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Sliders/Procedure Reminder

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Basis4aDay56, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Basis4aDay56

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    Feb 22, 2009
    Sliders/Procedure Reminder

    This is protocol for EVERY game -- it is not an option. There is a bug that causes the sliders in the game not to work unless procedures are followed. This is why it is helpful if both teams are on their mic during the game!

    Before challenging someone, pull up the league options menu (flick the RS in any direction), and go to League Settings. Then hit the RT a few times to look at all the sliders. Back out to the regular League Settings menu, and hit X to bring up the Online list, and then challenge your opponent.

    ONLY THE HOME TEAM PRESSES START TO BRING UP THE LINEUPS! If both teams hit Start simultaniously, neither team will be able to edit their lineups. HOME TEAM ONLY.

    Throw a fastball down the middle on the first pitch to see if the pitch is fast enough. IT SHOULD BE WAY FASTER THAN DEFAULT. If it appears to be the default speed or slower, BACK OUT OF THE GAME, view the sliders using the method above, and re-try it. Do this until it looks right. If your opponent messes up and accidentally makes it so that you forfeit, let an admin (Perry, Hova, or me) know and we'll reset the game.

    Thanks guys. This pitch speed resembles BASEBALL, and is also the reason for the pitching rules (17 ball max, etc.). The quicker everyone gets used to it on this speed, the fewer complaints there will be. It isn't going to change, so learn to play by it.

    Have a nice weekend, and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather! :)

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