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Sim-Nation League Description

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by egofailure, Dec 14, 2011.

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  1. egofailure

    egofailure Sim habits die hard!

    Aug 19, 2010
    The Sim-Nation Experience

    Sim-Nation is a place for honest-to-goodness college football fans. Each member is equally responsible for creating the very best college football experience for all. Stick jocks need not apply. Cheesers ... don't even think about it. In Sim-Nation, respect for each other, and the game itself, is much, much more important than wins and losses.

    With that goal in mind, we make changes on a regular basis to make each and every game a reflection of the real thing. That means: A realistic CPU opponent, stats in line with reality, recruiting that does not unbalance the game, and anything else we can think of that will bring balance. Plain and simple - Sim-Nation does it right.

    Sim-Nation Coaches - 10/12

    Name Team Conference Offense Defense
    Coach Ego Arizona Pac 12 - South West Coast 4-2-5
    bdub Utah Pac 12 - South Run and Shoot 4-3
    JCA Washington Pac 12 - North Multiple 3-4
    County5 Cal Pac 12 - North Pro 4-3
    Goose Ohio State Big Ten - Leaders Pro Style 4-3
    Loaf31 Penn State Big Ten - Leaders Multiple 4-3
    BigSmooth Michigan Big Ten - Legends Pro Style Multiple
    Carolinaeasy South Carolina SEC - East Pro Style 3-4
    Bruce80 Auburn SEC West Spread 4-3
    Archie Griffin Notre Dame Independent Pro Style 4-3

    Sliders & Settings

    Difficulty: Heisman
    Quarters: 8 mins
    Speed: Normal

    Threshold: 0

    Attribute User CPU
    QB Accuracy 35 40
    Pass Block 65 45
    WR Catching 50 50
    RB Ability 50 50
    Run Block 60 50
    Pass Coverage 55 30
    Pass Rush 65 25
    Iinterceptions 50 25
    Rush Defense 50 40
    Tackling 50 40
    FG Power 50 50
    FG Accuracy 30 40
    Punt Power 50 50
    Punt Accuracy 50 50

    Sim-Nation Rules

    Advance Times
    • We advance when all members are ready, with a 72 hour max. We advance no less than once every three days, but typically advance before that deadline.
    Sliders and Difficulty Settings

    We take great care in trying to recreate an authentic college football game each week. Our sliders are difficult, and they will get more difficult as we move on. This is not the place for sissies who can't take a loss. The CPU is a dangerous opponent here in "Sim-Nation" and we expect guys to understand that. Each off-season, we adjust sliders to compensate for the trends we see occurring within the game. Each season, wins are harder to come by.

    Position Changes
    Position changes must be posted for the league members to review. If any league member takes issue with a position change, the commish may deny the change. This is unlikely to happen, but it helps to put it out there just in case.

    Playbook Changes
    Sim-Nation coaches declare an offensive and defensive playbook at the beginning of each season. They are required to keep that book for the entire regular season. At bowl time, they may switch to another book, but that book must be within the same style (ex. A coach may switch one pro style book for another pro style book, but may not choose a spread book or a one back playbook). Defensive playbooks can only be changed in the off-season.

    Players leaving
    We play big boy football here in "Sim-Nation." Guys transfer. Guys go pro. We make no attempt to bring them back if they try to leave. We do not go crying to their mommas and grandmommas to get them to come back to school. Whoever leaves, leaves. Run a balanced attack on both sides of the ball, and you won't have anything to worry about. Stat-hunt, and be prepared for the mass exodus, because your guys are gonna go pro, and their backups are gonna leave town. And none of us are going to hand you a tissue when you start crying about it.

    Recruiting in "Sim-Nation" is a competitive affair. We follow what we call the 1-7-70 rule, which is outlined in its own section of the league's Film Room forum.

    Penalties for violations of the 1-7-70 rule are as follows:

    Violation #1 = No access to the ESPNU top 150 for the following year.

    Violation #2 = That stated above, plus a seven scholarship reduction. Coach must cut down to 63 at the end of the season, and then lose access to top recruits the next year.

    Violation #3 = There won't be one.

    Activity & Forum Presence
    We're busy, but we take the time to interact with the other coaches. We read and post in our forums every day, and we keep the league up to date on our games and recruiting classes. Small post-game summaries are required at least half the time, and a recruiting summary is to be posted in the summary section of our forums. Failure to do this for more than one week at a time will result in a sim being given for the current week. Basically, go two weeks without posting post-game stuff, and week three will be a simmed game.
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