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Slider Test

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by lilmaggie, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. lilmaggie

    lilmaggie Rocky Top Tennessee

    Jun 29, 2009
    Slider Test

    I have been using these in my off line dynasty to play random games with. They are not mine, I got them from operation sports. I made a couple of small adjustments. I think they play really well. I would like for some of you to use these for a few games and see what you think. They are pretty tough. But for the most part they are also realistic. I will post some game stats from these.

    Difficulty: Heisman 7-9 min
    Game Speed:Normal
    Threshold: 40

    Faslse Start:80
    Holding: 50
    KR/PR I:60
    Clipping: 55
    Int Ground:60
    Rough Passer:50
    Rough Kicker:60

    Auto Subs:

    Qb Out: 0
    QB in:1
    RB Out:45
    Rb in:60
    WR Out:45
    WR In:60
    FB/TE Out:15
    FB/TE in:20
    OL Out:0
    OL in:1

    Dt out:60
    DT in:80
    DE out:60
    DE in:80
    LB out:30
    LB in:40
    CB out:30
    Cb in:40
    S Out:15
    S in:20

    ACC: 10/15
    Pass Blk: 0/0
    Wr Catch: 50/70
    Rb Abi: 45/45
    Run Blk: 55/60
    Pass Cov: 45/35
    Pass Rush: 30/5
    Int: 5/5
    Rush D: 35/35
    Tkl: 50/40
    FG Power: 25/25
    FG Acc: 15/50
    Punt Power: 75/80
    Punt Acc: 75/75
    Kickoff: 30/30
  2. MexiRican35

    MexiRican35 ┬┐Te quieres naranjas?

    Aug 14, 2010
    Im not a fan of the heisman cause of the robo qb that usually kicks in. But heck, sometimes i feel like its on even with AA difficulty

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