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SH College Gameday: S1 Wk12

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Cimmy24, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Cimmy24

    Cimmy24 Candy Ass Self

    Jul 6, 2009
    SH College Gameday: S1 Wk12



    Week 12 Edition
    Waco, TX

    #22 [​IMG] v [​IMG]


    Welcome to College Gameday, coming to you live from Waco, TX, as the Baylor Bears host the 22nd ranked Sooners of Oklahoma! The Gameday crew were on their way to the monumental Big10 game between Iowa and Ohio State in Iowa City, before the two programs decided to play before we got there. So here we are in Waco, ready for some BigXII football. Before we take a look at this matchup, let's continue on with the polls.

    BCS Top 10
    1 [​IMG] USC 9-0 (6-0)
    2 [​IMG] Michigan 10-0 (6-0)
    3 [​IMG] West Virginia 8-0 (4-0)
    4 [​IMG] Boise St 10-0 (5-0)
    5 [​IMG] Ohio St 9-1 (6-0)
    6 [​IMG] Alabama 8-1 (5-1)
    7 [​IMG] Iowa 9-1 (5-1)
    8 [​IMG] LSU 7-2 (6-0)
    9 [​IMG] Texas 8-2 (7-0)
    10 [​IMG] TCU 10-1 (7-0)

    Not too much action in the top 10, but after the Iowa/OSU game we will see some shake up. Reports show that Ohio State came out on top in Kinnick Stadium and will continue their undefeated record going into The Game against Michigan. That game will decide the Big10 Champions.

    Big Ten
    1 [​IMG] Michigan 10-0 (6-0)
    2 [​IMG] Ohio St 10-1 (7-0)
    3 [​IMG] Iowa 9-2 (5-2)
    4 [​IMG] Wisconsin 7-2 (4-2)
    5 [​IMG] Penn State 6-4 (3-3)

    SEC East
    1 [​IMG] Kentucky 9-1 (6-1)
    2 [​IMG] Florida 7-3 (5-3)
    3 [​IMG] South Carolina 5-5 (3-5)

    SEC West
    1 [​IMG] LSU 7-2 (6-0)
    2 [​IMG] Alabama 8-1 (6-1)
    3 [​IMG] Arkansas 7-3 (4-2)

    Big XII North
    1 [​IMG] Missouri 5-4 (4-2)
    2 [​IMG] Nebraska 6-3 (4-2)
    3 [​IMG] Kansas 6-4 (4-2)

    Big XII South
    1 [​IMG] Texas 8-2 (7-0)
    2 [​IMG] Baylor 6-4 (5-2)
    3 [​IMG] Oklahoma 7-3 (4-2)

    The Big10 will come down to the Michigan v Ohio State game. That is given. Kentucky and LSU still hold on to their spots in the divisions of the SEC, but can still fall and give them up. In the BigXII, Missouri moves into the lead of the North, while Texas still holds the top spot in the South, and Baylor is 2 games back, which seems to be out of reach. *Crowd Boos* Now let's get to my picks of the week.

    My Picks of the Week
    1 [​IMG] [​IMG] A big game that the Gameday crew almost headed too, but since Big10 football is likely next week, we decided Waco. My Pick: Michigan 24-20
    2 [​IMG] [​IMG] Nebraska has a lot to fight for against a tough Aggie squad. My Pick: Nebraska 42-24
    3 [​IMG] [​IMG] This game looks like it could be a classic matchup, but when you look at stats and records, it's going to be a cake walk for the Tide My Pick: Alabama 45-10

    Now back here in Waco we have one big game for both teams. Oklahoma is rebounding after a soft start, and Baylor is clawing away to gain some recognition nationally as a contender. Both teams will give it all they have but only one can come out on top! Griffin is a game changer. He will change this game for Baylor! Upset city folks!

    [​IMG] Baylor 35-31

  2. BG

    BG On The Rize!

    Oct 5, 2009
    Nice write-up!!!
  3. H22APWRD94

    H22APWRD94 RG3 Bandwagon

    Jul 11, 2009
    Thanks for the love Cimmy. They get you guys setup in the Janet Reno suite at the Hilton? We love to take care of our college gameday buddies, for it is rare they visit us. But that will be a different story next season.

  4. Cimmy24

    Cimmy24 Candy Ass Self

    Jul 6, 2009
    Nah, they stuck us in the Tuck 'Em Inn Motel. They have HBO....

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