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"Sim" Game Play {Madden 16}

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by XWarriorMonk, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. XWarriorMonk

    XWarriorMonk Walk On

    Sep 18, 2012
    Hello HaW,
    Madden 16's release is a week away and everyone seems to be very excited to start competing with one another in the second year of Hard at Work. However if you're a veteran with the league you know that "sim" style of play has been a hot topic in the past. If you are new to Hard at Work or Tradition Sports, I strongly suggest you not only read this post thoroughly, but go back and read the rules again when you are done.

    If you have questions about "Sim" style of play.....ASK

    It has come up multiple times, the phrase "thats unsim" can be thrown out at someone who either doesn't really understand what "sim" is, or someone who does not care. We need to make sure that EVERYONE knows what "sim" is.
    Unfortunately, in Hard at Work there is a lot of gray area when it comes to sim and a lot of it is circumstantial and up for interpretation, What Im going to to is make bullet points of "Sim" and "Unsim" (in my eyes) this is not a set of rules. this is opening up a discussion so that we can all generally be on the same page come August 25th


    That is what were here for right? Fun. Skill levels in the league are obviously going to fluctuate. So there is really no need to blow someone out intentionally. Just because someone can't stop you doesn't mean you should do what the pros would do and keep exploiting that particular weakness. You can still win thoroughly and allow the other person a chance to make the game fun for both parties.
    This should be obvious. We had some games last year that got out of hand. Records should be broken, its fun, I get it. However if you are solely out to shatter a record. I think you may be in the wrong place. if you are going to break a record. Do it in realistic fashion. Example: After Adrian Peterson breaks the single game rushing record, he is most likely not breaking it by more than 50 yards...and he is most likely being taken out of the game. I feel that season records should be broken, but breaking records being broken by 100+ yards is a little excessive. "Keep it real"
    So obviously everyone is going to have those plays they go to. And that is fine, but certain plays, on both offense and defense can be abused. Everyone has a fairly large playbook full of plays. Use them. If you are going through the same 6-7 plays over and over you are doing it wrong. Open up your playbook and use different formations and open the game up. People will argue about this number, but nobody should be running the same play more than 8-9 times a game. Obviously situations arise where this is debatable, but if you change things up often you should be able to get through games without a problem. Calling something multiple times in a drive is not something you want to do.
    I think we all had games where we were either on the losing or winning end of a blowout. Now I understand sometimes scores happen. But if you are consistently putting up 50+ points. You better have a reason. Once you are in a position that you are obviously going to win ( 4th quarter up by 28+) tone down the deep balls and work on moving the clock. If the opponent cuts the lead down, fine... go score, but why not chew clock and get out of the game without causing a fuss. Running up the score is just going to hurt feelings and start the trash talk and bad feelings. Just use your head and discretion and avoid blowing up the scoreboard. ESPECIALLY if your opponent has laid down and allowed you to get out of the game with a win.

    Pretty straight forward. If you are scrambling to the sideline. Throw it away. Obviously that is not all the
    case, but nobody wants to play Micheal Vick from Madden 2004 where you can exploit defenses by scrambling. Obviously stepping up and making a football play with your QB is fine, but when people are rolling out with no pressure it begins to be a problem. Just make sure that if you scramble, there was a real reason.

    Now, this has changed a lot over the years, but if madden 16 has major game play flaws that can be taken advantage of you are going to want to stay away from them. I'm assuming EA has worked on making sure these are not in the new madden, but if we discover something like a "Nano Blitz" do not do that crap. The point of the game is to be fun and if someone abuses exploits to find open receivers or get to the Quarterback it is no longer fun.
    In Madden 15 it was the slant. Some people threw the streak too much. Whatever it is in Madden 16. Use all of the routes available to you. Obviously situations arise where you will throw a slant route, but if you hot route every play to have a slant or you are throwing to the slant 8 out of 10 plays. You are doing it wrong. Everything in moderation and mix up the play calling!
    Obviously if you are making plays you may run all over the field. The issue starts when people are bouncing ISOs outside every time they run them. This isn't just for ISOs either. Just because you are running a power run, does not mean that you should sprint to the sideline.

    Obviously this list is not complete, but if you WORK on avoiding the negatives and doing the positives everyone should be happy. Again, please re read the rules before the season. Another thing that will help and this is just something I try to do. When you play against someone. Talk to them in a party. That way you can communicate something that you have a problem with. If you don't bring something up to your opponent how are they supposed to change it and grow. Communicate with one another. Make friends.


    The opinions and statements made in this post do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the commissioner's team or HaW this is strictly an opinion from one person that I THINK is shared with quite a few of the owners in the league. For official rules follow the link below


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  2. Coachmedicis

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    Feb 21, 2013
    The runs to the sideline on isos and hb dives are the one that frustrate me the most. It's one thing to bounce an occasional stretch or power outside the edge but it got old watching people try and bounce an inside run outside the edge the second the rb got the ball.
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  3. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    I'll post my thoughts on the subject in part because I have had at least one tenured member from last season ask a question something like, "I still cant get a good answer on what is or isn't sim."

    For starters, I will try and avoid things that are specific, its a rabbit hole I've gone down many times and its easy to get lost with all of the details plus there is some gray area like Troy mentioned and people wont always agree on what specifics are or arent sim or if they are or arent sim depending on how often they occur and so on.

    What is Sim?
    • Sim is short for Simulation. This means that sim players strive to make the game a simulation of real life. At TSO we go a little further and we also say that some things that occur in real life dont translate well to the game due to its inherent limitations. One of the hallmarks of sim play here at TSO centers around sportsmanship. We believe that the game is not all about winning but rather about playing the game in a way where strategy and skill are paramount as opposed to finding the exploits that are sure to be in the game. To me, the easiest way to achieve this is to make sure that all of the choices you are making in terms of playcalling and gameplay are based on football reasons and not based on video game reasons. To give a simple example that was already mentioned, if your QB is pressured and you sprint away from the pressure and then throw the ball as the corner comes up to stop the scramble, you have made a football decision. If, on the other hand, you snap the ball, sprint out of the pocket and wait for the corner to come up to leave the WR open, you are making a video game choice and utilizing an exploit. The results of the play are the same, but the details and the intent are different which makes all the difference in terms of being sim.
    • A few things to think about when you are playing an opponent on TSO and are tempted to complain (it happens to all of us)
      • Just because you cant stop it doesn't mean its cheese
      • Just because he was able to stop it doesn't mean its cheese
      • Just because you are losing and you don't like it doesn't mean its cheese
      • Just because it didn't work doesn't mean it's not cheese
      • If your sure it's cheese, you should wait until the next day and see if you feel the same, especially if you lost
      • don't be a douche
      • don't be a baby when you lose
      • don't be an asshole when you win
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  4. RaunchyTacoBowl

    RaunchyTacoBowl Walk On

    Oct 10, 2014
    Good read Troy.

    Personally my skill level doubled after discovering the ENTIRE playbook both Offensively and Defensively
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