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Skinned in DC; Giants Win Despite Troubled 1st Half

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by cry_havoc, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. cry_havoc

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    Jul 27, 2012

    9 - 27

    In DC Sunday, Rivers came out rough. A few erratic throws and a few drops by his wrs...looked like the making of a disaster. After a fg in the 1st by the Giants the Skins were able to maintain the ball for over 6 minutes through the second. The Giants stuffed the run and forced the Skins in several 3rd and longs, but would capitilize. Skins would eventually tie the game with a fg. On the next NY series, Rivers forced a pass and the Skins picked him off to set them up at the 35 going in. But LOLB J Williams would spoil there opportunity with his 2nd pick of the game. Rivers commanded a solid drive to put the Giants back up b4 half. A few 3rd down conversions and a deep pass over the middle to Frederick(Torn Pec Out for Year). Set up a score to TE John Hill in the flats. The Skins got the ball with 16 secs remaining. RG3 tried on his first attempt for a deep ball over the middle, FS Goldson had his hands on it and dropped it. Giving RG3 another shot..a prayer thrown up to BIG WR Holland deep into Giants territory was converted and set them up for 49yd fg. Thi cut the margin closer 10-6.

    Rivers said on the sideline b4 taking the field in the 2nd half " its on me...ive made some bad throws and decisions in the first half. I need to get my head out of my ass"

    Skins would make a push on there opening drive but only manage 3 to cut the game closer to 10-9. The Giants next possession would be set up in a 3rd and long, a dig route to Cruz...resulted in a fumble setting the Skins up once again. As it seemed, the momentum was all for DC. A sack by DT John Hankins to knock them out of fg range and a 3rd JWill pick, spoiled the Skins hopes once again. Giants would manage to come thru with a fg on a stalled 3rd and short. With roughly 50 secs remaining left in the 3rd, the Giants got there 4th TO on the day as FS Goldson picked off RG3.

    This is where Rivers got things turned up. Almost like a switch turned on... On the first play of the series the Giants attacked, River hit HB Rodgers for a deep ball up the sideline. Instantly the Giants went up 20-9. This is when the Giants D got even more aggressive than they've been...began to bring the heat and really flustered RG3. Putting the Skins in a long 3rd down, forcing a punt. Rivers drove right down the field once again finally capping it with a 10yd ODB TD Pass. 27-9 was too much for the Skins to come back from but put up a strong fight.

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