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SH College Gameday: S2 Wk 3

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Cimmy24, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Cimmy24

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    Jul 6, 2009
    SH College Gameday: S2 Wk 3



    Week 3 Edition

    [​IMG] v [​IMG]

    Lexington, KY

    Welcome football fans to the first installment of Saturday Heroes College Gameday Special of the 2011 season! We have had technical difficulties keeping up with the first two weeks of the season, but we are back on the road and here in Lexington for a big cross-conference game between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Kentucky Wildcats. The college football season is still young, but the polls are active. Let's take a look at the Top 10.

    Rank Team LW
    1 [​IMG] 1
    2 [​IMG] 2
    3 [​IMG] 4
    4 [​IMG] 5
    5 [​IMG] 7
    6 [​IMG] 8
    7 [​IMG] 9
    8 [​IMG] 3
    9 [​IMG] 11
    10 [​IMG] 6

    Ohio State and Alabama control the top two spots while Texas and USC move up as LSU and Miami struggle. No doubt these polls will continue to change every week and it is something we will be keeping a close eye on. To get these teams ranked, you need to have played who lead the way. Looking at the stats going into week number 3, the leaders definitely make an impact for their teams.

    Top User QBs
    Name Team Notes
    Blaine Gabbert [​IMG] Gabbert is top notch yet again. He has a 70% completion percentage with 722 yards, 7 TDs, and only 1 INT.
    Terrelle Pryor [​IMG] Yeah, I hate to admit it, but Pryor is having a pretty good year thus far. His completion percentage isn't great (42%), but his TD to INT ratio is, 6 TDs to 1 INT.
    Morgan Newton [​IMG] Newton doesn't have a lot of TDs, just 2 TD passes on the year, but a 72% completion percentage and no INTs with 503 YDs is good.

    Top User HBs
    Name Team Notes
    Brandon Wegher [​IMG] Suprise, surprise, an Iowa HB is on this list. Wegher is putting it all together. 352 yards on 51 attempts and 3 TDs.
    Chris Whaley [​IMG] Paydirt. That can descrive Whaley so far. He leads the country in TD rushes with 6 on 34 carries with 254 yards. The run game is back in Texas.
    Trent Richardson [​IMG] Richardson is putting up good numbers taking over for Ingram. 44 attempts for 315 yards and 4 TDs. Richardson is an animal and will push the Tide.

    Top User WRs
    Malcolm Williams [​IMG] Williams is 2nd in the country for total receiving yards with 281 on 13 receptions. He also has 2 TDs to go along with the yards.
    Rolandis Woodland [​IMG] When your QB is top notch, he has to have someone to throw to. Woodland is that guy for Gabbert. 7 receptions, 204 yards, and 3 TDs.
    Jake Stoneburner [​IMG] Yes, a TE, but Stoneburner's numbers are good. He has only 4 receptions, but he has 3 TDs. 71 total yards as well, which means he isn't just getting these passes inside the 10.

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
    Top User D
    Name Team Notes
    Nico Johnson [​IMG] Nico is 2nd in the country with total tackles with 16, as well as 2 TFLs.
    Robby Green [​IMG] Another Rammer Jammer, 3 INTs is what lifts him as he leads the nation.
    Will Ebner [​IMG] Ebner is 3rd in the nation for tackles with 13, but he also has 4 TFLs, 1 Sack, and a Forced Fumble.

    These players are what lead these teams to the top, but to get players like this, you have to recruit very well. Looking at the recruiting front for this week, Alabama and Texas are the only two user teams to get commits. :4stars: RT Terrance Brooks has chosen to be a member of the Crimson Tide and he brings size at 6' 4", 300 LBs he will fit right into this program. He is one of the top prospects, and what helps him stick out is his awareness on the field. He doesn't let guys come in unblocked easily. DE Dan Gray wants to be a Longhorn. His strength is shedding blockers, but he will need to work on his tackling. He can hit pretty good, but consistent tackling is one thing he needs to work on.

    Now on to the week 3 picks. Last week we had a lot of action, and week 3 doesn't disappoint either. These fans here in Lexington are ready for their big game, but what about the fans and players in Columbus, OH?

    Column 1
    #1 [​IMG] Ohio State v #3 [​IMG] Texas
    An absolutely monumental game that Gameday passed up because Columbus gets us enough. The 3rd ranked Longhorns travel north to Columbus to take on the number 1 Buckeyes of Ohio State. Pryor looks to take his Buckeyes to the National Championship game and the Longhorns stand in his way with HB Chris Whaley. This game is bound to be epic, definitely one for the books.
    My Pick:[​IMG] 24-21

    Column 1
    #6 [​IMG] Iowa v #13 [​IMG] Pittsburgh
    [​IMG][​IMG] A matchup of power running games, Iowa and Pitt don't plan on disappointing the college football world in this meeting. Iowa City is playing host and the Hawkeye faithful are ready to stop the Panther offense. This Iowa defense is good, very good and their run game will control the ball.
    My Pick:[​IMG] 28-17[/CENTER]


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