The WR corps has undergone a drastic makeover this season. Gone are some of the stalwarts from the past few seasons, and in step several highly touted freshmen. Scott Austin is back to lead the WR as a redshirt sophomore, and the #2, #3, and #4 WR will all be true freshmen. Joey Cunningham, Kyle Matthews, and Larry Mitchell looked like they might step in as starters immediately, and they will. Cunningham is big, fast and sure handed, The other two are smaller, but just as sure handed even if they are a step or 2 slower. Redshirt senior Adam Savoie will come in for 5 WR packages and as a sub.

    "We're really excited about the freshmen WR. They look like they can anchor the passing game for the next several seasons. It's a very young group, there are 9 WR and only 2 of them aren't freshmen. 1 senior and one sophomore. There will be some very good players that come out of that unit. Look for Cunningham to have a big season. We feel like pairing two 6'4" WR will be a huge advantage in the Sun Belt and give those smaller guys room to work underneath. Harris is accurate enough to hit any WR anywhere on the field, and it should pay dividends having so many young guys on the field this season."

    The offensive line, has been retooled as well. 4/5 of the starters graduated last season and there are some significant holes that had to be plugged. ULL fans aren't sure what the team has at OL yet, but they should get to figure it out soon. It will still be heavily filled with upperclassmen, but many of them will be seeing their first significant action. The tackles will be manned by Octravian Anderson and Mykhael Quave. Quave is making a transition from guard, but will be the most talented lineman in the starting line up. Greg Siener and Jeremy Sparks will play at LG and RG respectively, with true freshman Chris Thomas at the center spot. It will be interesting to see how the unit meshes, and comes together.

    "We won't be as good up front as we were last season, but we should be good enough to hold off most teams. If we can get just a little time for our skill guys that's all we're looking for. They should be able to make great plays if the OL will play together and open holes."

    Defensively the Ragin Cajuns are making a philosophical shift from the 43 to the 335. Part of the reason for the change is that ULL has one quality DT on the roster and they need to conserve what little depth they have. Karmichael Dunbar will get the DT start and he'll be flanked by Chris Prater and Darren Tovell at the DE spots. Prater and Tovell are very good DE and may be able to get some pressure with just a 3 man front.

    Chris Hill, George Williams, and Tre'maine Lightfoot will get the start at the LB positions. All three will be getting the first starts of their career, and all 3 have room for improvement. Lightfoot will be playing out of position at OLB from his regular middle spot and Hill should be the star of the 3. It's a hard hitting physical group, but if their inexperience holds them back at the start of the season no one would be surprised.

    The most important position in a 335 are the SS. ULL is using an interesting approach and one of the SS will play more like a LB in a hybrid "Monster" position. This season that role will be occupied by Tommy Bennett. Bennett is a ver big SS and he should welcome the chance to use his size to push some guys around. TJ Worthy will man the other SS spot, and he's more of a jack of all trades at the position. He will be able to cover, and provide run support, while Bennett provides the run support and attacks the QB. The rest of the DB's are Seniors Javonte Watson and O'Neill Parker at the CB positions, and Al Riles at FS.

    "Defensively we are going to be talent challenged. We don't have the same quality of players on that side of the ball that we did last season. There are still some talented guys, but after Tovell and Prater I don't see anyone who will even sniff the next level. Our scheme will have to be sound week in and week out, and we may have to outscore some people this season."

    ULL should again be one of the best teams in the Sun Belt, but for them to challenge for a BCS spot like they have the past 2 seasons the defense and OL will have to gel very fast. They have the talent and potential, but having potential just means you haven't done anything yet. This could be a very trying season for Coach Jenkins and his staff, or it could be one of their best coaching jobs. The skill position talent is some of the best conference wide, and that should be enough to keep them close in any game.
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  2. qclassic 22

    qclassic 22 Walk On

    May 24, 2012
    The Mean Green come into 2015 after a step back in 2014. North Texas finished 9-3 with their second bowl win under coach Lump Lump. The defense still seems to be the problem coming into this season as this defense couldn't stop anybody but they do add 5 transfers (4 defense) who sat out last year and ready to contribute. The offense can be explosive at time and the next game will only put up 13 points. Here's what coach Lump Lump said at C-USA media day "If we can be consistent we will be much better off but that's something that we are building at. This defense isn't where we want it but we are slowly moving towards where we wanna be and the addition of the 5 transfers helps a whole lot, so we'r ready we been practicing hard and we're ready to kick this thing off against Boise St."

    QB Brock Berglund returns as the starter for his SR year Berglund threw for 20 TDs but 15 INTs and helps in the running game. back up is JR Jordan Gill who is a better passer but limited in the run game

    RB SO Lorenzo Heath should get more carries this year as he split with Pegram last year who has graduated. SR Jimmerson should get carries and does the return duties. True FR Dennis Lamb could be the speed threat that the Mean Green has been searching for. FB is SO Marc Porter

    WR/TE Should be an improved unit with additions of transfer Marcel Ateman and True FR Jason Tyler who will be number 2, and 3 on the depth chart. TE is SR Cooper Jones

    O-Line 2 returning starters, will have to see how this unit works out.

    D-Line 2 transfers on the ends SO Tevin Beanum and JR Eric Davis are 2 upgrades from last year. in the middle is returning sack leader SR Austin Orr and True FR Fred Mack should see some time

    LBs In the middle is transfer SO Xavier Phillips who is a major upgrade from last year. Phillips has SEC speed at LB and should lead the team in tackles. Also is SO Robbie Lewis who saw the field as a FR. on the outside are 2 True FR Jamaal Franklin and Josh Gore. The LBs are much more faster this year and that should help this defense.

    Secondary SO CB Larry Adams returns on 1 side. On the other side is JR Ron Thornton is a little better in man coverage. At FS will be True Fr Ricky Wilson who is a good tackler. At SS is JR transfer Nicky Baratti who should emerge the leader of the defense as he has excellent skills

    Overall should be an improved year and this team can compete for a conference title this year and the next couple of years. They should compete in every game as the talent overall is an upgrade from the past two years
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