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SF CHRONIC Weekly (daily for some!) WK 10... Game goes into OT!! Vs Phins

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by KingPatron, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. KingPatron

    KingPatron Walk On

    Jan 2, 2014
    Game started a little slow but then both OFF couldn't be stopped. Niners trailing most of the game comes back to tie it with 50 seconds left in the 4th!! this was after a Punt and a stop to get the ball back when MIA had it with about 2 mins left

    Game tied 35-35 Willis picks off Mallet. Niners looking for a few yards FG and go home.... No Maddox breaks a LONG Run down the sideline (Should have Stepped out...) but takes it to the HOUSE for a 35 yard TD!!

    Niners up 42-35.

    Mia only has 2 TOs first play they put in QB Scott (Hint when SCOTTS in he RUNS a lot Scott has 80+ spd!!) They do a QB keeper but gets Stuffed (Why call that play? maybe 4 Wide im playing deep and can get 20-30 yards?) TO MIA

    Next play a 15 yard gain to about the 50. Time running out

    Deep pass Nothing

    3 second left BOMB again I thought my guy got it but some how MIA came down with a Bomb between Double coverage and stepping OB to get a TD!

    MIA gets the ball in OT. We start to hold them a few, but the MIA PlayAction Machine cant be STOPPED!! that sets up ball on the 10.

    SF still trying to hold them to FG. another 3 wide set PA somehow WR is WIDE Open and TD that's all she wrote....

    Was a tuff / fun / Frustrating game in the end our DEF couldn't hold up.

    Tips if you play MIA watch out for PA!!! Lots of PA! not sure if theres a way to know it might be a PA and protect. probably 15-20 PAs out of his 40+ passes. idk there was a Lot of PAs! lol but he did rush 23 times. So I guess 1 PA per Rush attempt.

    HB Miller is hurt so Lattimore got the start he is slow so he runs inside mostly and off tak. Davis is fast and will go outside.

    Also if QB Scott is in the pistol its usually a Option play.

    WRs. Wallace / Clemsons and Swoop he loves OUT Plays 10-15 yards then WR to the sidelines, those were very effective with PA. Also WR bunched up PA and WR on the Left does a streak or slant out and is WIDE....WIDDDDEEEE Open! I think some of my DBs need to be FIRED!! lol

    DEF his OLBs had 4 sacks so he likes to Blitz them! on Passing downs. And Deion Jordan is FAST!! He plays a decent amount of Press but has Safety help that Picked off a few balls. He does switch to user and makes mistakes which led to a AJ Green TD.

    So Contain his Run and watch for PA and a few WR/HB Screens. He is a solid player maybe he should be better than his record.... I have the Worst DEF in that LG or I should have won that game. :)

    Niners looking to rebound against the 2-7 Falcons.... puff puff PUFF!
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