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SEC Championship Auburn vs Georgia - year 4

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by nkmi1984, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. nkmi1984

    nkmi1984 Walk On

    Jan 6, 2010
    SEC Championship Auburn vs Georgia - year 4

    This game was the most injury plagued game I have ever played in 2010. Of course Auburn had to start the game with an int within the 1st minute. UGA drove down the field and scored on a 4th and goal from the 1. Auburn did not wait long to strike back. 2 plays later Harry Adams solidified his heisman with his 75 yard catch and run on a post for a TD. After holding UGA to a FG Auburn again turned to Adams for a spark but he was injured after picking up another 14 yards and receiving a big hit, his night was done. The rest of the half was a defensive battle with Auburn adding a FG late in the 2nd....10-10 halftime. Auburn lost QB Rollison in the beginning of the 2nd quarter and he did not come back until the 4th. During that time his backup, freshman phenom Brian Paul took the reins but he also was injured for a couple series!!!! In the 3rd I lost star RB McCallebb for a quarter. Here I am acting like I was the only one with injuries....UGA suffered huge losses as well. I believe he had at least 2 or 3 key injuries too. One being freak WR Brown and I think his QB. Drow can correct me if I am wrong. 3rd quarter I turn an int into a FG and take a 13-10 lead. I should add that the int was because Drow hit X by accident right when he snapped the ball, i didnt do anything special. After that UGA rallied and scored a TD off a 1 yard TD run to take a 17-13 lead. After trading punts in, Rollison returned in the 4th and made his presence felt immediately by hitting Blake on a 25 yard TD strike.....20-17 Aub. Again on the next drive UGA scores and we were tied 20-20 with 4:36 left. Again we trade punts and Auburn has one more shot to win the game. I drive all the way down to the 20 yard line and UGA starts burning timeouts. I throw an incomplete pass, then give up two sacks in a row turning a chip shot FG to a 57 yarder. He iced me and I somehow ended up making the darn thing from the right hash. I was contemplating punting for a sec but I went with my gut. UGA got the ball back tried going deep and overshot his WR and my CB was in perfect position for the int...game over.

    This game was VERY stressful. Hats off to Drow he played a great game. Nobody's lead was larger than one possession. Whenever a team scored the other would come right back and answer. Drow please add anything I might have missed, I know its been a couple of days but if you remember anything please chime in. Again, good game.

    I will try to represent the SEC to the best of my ability in the NC.

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