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Setup & Rules

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by BlyGilmore, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. BlyGilmore

    BlyGilmore It's All In The Hips!

    Apr 9, 2009
    The MaddenMania Player's League is a first of its kind league at Tradition Sports (and perhaps the 'net). In this league, instead of selecting a team to control, you are picking a single player who's career you will guide from the first snap in the pre-season through retirement.

    Player Selection

    - Only players drafted in the 2012 NFL Draft are eligible to be selected.

    - Once a team has had a player picked from its roster, no other players from that team can be selected. This is a Madden CCM requirement and something we don't have a choice about. So if somebody picks the Browns Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden and all other Browns are no longer eligible.

    - Per Madden CCM requirements, you cannot pick an offensive lineman, kicker or punter. All other positions are fair game.

    One Time 'Mulligan'

    Each player in the league is allowed one "mulligan" while the league is running. This mulligan allows them to pick a brand new rookie from the most recent draft class and abandon their current player. New players will be selected in reverse order of each persons career score, and mulligans can be pulled back if the player you were interested in was selected.

    Players can also pick a new rookie if they suffer a career ending injury (which IMO would be flipping awesome).

    Number of Players & Competition

    The MMPL is going to intentionally be smaller than a lot of other Madden leagues. We're shooting for between 16 and 20 players. This will allow a good mix of HvH and HvC games and also allow players some room to move around in the coming seasons (remember we're always bound to the one person per team rule per the mechanics of the game).

    Competition in the league is really going to be three-fold. Who is a part of a winning or even championship team? Who can generate the highest career score and perhaps ultimately get into the Hall of Fame? And who can make the most ducats through lucrative free agent deals.


    The MMPL is intended to be a bit more casual and laid back than many of the other leagues here. It is also intended to be a "secondary" league to more traditional CCMs and online dynasties. The league should also have a more social feel to it as you'll be spending a good portion of your time watching the other side of the ball play.

    If anybody has ever played in a Coach Mode league, I'm guessing this league will have a very similar vibe.

    Also many of the rules and regulations around straight play don't really apply, since the computer will be picking the plays.

    Generally be a good sport, be friendly toward your counterparts, make sure to schedule games ahead of time and honor any commitments you make. If everybody does that, everything else should be gravy.

    Advance Schedule

    First, we will move as quickly as the league will allow. If folks have played their games in two days, we'll advance in two days.

    Otherwise advances will be scheduled depending on what the line-up of games looks like. This will usually be some where between every 3 and 5 days.

    Also, because of the nature of the league, I see sims being a slightly bigger part of the league if we have conflicts or trouble scheduling games. Players will still be able to get their practice in and receive points from the match, so its a bit less "life and death" than say having to sim a conference game in NCAA. (feel free to express your thoughts privately or publically).
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