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Sliders Update

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by rbpd5015, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. rbpd5015

    rbpd5015 Guest

    Sliders Update

    Ok guys I took some time this morning and messed real hard with the sliders.

    I have tweaked the All-American sliders provided by Indy and I feel they play very competitive and realistic now. I would like a few of you guys to play a test game using these sliders and see what you think. Like I said in the other post I know that everyone has different skill levels so although these might be good for me they might not be good for someone else.

    Please give these a try and post results.

    Gameplay Options

    Difficulty- All-American
    Minutes- 6min(chew clock on when acceptable)
    Quiz QB- Off
    Ice the Kicker- On

    Offense- HUM/CPU

    QB Acc- 40/35- 35 for qb to compensate a little for the robo qb. 30 makes qb way too inaccurate.

    Pass Blocking- 50/0- Still having to go to zero for the cpu here. Having great results tho, sliders do work. CPU gets plenty of pressure on me at default.

    WR Catching- 45/45- back up to 45... The more I play, the more dropped balls I see now per game, and its just not a realistic number. Too many drops after getting hit imo. really good wr's should be able to hold on to some of those, but I'm not seein any being held on to.

    RB Ability- 45(was 50)/60- Changed RB ability for CPU to 60 now... Just trying to give CPU a small amount of help again still. GT ran all over me even at 55, but other than that, no one is able to run on me too well yet. *See Run blocking slider*

    Run Blocking- 50 (was 50)/50- Just not seeing a good run game by me, and especially not from the cpu. Raising this to 55 helps a ton! I know it effects kickoff returns alot too so *See kickoff power slider*

    Defense- HUM/CPU

    Pass Coverage- 95/60- At 95, it also helps with robo qb alot! Also allows for coverage sacks, or forces qb scrambles. Any higher than 60, and I was hopeless in completing a pass, especially when dealing with the pressure the cpu D was getting on my qb.

    Pass Rush- 90(was 100)/45- Still needs to 100 to see best results. I'm just not getting any time at all to throw imo. I tried raising HUM pass block to 55 first, but that made it way too easy. lowering CPU pass rush to 45 now. For me anyway seems to give a better balance.

    Interceptions- 5/5 (was 0)- With my games, I'm just seein too many int's my the cpu. Even at zero, i thre 3int's with ND versus Nevada! Zero is fine.

    Rush Defense- 35/35- Moved this down to 35. Through 3 games in new dynasty with ND, I've only allowed 56yds or something like that total in rushing. Michigan St ran the ball more effectively against me with this. I guess I just got better at the game, cuz it was fine at 40, but alll of a sudden it got really easy.

    Tackling- 50/55- I'm getting too many rushing yards after 1st contact. Read my post in this thread were I posted my game stats against Washington St. to see full details of why I changed it.

    Special Teams- HUM/CPU

    FG Pwr- 40/40- CPU was making 50+yd FGs with room to spare, so lowered it down.

    FG Acc- 40/50 (was 45)- Moved User acc up to 40, I was just missing way too many FGs in the range of 30-35yds still! It was still about a 50/50 shot of making it. Moved CPU slider down to 45, I thought at 50 it would be fine, but It's rare that the CPU misses a FG, 45 will be perfect, cuz I've had it at 40 and lower, and it wasn't good at all.

    Punt Pwr- 45 (was 40)/45 (was 40)- Punting average was still a little too high for my liking at the college level. so I lowered this down to 40.

    Punt Acc- 55/55- Punt Acc is horrid in this game. I move the arrow almost completely to the right or left, and the punter kicks it straight down the middle into the endzone with no wind! Coffin punts are not happenin on default punt acc.

    Kickoff Pwr- 75(was 50)/85(was 50)- KO strength, imo needed a little boost. I supersim them when I am kicking off, but the cpu doesn't seem to kickoff very far. I've yet to really see one go in the endzone far enough that I'd stay in for a touchback.Since I raised the run blocking up to 55 for the cpu, i decided to SUPERSIM the kickoffs lol.. it just saves me the headache of trying to tweak the sliders around to fix it, and the frustration of watch the cpu run back kicks on me all the time.

    Penalty Sliders: Follow straight down from top to bottom of list on the game.

  2. I'll try these out in a bit. Only thing I noticed right off the bat is the Holding slider. I've seen as many as 7 or 8 with it at 55 (my offense setting was at conservative), so I don't know how 60 will work out, but I'll give it a try.
  3. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
    fixin to play one now
  4. rbpd5015

    rbpd5015 Guest

    yeah I got a bunch also, but I felt it makes up for the lack of other calls. I can go with 55 if you think thats better.

  5. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
    i just finished my game with those sliders i agree very realistic....if i had to vote on any of the sliders that ive tested since we started discussing this.....id vote these are the best because the team stayed within a score and made many stops and i made stops as well....they broke sum long ones and i broke sum.....very realistic
  6. rbpd5015

    rbpd5015 Guest

    Guys here are the Heisman sliders we are using

    Me and the commish are going to do some testing with these also.

    We will see if we can improve these also.

    We hope to make everyone happy, but that is most likely impossible.

    The problem like I said before is each player is a different skill. Some of you guys should be on All American and some should be on Heisman.

    I will up this post in an hour with Heisman tweaks that will be included if you VOTE to stay the same.


    Skill- Heisman
    Quarter length 6 min



    QB Accuracy 40/5
    Pass block 50/15
    WR catch 50/50
    RB ability 55/50
    Run block 50/40


    Pass Coverage 35/30
    Pass Rush 75/75
    Interceptions 20/10
    Rush Defense 25/50
    Tackling 55/45

    Special Teams

    FG power 25/30
    Fg Accuracy 50/50
    Punt Power 50/50
    Punt accuracy 50/60
    Kickoff Power 45/70


    Offsides 75
    False Start 75
    Holding 55
    Facemask 50
    OFF P.I 90
    DEF P.I 100
    Kr/Pr Interference 100
    Clipping 50
    Intentional grounding 100
    rough passer 60
    rough kicker 60

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