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Archived Season two playoff race

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Danthraxxx, May 16, 2012.

  1. Danthraxxx

    Danthraxxx Walk On

    Mar 17, 2011
    TMFL playoff race is in full sprint as we come down the stretch lets take a look at the playoff picture and my predictions for divisional winners and wildcards.


    The AFC has two tight races this season and two not so tight races. So far this season two teams have led the way for the AFC, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Houston Texans. After that it is a log jam for the final 4 spots left. The wildcard race should be hotly contested as well as the east division.


    This race has been tight coming down to the wire, and frankly it’s almost too close to call. The Dolphins and Jets both sit at 7-4 , with very similar strength of schedule left. Miami won the first head to head matchup in this one, and will host the Jets in week 16 and will likely lock down the division with a win.

    I got Dolphins winning the division at 11-5 on the year.



    Not much to see here, with the struggles of perennial powers Pittsburgh & Baltimore the Bengals have ran away with this race, the only interesting parts of this division will be if Cincinnati will try to challenge for home field. Cleveland has launched out of the basement and into wildcard contention, but the division here is locked up.

    Bengals take the north at 12-4



    Somewhat similar tale here as the Texans have been the class of the AFC for much of the year and have no threat to division crown. The only question here is will Houston try to win home field advantage for the remainder of the playoffs.

    I got the Texans cruising in at 13-3



    The wild-wild west is living up to the saying this year, with the Chiefs & Broncos both fighting for the division down the stretch. The Chiefs have a 1 game lead on Denver, but they also have the 2nd toughest schedule remaining of the playoff contenders. The upstarts Broncos have a more favorable schedule, as well as getting to host Kansas City in week 15. Despite the tough schedule the Chiefs should win this one, they are battle tested and should be geared up to go after last seasons playoff run.

    I have the Chiefs pouring it on down the stretch to win the division at 11-5



    This should be a squirrely finish in the AFC, I see the Jets locking down the 1st wildcard with ease, and the final spot going to the playoff starved Browns.



    The NFC playoff picture can be summed up in one word….. chaos. The NFC has two teams at 10-2, and one at 9-2 fighting for home field. The division races not as tight as AFC here, but we have 4 teams fighting for 2 wildcard spots as well. Lots of games between these teams down the stretch.


    Washington has run away with the east here and the only concern Redskins management should have is how to approach the week 17 game at home against the Panthers. The odds are favorable that this game could be a factor in home field, but is an injury worth the risk for the Redskins?

    Redskins finish strong 14-2



    The Bears have a healthy lead on the Vikings and Lions here, as well as the luxury of the easiest remaining schedule of the three teams. Unless we have a total meltdown Chicago should win the north here.

    Bears finish 13-3 looking strong going into the playoffs.



    The Panthers have led the south for most of the season and I do not see a change here at the end of the year. The Saints have a brutal schedule down the stretch, which does allow them to control their own destiny better than any other team. However the Panthers schedule has the possibility for 2 gimme games at the end of the year if the Texans and Redskins decide to bench some starters.

    I have the Panthers taking the south at 12-4



    While this division does not have the flashiest race it is still a division with teams worth watching. The Seahawks are 8-3 and the Cardinals are 6-5 , which does not scream “must see TV!” for football fans, but these two teams could cause some unexpected chaos down the stretch. The Cardinals play Cleveland in week 13, and other than this game neither team plays anyone with playoff hopes. If these two teams get hot down the stretch it could make things interesting for the NFC wildcard race as well as home field.

    Seahawks cruise on in at 13-3



    Wow this one is tough to call, with some good teams still in the fight. I have two shockers in the NFC sneaking into the playoffs. First the Detroit Lions, sitting at 7-4 right now are on the outside looking in. If the Lions can win 1 of the next 3 games, then beat Minnesota at home week 16 and then knock off the struggling Packers in week 17 they can get to 10-6 and should be in. My second team sneaking in is the Cardinals. If they happen to lose to the Browns they should still win the remaining 4 games left against non playoff teams they would finish 10-6, if they beat Cleveland then it could be as high as 11-5 , and can get in while the south and north divisions beat up on each other.

    AFC east

    Dolphins 7-4 SOS left 6-5, 5-6, 1-10 , 7-4, 3-8 = 22-33 biggest game left : Week 16 vs. Jets
    Jets 7-4 SOS left 7-4 , 4-7, 5-7 , 1-10 , 7-4 = 24-32 biggest game left : Week 16 @ MIA

    AFC north

    Bengals 9-3 SOS left 5-6, 6-5 , 4-7, 4-8 = 19-25
    Browns 6-5 SOS left 6-5 , 9-2 , 3-8 , 9-3 , 4-7 = 31-25 biggest game left : Week 17 vs Pitts

    AFC south

    Texans 9-2 SOS left 5-6 , 6-5 , 3-8 , 10-2 , 5-7 = 29-28 biggest game left : Week 16 vs Carolina

    AFC west

    Chiefs 7-4 SOS left 7-4 , 7-4 , 6-5 , 10-2 , 8-3 = 38-18 biggest game left : Week 15 @ Broncos

    Broncos 6-5 SOS left 7-4 , 1-10 , 7-4 , 1-10 , 5-7 = 21-35 biggest game left : Week 15 vs Chiefs

    NFC east

    Redskins 9-2 SOS left 5-6 , 3-8 , 4-7 , 4-7 , 10-2 = 26-30 biggest game left : Week 17 vs Carolina

    NFC north

    Bears 10-2 SOS left 5-6 , 1-10 , 7-4 , 8-3 = 21-23 biggest game left : Week 17 @ Saints

    Vikings 8-3 SOS left 3-8 , 8-3 , 5-6 , 7-4 , 7-4 = 30- 25 biggest game left : Week 16 @ Lions

    Lions 7-4 SOS left 8-3 , 7-4 , 4-8 , 8-3 , 1-10 = 28-28 biggest game left : Week 16 vs Vikings

    NFC south

    Panthers 10-2 SOS left 4-7 , 8-3 , 9-2, 9-2 = 30-14 biggest game left : Week 15 @ Saints

    Saints 8-3 SOS left 7-4, 8-3, 10-2 , 5-6 , 10-2 = 40-17 biggest game left : Week 17 vs Bears

    Seahawks 8-3 SOS left 5-6, 4-7 , 5-7 , 5-6 , 4-7 = 23-33 biggest game left : Week 15 @ Falcons

    Cardinals 6-5 SOS left 6-5 , 4-7 , 5-6 , 4-7 , 4- 7 = 23-32 biggest game left : Week 13 vs Browns

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  2. capp34

    capp34 Say Hello to the Bad Guy!

    Feb 12, 2010
    Saints are finally getting healthy down the stretch with Champ and Ellis coming back after being injured most of the season. It should be a very intense stretch of games to finish the year hopefully I can get some lucky breaks and get into the playoffs.
  3. Ghost

    Ghost Before the rollieee!

    Aug 8, 2011
    Great Stuff Dan

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