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Some weird crap going on at Penn St.

Discussion in 'Overdrive' started by ClayRocks, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. ClayRocks

    ClayRocks Touch The Rock

    Sep 13, 2010
    (This was posted on another forum I visit.)

    FACTS ONLY posted here. Decide for yourself how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    -Jerry Sandusky is a player under Joe Paterno while Joe is an assistant.

    -Jerry Sandusky is a GA in Joe's first season as a head coach.

    -JS was an assistant 8 years under Joe Pa.

    -JS was the Defensive Coordinator under Joe Pa for 23 years.

    -2 victims came forward in 1998, both young boys, both claiming to have inappropriate experiences in a shower with JS

    -1977 Jerry Sandusky starts Second Mile Charity

    -1998 Penn State University Police conduct investigation on allegations

    -1998 Detective eavesdrop conversation with a victims mother and JS. JS admits he was "inappropriate"

    -1998 Both Schutlz and Curley know of investigation

    -1998 District Attorney Ray Gricar decides to not press charges

    -JS is PSU defensive coordinator for the 1998 and 1999 football seasons

    -1999 JS retires at the age of 55 years old and is granted EMERITUS status by the University, allowing him full access to PSU facilities and an office in football facilities

    -2000 1 Janitor eyewitnesses a sexual assault in the PSU football facilities and 1 janitor sees JS leaving same area with young boy's hair wet...Janitor that eye witnessed event says in his testimony it was worse than anything he saw in the Korean War

    -2000 both Janitors tell their superior but leave it at that for fear of losing their job

    -2002 Graduate Assistant MM witnessed a 10 year year old boy being raped in the showers of a PSU football practice facility

    -2002 MM doesn't call police or stop incident, calls his father, father says call Joe Paterno, MM calls Joe in the middle of the night and tells him what he saw to the extent of "Young boy, JS, night, shower, sexual nature" in the same sentence

    -2002 Joe Paterno waits until the following day and contacts Curley, PSU Athletic Director

    -2002 the same officials, Schultz and Curley that know of the 1998 investigation are notified of incident to the extent of "Young boy, JS, night, shower, sexual nature" in the same sentence by Paterno and MM

    -2002 School President Graham Spanier is notified of some form of incident involving JS

    -2002 no one investigation is conducted into who the boy assaulted was or JS

    -2002 the second mile charity is notified by PSU officials of incident

    -2002 Ray Gricar is still the DA in Centre County PA

    -Ray Gricar is slated to retire Dec. 31, 2005

    -April 15th, 2005 Ray Gricar disappears off the face of the earth, has not been found to this day, its discovered he googled how to destroy a laptop or hard drive on his home computer, 2 months after his disappearance his hard drive is found damaged in a river to the point of being unable to recover an information

    -2007 JS is seen on campus at football practice with a child

    -2009 an investigation that is launched into Sandusky stems from inappropriate behavior at a High school he was volunteering at, not anything involving PSU

    -2011 JS is indicted with Grand Jury statement, 8 victims involved dating back to 1994

    -2011 Schultz and Curley indicted on Perjury

    -JS's wife and friend tried to contact victim before said victim talked to Grand Jury

    -MM the former GA is now recruiting coordinator and Receivers coach at PSU

    -Of the 8 victims in the indictment, 2 cannot be identified or found, both are the victims in which eye witness accounts occurred on the PSU campus

    -2011 Joe Paterno issues a statement he was told things by GA MM but not to the extent listed in the Grand Jury indictment
  2. jandy

    jandy Walk On

    Feb 19, 2011
    How do you feel about this Jbek?
  3. Jbek

    Jbek Walk On

    Oct 1, 2011
    Jerry Sandusky retired twelve years ago. He doesn't deserve to live. Joepa is old as fuck and needs to retire. Graham Spanier is a money-grubbing pussy who doesn't do anything to improve the university. Tim Curley is an egotistical hothead who should have stepped down years ago.

    Penn State has exceptional tradition and pride, and the debauched acts committed by Sandusky, as well as the subsequent tongue in cheek by a fore-mentioned individuals, will do nothing in ruining this long-term and eternal pride/tradition of the university.

    I, for one, am disgusted. But, the sick actions of this dude who retired more than a decade ago will not affect my passion in following this football team
  4. Raidernation

    Raidernation I can show you better than I can tell you

    Dec 11, 2010
    What's really bad is this guy will not be exposed as much as Woods Vick or Tressler. And Paterno is just as bad..... The whole program had to know of these happenings that now will be swept under the rug. Is Penn State a Catholic School ?

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