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Season1 - Spoiler Alert!!

Discussion in 'Southern Fried Dynasty' started by Ian Moss, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Ian Moss

    Ian Moss Walk On

    Apr 15, 2012
    Hello all,

    Welcome to the first edition of the front page here with Southern Fried.

    Lets take a look at the matchups this week.

    There are no user games this week as the season kicks off with all non-conference action.

    =============== Ball State Cardinals (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Cardinals will host South Alabama (0-0).
    =============== Ohio Bobcats (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Bobcats travel to Norfolk to face the Old Dominion Big Blue (0-0).
    =============== San Jose State Spartans (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Spartans will host UMass (0-0).
    =============== Toledo Rockets (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Rockets will host UL Monroe (0-0).
    =============== Hawai'i Warriors (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Warriors will host Georgia State (0-0).
    =============== San Diego State Aztecs (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Aztecs will host UTSA (0-0).
    =============== Utah State Aggies (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Aggies will host ECU (0-0).
    =============== Western Michigan Broncos (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Broncos will host UL Lafayette (0-0).
    =============== Air Force Falcons (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Falcons travel to Annapolis to face the Navy Midshipmen (0-0).
    =============== Wyoming Cowboys (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Cowboys will host Rice (0-0).
    =============== Bowling Green Falcons (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Falcons will host Texas State (0-0).
    =============== Miami University RedHawks (0-0) ===============
    This week, the RedHawks travel to Huntington to face the Marshall Thundering Herd (0-0).
    Ball State playing host to the Panthers of South Alabama in there first game as an FBS school. Get out while you can South Alabama. Welcome to the big time as Ball State wins big in this one 37-17.

    Ohio travels to Norfolk to play the Big Blue of Old Dominion. The Rock just called he said "Get your candy asses down here so we can beat up on some Bobcat" To bad The Rock is too busy in movies or pretending to the best in the WWE. SPOILER ALERT Ohio brought a can of whoop ass and beats the Big Blue 70-35 as Tyler Tettleton throws for 2 TD'S and runs for 2 TD'S in amounting to 291 of total offense by himself. I smell what's cooking.
    A date with #25 ranked Vandy next week.

    Bowling Green my dark horse favorite to win the MAC ( if Toledo doesn't win it that is) plays second year FBS school Texas State. Really? Sounds like a theme here. Anyhow look for the Falcons to run up the score and win this is one big 42-17.

    The Warriors of Hawai'i host the Panthers of Georgia State in Georgia State first ever FBS game. Okay again Really? Anyhow the Warriors channel the Ultimate Warrior from the WWF days and summon the powers that be to dance all over Georgia State. Long trip home for Georgia State from a 49-10 loss.
    Wait a minute another SPOILER ALERT!!! You mean to tell me wrestling is fake and staged. Yep and Hawai'i won 38-10 pretty close on the 10 part not bad crystal ball and yes the Ultimate Warrior was that good but Vince held him down because of that moron Hulk Hogan.

    Miami (OH) travels to face the Thundering Herd of Marshall in a battle of former MAC schools. Ahhhh that's better a game that we might to watch. The Pretenders (the band) want to know where they city went. Oh boy showing my age here but Miami squeaks this one out 27-24.

    Next up the Aztecs of San Diego State host the Roadrunners of Texas-San Antonio. Should be entertaining game since both teams have something to prove.
    MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!! Hulk Hogan is still in wrestling. I don't know why isn't the guy like 60?? Aztecs take it on the chin in the home opener as the Roadrunner gets the best of Wiley Coyote oh I mean the Aztecs sorry about that and win in an upset 24-21. Bright note Adam Dingwell was 17/24 for 234 yards and a TD. 234 sounds like lottery numbers to me. Next week on the road to Cali to meet up with Dr. Dre and 2PAC. " CALIFORNIA LOVE"

    Toledo plays host to the team that started this crazy thing last year the Warhawks of Louisana-Monroe. Great another upset in week 1? No way rockets red glare as Toledo mauls the Warhawks 37-10 and yes Toledo will be really good this year and yes this well win the MAC outright. YOU KNOW IT.

    Utah State host the Pirates of East Carolina in a good matchup to watch. Yes I am taking about myself and guess what I am going to put the WHAMMY on me and I say the Pirates in an upset. Better step up my game before I go play the Utes of Utah in our annual rivalry game.

    The Spartans of San Jose State host the Minuteman of Umass in this barnbuner. I can see everyone with the jokes about the one minute man and the Spartans logo that looks it should be on a package of condoms. Safe sex everyone. Sparatans in a blowout 49-10.

    The Broncos of Western Michigan ( wink wink my second favorite team other than Michigan) host the Ragin Cajuns of Louisiana Lafayette. Let me look into my crystal ball oh my I see a field goal to win the game and they storm the field or gasp for air and they barely win 20-17. MAJOR MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!! Really by the time I get this done everyone will have played there games and they will be waiting on the good ole co-commish to get his game in. Anyhow the Broncos survive the upset and win 20-17. Can I have my money back please?

    Cowboy Up ALL!!! The Cowboys of Wyoming host the Owls of Rice. In a sure fine dandy of a game. This one will be really close but I see Rice picking up the win late in the game to squeak this one out late 24-21. Don't worry it only gets better from here. You got BYU coming next week and thats a winable game. Don't worry you can't get fired after one game only Jerry Jones can do that. Good thing you don't work for him.
    Oh Oh break out the Vanessa Williams song "Save the best for last" look it up on Youtube kids.​
    Its Navy hosting the Air Force in an old fashion Armed Forces rivalry game. Seeing that I served in the Air Force I would never actually pick against the Air Force. NEVER. But Navy is dangerous and they get to hang out on some cool boats and have a really weird offense that hopefully the Air Force can stop. Just saying. Yep and we get to drop the big old bombs on the enemies too and here's to the coach of Air Force dropping a bomb and winning this one big. BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! Kofi Kingston you can stop now we get the picture. Air Force wins big 42-12 before they meet The Big Cookie Monster oops meant the Aggies of Utah State in the Air Force and MWC home opener.​
    See you next week for This Week in Southern Fried. Dang I miss this week in Baseball with Mel Allen.​
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