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Sim Issue...

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by T2, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. T2

    T2 Smarter than your average bear!

    Jul 26, 2009
    Sim Issue...

    The cause from most all accounts around the internet for the sim is one of two things.

    1) file not uploaded to server correctly. Do to internet / server issues or bastard file issue especially during peak times.
    We know about the bastard file fix.(internet not that common a reason but it happens to some people regardless of internet service type/ speed)

    what you must realize is how fast your connection could be, has almost nothing do do with how well or how much bandwith EA servers let you have. Most people never connect close to their max, especially during peak hours.(speednet.com is ok for testing connection speed but it does not filter out the speed boost you get from some ISP's at the start of a connection. those speeds are not your continuous bandwith connection speeds)

    Also how many reconstitutes does your connection make before it gets to the server. Just like you see on tv or like in war games. what you send to load to the server is sent in pieces called packets and it starts from point A(your PS3) hops from point to point until it gets where it needs to. depending on where you live you could have a great deal of upload /down loads and get packet loss resulting in bad files or lag online play ect. I believe EA's servers are in FLA. So if you live far from Fla and /or a major city, you will have more hops to make.
    Not much we can do about that.

    2) Not using all of your recruiting time and not setting ready to advance.(this seems to be a common denominator among people with this issue)

    A lot of people have reported that if they do not use all their recruiting time and dont set ready to advance they get simmed games. With that people have reported that if they do all their tasks and set ready to advance manually they sometimes get simmed games.

    What i get from all that is, If you dont use all of your recruit time or do all your tasks you must set ready to advance for the server to acknowledge you did anything else. If you did all your tasks, setting ready to advance could tell the server in some cases to ignore what you did and sim your game and recruiting.

    This also includes offseason recruiting. You must set ready if you don't use all your minutes.(this actually makes a lot of sense because their have been times when it seemed like my recruiting did not do what i wanted in the offseason some weeks. most have said from the boards i saw posting on this, if you follow these rules you dont see that glitch. which also explains why it happens to some and not others.

    BLUF-use all your recruiting time. If you dont, set ready to advance. If you do all your tasks dont set ready to advance manually. Dont save the dynasty before you play your game. After you play should be OK but not before.
    This should solve the issue

    pulled this off of the Cream forum...

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