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Season Review and a look ahead

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by Muttcope, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Muttcope

    Muttcope 2 Own Goals and Counting

    Feb 10, 2009
    Season Review and a look ahead

    Nebraska 5-7 (3-5) Worst Season in Nebraska history.

    Season review went to the true Freshman QB, probably a mistake but he is now rated at 89 OVR, so hopefully that pays dividends next year. Mackovicka will most likely bolt so we will be very young at HB as the two holdovers i hate. The defense was putrid at the beginning of the year, and the offense was just pathetic the whole year year. The defense played well in the last 4 games of the year, but couldn't overcome the mistakes the offense continually made. You are not going to win games when your turnover differentail is in -10 or greater. The WR's made too many drops and couldn't bail out our FR QB. Dorsey had three games where he had at least 4 drops. Overall the coaching was the biggest disappoinment. Going to Turner was a rush, but Green was pissing me off with is nagging injuries every game. I relied too much on the passing game and not enough on the running game, just stupid. I made the change to the multiple defense this year, just another mistake, Nebraska will return to the 4-3 next year. Nebraska will be hiring a new offensive coordinator as the team needs to decide on a new identity.

    QB--Maurice Turner will be a force to be reckonded with in the Big XII for the next 2-3 years. True dual threat played decent as a True Freshman. He completed 50-55% of his passes, threw more TD's than INT's, and ran for abuot 500 yards all while not playing in the first game, and missing three games due to injury.

    HB-- We will get Paris Pierce back next year, who will be the starter if Mackovicka bolts to the NFL. Mackovicka was the MVP of our team this year. If Mackovicka leaves it will be Paris Pierce, who missed 8 games due to injury this year, and my two FR who redshirted this year. I have one recruit, who i have a man crush on, that if he commits will be the starter next year.

    WR---Dorsey will be the #1 followed by three other true Soph's. Dorsey provided great size in the slot, and will be needed to step up next year. Other than Dorsey it was a dissapoinment on the outside. Losing out to BBJ on McDowell means that our WR's will still be the possesion type with out a homerun hitter.

    OL--- We lose every starter on the OL, and will be extremely young. This was the most disappointing part of my team. All veteren starters, and they sucked all year. The starters next year will all be SO's and younger. There is a chance that we could have two true freshman starting next year depending upon how they look

    DL and LB---Played horrible in the beginning of the year, and finished the year on a high note. We will be experienced on the DL next year, so hopefully we will control the LOS. Josh Ham came in and started in the Texas game, he will get over 100 tackles a season from here on out. What a difference he made in my defense. He was rated 6 points lower than my incumbant, but overall a much better player.

    Secondary---They were young this year, and made plays. Ashley Graham came in as a question mark, but will leave Lincoln as a stud. We have three CB's who will be leaving, and that means all starters will be SO's and younger. At FS and SS we will have Ashley Graham and Matt Vincent the #1 FS prospect from last year. At SS we have Alex Thomas, who was the highest rated recruit from last year. This should round out a stout defense.

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