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SEC Media Day

Discussion in 'Chompion's League' started by Ben, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Ben

    Ben Walk On

    Jul 2, 2012
    Welcome to The SEC Media Day!

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    This marks the official beginning of the 2013 season. The 2nd season of the Chompions online dynasty league! Last year we learned many things about the SEC. We learned that Georgia isn't who we thought they were. We learned that Auburn is good enough to win the SEC title. We learned that Arkansas knows how to start a season, but can't finish. We learned that the Florida Gators were a few plays away from National Championship glory. So what will we learn this year? SEC was once the conference of the running back, but it seems to be shifting to the conference of the quarterback. This is bound to be a year to remember for the SEC. So we have to ask the coaches of the teams what they think. How they feel about last year and this upcoming year. What will they tell us and what will they hide.
    First we will talk to coach Richt of the Georgia Bulldogs and get his thoughts on his team.
    General Questions
    How would you summarize last season, how will your team be different this season? Last season was almost like a blur. It went well in the beginning, but we hit a rough patch and could never recover. The SEC is a tough conference; if you mess up a couple of times a game it could really hurt you. We have been correcting many of the mistakes and believe we will be a better team because of this. I truly believe in this young team. We plan to be different by mixing it up a bit more. Last year we didn’t have great running backs so we were forced to air it out, which led to many issues. We have Ken Malcome returning as a junior, Keith Marshall who gained some good experience and shared playing time. We also brought in 2 freshman running backs to help gain a serious advantage. Aaron Murray decided to stay for his senior year, which is great, but he will be battling for his job. No more freebies for this kid.
    What one player will you miss the most from last year? Tavarres King for sure. He was an all around contributor. He was a great receiver because he stretched the defense. He was also the winner of the Kick Return Specialist of the year award. He had an astounding 1,800+ yards in kick returns and 6 kick returns for touchdowns. He will be missed greatly. I wish him the best of luck in the pros.
    What one player is prime to have a breakout season? Hopefully Aaron Murray. I can’t imagine him being as bad as he was last year. We are just asking him to make better reads and stop throwing into bad coverage. He has the arm to make the throws. His accuracy wasn’t that great last year, which hurt his confidence. He needs to get his swagger back and prove he is a legitimate QB.
    What freshmen could have an instant impact? LT, Marcus Knox, our offensive line was atrocious last season. We were very one dimensional because of the lack of blocking. That was our main issue coming into last season. Would out offensive line hold up or cause us to fall. I don’t need to tell you what happened because you saw first hand. Another guy is MLB, Kenneth Woods. He will make be filling the void of a veteran defense that is now almost entirely gone. I guess now our biggest question is will our defense hold up in 2013.
    Can you talk a little bit about your out of conference user game? What do you know about that team/user, what do you expect from that matchup. I don’t know much about Oklahoma. I know that they are always good and that Landry Jones is gone. Other than that I’m not to qualified to talk about their team. They will be traveling to Athens so we have that going for us. I guess we’ll find out more about them when we start watching the game tapes.

    Personal Questions
    You failed to beat any users last season. What did you learn from those losses and how do you plan on righting the ship this season? I learned that there are many talented users in this OD. I have a better idea how a few of them play so I’m hoping my stick skills improve this next season.
    Can you talk about Aaron Murray's struggles last season, and how you move forward with him? I just forced to many balls with Aaron Murray. I guess I thought he was good enough to get me out of trouble. I think the new passing trajectories are playing a huge role in my ability to pass this season. Still might take another season to get it down lol.

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  2. Fred Limbo

    Fred Limbo MVP

    Feb 10, 2011
    General Questions for all users
    1. How would you summarize last season, how will your team be different this season?
    Last season we where a very young team starting a ton of SO's This year we will be a more experienced team and hopefully pull out wins where our inexperience cost us last year. QB Fraziers play will be key
    2. What one player will you miss the most from last season?
    Phillip Lutz my TE and leading REC

    3. What one player is prime to have a breakout season this year?
    SO HB Tre Mason Red shirted last year and will be counted on to tote the load at RB he is more than able
    4. What freshman could have an instant impact?
    OLB Travis Johnson could squeeze in some time at the LB position but we are young and good there so we will haft to see..

    5. Can you talk a bit about your out of conference user game. What do you know about that team/user? What do you expect from that matchup?
    Michigan dont know a lot about them but I will scout them out before the game... there not in the SEC so how tuff can they be :)
    6. Are there any recruiting spots you didn't fill or any guys you missed out on that you desperately needed?
    Nothing we had to have we could have used a solid CB but did not have any interested and a MLB but neither are a major concern as I said we are a young team and have solid talent, we will look to sign one or 2 this year
    Auburn ~ How will Fraziers candidacy for Heisman affect how you control him on the field?
    Well If he wants to win the Heisman he will haft to cut back on the bad disitions that cost him last year and run the ball more, we really did not start running him alot till the end of the season that will change this year because we got the hang of the read option and its deadly...
    How will you mix in the youth of your team with the remaining upperclassmen?
    Well our youth is a strong point and we red-shirted lots of players last year, they will get some play time this year and hopefully make big plays, the Upperclassmen are a SOLID group of young men who will lead this team our O-Line had 2 FR starters and 3 SO's this year they will be beast's.. Our DL will be anchored by 2 SR's at DE and SO's in the middle
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  3. wayers50

    wayers50 Walk On

    Oct 17, 2011

    How would you summarize last season, how will your team be different this season? Well we started off the season strong but faded away down the stretch. I would have to say it was kind of a disappointing season, we had a lot of seniors with a lot of talent and gave up some late game leads. This is going to be a very interesting new season because we have a big QB controversy. We have a RS senior, Brandon Mitchell, a RS sophomore, Brandon Allen, and a QB who was a gem I found, Dan Brunner. All 3 QB's have little experience to no experience, so it will be interesting.

    What one player will you miss the most from last year? Obviously QB Tyler Wilson, he was a great passer and a great player, we've got big shoes to fill.

    What one player is prime to have a breakout season? HB Knile Davis. He came back for his senior year and we are going to have to rely on him have no experience at QB so he could have some great games for us.

    What freshmen could have an instant impact? I'm going to have to say my freshman QB if he gets the start.

    Can you talk a little bit about your out of conference user game? What do you know about that team/user, what do you expect from that matchup. Well I'm at GT, don't really know much about them, I'll have to do some scouting soon.

    How do you bounce back after starting the season hot, but ending it ice cold? How do you move on at the QB position after losing your field general, Tyler Wilson? Well we did start the season off hot but I think losing to Auburn with about 10 seconds left killed us for the rest of the year. We also had a bad loss to Tulsa, so the guys weren't there mentally and thats my fault for not having them ready. Well the only way we can move on from losing Wilson is to pound the ball with senior RB Kniles Davis and slowly work in whichever QB starts.

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