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Season Two Home Stretch

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Brogowicz, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Brogowicz

    Brogowicz Walk On

    Apr 20, 2011
    We're in the final chapters of season 2 and we're starting to see some separation between the teams still in contention and those that are slipping away. Here's a quick look at each team and what they have left on the line this year:


    'Bama has been up and down this year. After an early loss to Ohio State, Bama bounced back to win 7 in a row before dropping a game to LSU. That loss leaves LSU in command of the SEC West. Bama has two tough games to go with #6 Wisconsin and surging #18 Auburn.

    H2H: 1-1 (Auburn wk 14)
    Outlook: 'Bama is already elite and only a late-season collapse could threaten that status


    Auburn started the year strong with a win over Washington, but then struggled their way to 3-3 with losses to Ohio State, Texas State and LSU. Auburn turned it around from there with 4 straight wins - including wins over top 10 opponents Arkansas and Georgia. Auburn still has TAMU and 'Bama to finish the year, but the team is hot and is talking about a 9-3 finish.

    H2H: 1-1 (Alabama wk 14)
    Outlook: Auburn is a 5-star school with little chance of breaking into the top 5


    Florida has struggled with the head coach in and out of service. They had some help to beat Miami and almost slay the dragon that is Oregon. They had more "help" in an OT loss to MSU before reinstating coach Bits. Since his return, coach Bits is 3-2 with rival FSU left to go.

    H2H: 1-2
    Outlook: Florida needs to stay in the top 25 to maintain their 5-star status. They are currently 28th.


    After starting 0-2 with losses to Oregon and Florida, Miami seemed to right the ship with a 6-game win streak. The wheels fell off in week 11 with consecutive losses to UVA and GaTech - the latter knocking them out of contention for the ACC.

    H2H: 0-2
    Outlook: Miami will drop to 20-something in week 14 and will need to win no less than 2/3 to keep their 5-star status.


    Michigan started strong with a big win at LSU, but dropped consecutive games to Notre Dame and Texas to fall to 2-2. They got back on track with a HUGE win over Wisconsin before struggling at Michigan State. Michigan stumbled again in week 13 on the road against a strong Iowa team, which will likely put them out of the top 15. With rival Ohio State left in week 14, Big Blue could be in trouble.

    H2H: 0-2 (OSU wk 14)
    Outlook: The Wolverines may need to win both of their final two games to preserve their 6th star.

    Michigan State

    The Spartans dropped (literally) a tough game in their opener before storming back to win 10 in a row, including wins over Notre Dame, Florida and Michigan. MSU is a lock to face Ohio State in Indianapolis in a game that should determine who will represent the B10 in the national title game.

    H2H: 3-0
    Outlook: The Spartans are knocking on the door for their 6th star. They might sneak in winning 1 of their final 2, but winning both games would make them a lock.

    Notre Dame

    The Irish have played more top-10 teams than you can count. Despite a continued high-level of play, the Irish have not been as successful as last season. The recent loss to Ohio State drops the Irish to 8-3 with rival USC ahead in week 14.

    H2H: 1-2
    Outlook: The Irish would need to drop their last two to threaten their elite status.

    Ohio State

    The Buckeyes remain blazing hot and enter week 14 at 11-0. They've run the gauntlet so far with wins over Bama, Auburn, USC and Notre Dame. A road trip to Ann Arbor is the last stop on the schedule before a meeting with MSU in Indianapolis.

    H2H: 4-0 (Mich wk 14)
    Outlook: The Bucks would need to lose their final three to even possibly threaten their elite status.


    Oregon, in the midst of rebuilding, has swept their way to an 11-0 record. Wins over Miami, Stanford, Florida and Washington have reminded everyone that Russ doesn't mess around. Oregon will face either USC or Arizona in the P12 title game before playing (likely) the winner of the B10 for the hardware.

    H2H: 4-0
    Outlook: Oregon is in no threat of losing their elite status - enabling future and perpetual rebuilding.


    At 9-2, Stanford once again finds themselves (quietly) in the hunt. Early losses to Oregon and Utah have been forgotten by pollsters and a recent cardiac win over Cal - sans marching band, but pretty much the same story - has kept the Trees in the conversation.

    H2H: 2-1
    Outlook: Stanford looks to have a manageable path to earning their 6th star with no P12 title game to contend with.


    Southern Cal seemed to unravel in the wake of Matt Barkley's departure and started the year 1-4 (very nearly 0-5). They have since won 5 of 6 and have just rival Notre Dame left before attempting to redeem themselves in a 3rd-rate bowl game.

    H2H: 0-3 (ND wk 14)
    Outlook: USC is going to take a hit this year and fall to a 5-star school.


    Coach Dredd has had another rough go of it and currently sits at 7-4 after a week 13 loss to ASU. Washington had won 4 in a row after the loss to Oregon, but the recent loss will throw them back out of the top 25 and shatter their hopes of finishing in the top 15.

    H2H: 0-3
    Outlook: Washington will likely remain a 4-star school heading into season 3.
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  2. GSUtiger


    Apr 13, 2010
    Great stuff once again Mark
  3. CeeGee

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    Feb 11, 2012

    Very nice job man. I enjoyed the read.

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