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Slider Changes and Discussion

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Razcalking1978, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Razcalking1978

    Razcalking1978 OFFL TeamBuilder Commish

    Feb 11, 2009
    Slider Changes and Discussion

    Hey folks. Here's the sliders we're going to start with - not a lot of changes, just nudging for right now on the obvious ones.

    Most obvious changes:

    - few changes to increase the CPU running game
    - increased the User Pass Rush
    - lowered interceptions for both
    - lowered FG Power for both
    - raised Kick Off Power for both
    - increased a few penalties that never seem to get called

    QB Accuracy: 50/60
    Pass Blocking: 50/50
    WR Catching: 50/50
    RB Ability: 50/60
    Run Blocking: 50/50

    Pass Coverage: 50/50
    Pass Rush: 60/60
    Interception: 40/40
    Rush Defense: 40/50
    Tackling: 50/50

    FG Power: 20/25
    FG Accuracy: 40/50
    Punt Power: 50/60
    Punt Accuracy: 40/50
    Kickoff Power: 60/60

    Offsides: 50
    False Start: 50
    Holding: 50
    Facemask: 50
    Offensive P.I.: 60
    Defensive P.I.: 60
    KR/PR Interference: 60
    Clipping: 50
    Intentional Grounding: 60
    Roughing the Passer: 60
    Roughing the Kicker: 60
  2. Razcalking1978

    Razcalking1978 OFFL TeamBuilder Commish

    Feb 11, 2009
    Sliders for Week 3:

    7 min quarters

    QB Accuracy: 35/55
    Pass Blocking: 45/75
    WR Catching: 45/45
    RB Ability: 45/100
    Run Blocking: 45/55

    Pass Coverage: 55/55
    Pass Rush: 55/60
    Interception: 25/35
    Rush Defense: 30/70
    Tackling: 60/50

    FG Power: 30/30
    FG Accuracy: 30/50
    Punt Power: 50/70
    Punt Accuracy: 30/70
    Kickoff Power: 60/60

    I've tested these in about 10 games or so, and they seem pretty good thus far. If you'd like to test them and report, it would be appreciated.
  3. i will need to test em. It is hard to say vs. Texas who just hammered me
  4. Basis4aDay56

    Basis4aDay56 Walk On

    Feb 22, 2009
    I got killed by BYU, but turnovers contributed to that as they should. I had WAYYYY more offense than they did -- I think our offenses might need to be tuned down. I definitely deserved to lose to BYU so I am glad I did, I am just kind of shocked at how successful I was on offense. Granted, my O is pretty good and my defense sucks.

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