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SH College Gameday: S1 Wk11

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Cimmy24, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Cimmy24

    Cimmy24 Candy Ass Self

    Jul 6, 2009
    SH College Gameday: S1 Wk11



    Week 11 Edition
    Columbus, OH

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    Here we are again folks! Week 11 in Saturday Heroes and the Big 10 swing begins! We are coming to you live from Columbus, Ohio, home of the 5th ranked Buckeyes, who welcome the Nittany Lions of Penn State. The crowd is buzzing here, as these Buck-Nuts know their Buckeyes have an amazing shot at the BCS National Championship with the demise of the top ranked Alabama last week in Baton Rouge. We have some games already with the game clock at zero, and the final score posted. First, let's take a look at the top 10, which got one heluva shake up after last week.

    BCS Top 10
    1 [​IMG] USC 8-0 (5-0)
    2 [​IMG] Michigan 9-0 (5-0)
    3 [​IMG] West Virginia 7-0 (3-0)
    4 [​IMG] Boise St 9-0 (4-0)
    5 [​IMG] Ohio St 8-1 (5-0)
    6 [​IMG] Alabama 7-1 (5-1)
    7 [​IMG] Georgia Tech 8-1 (6-0)
    8 [​IMG] LSU 7-2 (6-0)
    9 [​IMG] Iowa 7-1 (3-1)
    10 [​IMG] Texas 6-2 (5-0)

    Southern California takes over the top spot in the BCS Standings, and Michigan makes a huge leap to #2. The Buckeye fans here are booing, but Michigan is undefeated on the season and don't have any blemishes. Ohio St, who does have a loss to Miami, jumps one spot to #5, and one spot ahead of Alabama. So the Buckeyes need to play great football in these last few weeks to keep ahead of the Tide. They also have The Game yet to be played which looks more and more like the Big 10 Championship. Taking a look at the conference standings...

    Big Ten
    1 [​IMG] Michigan 10-0 (6-0)
    2 [​IMG] Ohio St 8-1 (5-0)
    3 [​IMG] Iowa 9-1 (5-1)
    4 [​IMG] Wisconsin 6-2 (3-2)
    5 [​IMG] Penn State 6-3 (3-2)

    SEC East
    1 [​IMG] Kentucky 8-1 (5-1)
    2 [​IMG] Florida 7-3 (5-3)
    3 [​IMG] South Carolina 5-5 (3-5)

    SEC West
    1 [​IMG] LSU 7-2 (6-0)
    2 [​IMG] Alabama 7-1 (5-1)
    3 [​IMG] Arkansas 6-3 (4-2)

    Big XII North
    1 [​IMG] Kansas 6-3 (4-1)
    2 [​IMG] Missouri 4-4 (3-2)
    3 [​IMG] Nebraska 5-3 (3-2)

    Big XII South
    1 [​IMG] Texas 7-2 (6-0)
    2 [​IMG] Baylor 5-4 (4-2)
    3 [​IMG] Oklahoma 6-3 (3-2)

    LSU jumps Bama in the West and have their destiny in their hands. Kentucky stays in the top spot in the east and in the BigXII, Kansas and Texas continue to hang on to their division lead. Missouri is surging and a big matchup against Kansas will decide that division, and Oklahoma and Baylor are making alte pushes, but have a 2 game deficit to make up. The Big10 remains the same with Michigan on top, the Bucks #2, and Iowa in the 3rd spot. Penn State looks to make some noise here in Columbus, and knock off the Buckeyes and shake up the college football world for another week.

    Looking at the games that have already been played, not much will change, as of now. Iowa took care of the Northwestern Wildcats with a 31-6 thrashing. Michigan continues to roll as they blank Purdue 38-0. Florida takes care of South Carolina, solidifying their top spot in their division by a score of 27-17 in the Swamp. LSU and Kentucky are both idle this week, but we do have some good games ahead of us this week. Let's start with my picks of the week.

    Picks of the Week
    1 [​IMG] v [​IMG] Missouri is on a surge, and is looking to take care of Kansas and get into the BigXII Championship game. Kansas St is a tough obstacle, but the momentum the Tigers carry won't stop at home. My Pick: Mizzou 31-24
    2 [​IMG] @ [​IMG] A big game for both teams as Kansas looks to hang on to the North. Nebraska is fighting to make noise late, but can they stop Kansas? My Pick: Nebraska 28-10
    3 [​IMG] @ [​IMG] A huge game in the South. Oklahoma St looks to get their name back in the limelight and begin the downward spiral of the Longhorns to take them out of the BigXII Championship. My Pick: Texas 35-31

    Now on to this little game we have here in Columbus. Penn State, has suffered all year, losing to Iowa and Michigan. Beating Ohio State in Columbus would salvage their season. Ohio State is staring a possible National Championship bid in the eyes and could be looking past this Nittany Lion squad to the Game against Michigan. Penn State QB Kevin Newsome is hot as of late. HB Evan Royster has been on and off, depending on what kind of defense he sees. Him, as well of this Lions offense, will see on tough defense in the Buckeyes, led by CB Chimdi Chekwa. QB Pryor will play his game, but which game will we get. Winner of this one is whoever turns the ball over less. I see a turnover plagued game for these two squads. Newsome has thrown 8 INTs to Pryor's 3. CB Chekwa is a ball hawk, with 5 picks on the year. However, Linebacker U has some talent in the linebacker position in Chris Colasanti and Bani Gbadyu, who love to make big hits, force fumbles, and pick them up for their team. Brandon Saine and Pryor have had problems carrying the ball, 4 fumbles each for them. Whichever defense plays better football wins this one folks! For me, I've gotta lean with my Nittany Lions! Since, I am live in this one, I won't be making a pick, but one thing is for sure, this is going to be one tough game for both teams to win. Look for a low scoring affair, where a late turnover could give it away. Reminds me of a game between these two teams in this same stadium a couple years ago....*Crowd Boos*

    #20 [​IMG] @ #5 [​IMG]

  2. Emmdotfrisk

    Emmdotfrisk Working half days on my days off.

    Oct 8, 2009
    Big games this week! Ohio St v PSU will be a great game. Cimmy and Ryty always have good battles but I don't know how many times ryty has lost to cimmy!
  3. HackGolfer

    HackGolfer Administrator

    Jun 22, 2009
    Good stuff Cimmy! Big Ten is going to have an exciting finish!
  4. jca312

    jca312 Walk On

    Jul 23, 2009
    Nice job Cimmy, great analysis. We're doing all we can to keep our suprising season up in Ann Arbor going, but we have two monster games left that will make or break our season. Win both, ticket to the Title game, split em, likely BCS Bowl, lose both...disaster. It's exciting to see that 3 teams have a shot at the Big 10 Title with just a few weeks left in the season. Should be fun.
  5. Diddy81

    Diddy81 Walk On

    Jul 11, 2009
    loving this
  6. Cimmy24

    Cimmy24 Candy Ass Self

    Jul 6, 2009
    Thanks guys, Big10 always seems to have exciting races to the end...and to answer your question frisk...I might have been ryty...once...maybe twice, but I am only really remembering POSSIBLY beating him while he was Bowling Green and I was Western Michigan in NCAA 10...thats a big IF
  7. ThePaw

    ThePaw I'm so seasonal it hurts, baby!

    Jun 22, 2010
  8. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009
    Great stuff cimmy

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