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*Steelers offseason Re-Signin*

Discussion in '1st and 10' started by DocDonmoyer1970, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. DocDonmoyer1970

    DocDonmoyer1970 Walk On

    Dec 9, 2014

    Moves made by my team are as follows:
    Player Position Years Salary Bonus
    Timmons, L MLB 4 30 million 10 million
    Foster, R G 3 9 million 3 million
    Decastro, D G (franchise Tag) 1 6.6 million 3.33 million
    Mclendon, M DT 2 6.2 million 2 million
    Adams, M T 3 5 million 1 million
    Roethlisberger QB 1 4 million 1 million
    Gay, W CB 1 3.2 million 1 million

    I hope this will be fine, if not please point out the errors for future corrections.
    Thank you,
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