SF Chronic Weekly (wk 13) Vs Pats

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    Jan 2, 2014
    Well game had a game delay and a toke delay smokeface !! But all was good in da hood! Waited for Pats to roll a fatty, and once he finished his other game it was around midnight in his hood. But he was feeling VERY GOOD!!!

    NE gets the kickoff and gets a couple 1st downs then they get stopped.

    Niners roll down the field with ease against the # 6th DEF in the lg. Getting 7 on their opening drive.

    Niners would get 7 more in the 2nd qt. On their way to going up 21-3 on a stupid pass Kap throws his only pick of the day. Doh!!

    NE tries to answer back but SF shows who the dominate D is and holds them to 3 right before the half.

    SF puts up 7 more in the 3rd for a 21-3 lead.

    NE would fall apart throwing 3 INTs. Niners add 3 points in the 4th for a 24-3 Victory.

    SF DEF was the MVP holding NE to 61 yards passing and 56 on the ground!

    Kap went 14 for 18 233 yards 3 TDs 1 INT
    SF Run game was stuffed pretty much. Combined 25 attp for 68 yards.
    AJ Green 2 catches 2 TDs 69 yards
    Willis added the 3rd INT in the final 2mins to kill NEs dreams of more points.

    Was a good game at the start but Madden has a tendency of making one team stink at times. That was what NE got they couldn't move the ball. SF got the Madden curse where we had 4 or 5 players go down with inj. nothing serious but crazy how one team can get 4 inj players and the other none or 1.

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