St. Louis Rams 2015 Draft Review

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    Aug 6, 2014
    After missing the majority of the 2014 season due to a suspension as a result of shady dealings with EA, my St. Louis Rams finished the year 3-12. My Interim GM, who goes by the name of CPU Ghost, did a stellar job with the draft, and now we look like we have some good pieces.

    I have no idea how to determine which round these players were picked up in, so I will sort them by their overall.
    (Name - Pos - Ht/Wt - Age)


    George Hardin - TE - 6'4" 263 lbs - 20
    81 OVR, CTH 81, SPC 83, CIT 76, RBK 66, IBK 73, Star development

    Looking at his attributes, nothing really stands out. He is very balanced, though. He doesn't have the speed that Jared Cook has, but I think this is perfect for running 2TE sets, which is imperative for a run first team. Cook is getting up there and age, and Hardin is only 20 with star development. That will allow him a year or two to improve. He also has solid blocking stats that will be easy to improve as well. He's looking like a very good pickup.


    Adrian Charles - MLB - 6'2" 240 - 20
    79 OVR, 86 SPD, 91 ACC, 88 AGI, 89 Tackle, 89 HIT, 81 BSH, 78 ZCV, Fast development

    I'm ecstatic about this kid. I love Laurinaitis, but there's no denying that he is getting up there in age. This kid is a clone of him, in size, but his physical attributes are astounding. He will be taking over Laurinaitis' starting job, for sure. He is looking like he will be all over the field. I am definitely looking to build around this guy on defense.
    Note - If you're looking for a veteran MLB to serve as your seasonal stopgap at MLB, Lauranaitis is now available.


    Marquiste Diaz - C - 6'3" 292 - 21
    76 OVR, 86 PBK, 85 RBK, 86 IBK, 77 ACC, 85 STR, 92 INJ, Fast development

    I'm pretty excited about this guy, too. We definitely needed a center, and now we have a good young middle with him and Robinson to build around. He's very balanced in terms of blocking attributes, which is perfect. He will be an instant starter to help spring Demarco Murray lose.


    Carl Newman - CB - 6'0" 181 - 20
    72 OVR, 87 MCV, 75 ZCV, 91 AGI, 74 PRS, Average development

    We definitely needed CBs, and I don't think we hit very well. Only time will tell, and both of our new CBs (next one I will discuss) look like they will become solid contributors down the road. Nothing really stands out in terms of attributes.


    Axel Umana - CB - 6'0" 193 - 22
    71 OVR, 77 MCV, 82 ZCV, 78 PRS, 91 ACC, Average development

    This is the other CB we drafted. Again, he doesn't stand out much more. Umana and Newman will compete for the Nickel corner job. I'm already leaning towards Newman, who has better agility and man coverage, which I prefer.


    Kenyattus Brooks - WR - 6'1" 220 - 21
    70 OVR, 95 ACC, 93 AGI, 90 SPD, 82 CTH, 75 SPC, 73 CIT, 66 RTE, 91 ELU, 91 KR

    We definitely needed a WR, and I'm not sure we hit on this guy as an every-down X or Z. We already have our YWR in Tavon Austin. And I love Brian Quick, so this guy may end up panning out. But he definitely looks much more valuable in the return game, which is frustrating when considering we already have Tavon. If you're looking for a young WR with upside and to give an instant boost to your return game, look no further, Brooks is on the block.


    I think this a stellar draft. While I would have preferred if my star draft pick had been a WR, instead of a TE, I think this might be one of the best draft classes in this years draft. Not a single pick truly busted (everyone is above 70 OVR) and I got 3 instant starters with high chances of become valuable members of the team. I couldn't have done any better myself. Hopefully we can get this shit fixed so I can regain control.

    Final Draft Grade: A+++
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    Aug 13, 2014
    Was very happy to see the Rams get a strong draft. And you are right, this was probably one of the better draft classes in the league, no question. You needed a break to keep the Rams from spiraling. Hopefully can return soon. :(
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