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Sugar Bowl

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Pac12Leader, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Pac12Leader

    Pac12Leader Walk On

    Jul 21, 2010
    Sugar Bowl

    You can find the highlights here


    This was one of the craziest games I've ever played, and thank God Noel Devine is leaving this year. On the second touch of the game he went 75 yards after breaking one tackle and juking another defender out of his socks on the way to the end zone. Their defense was the first 3-3-5 that I had faced this year and I went three and out on my first two drives. Their QB was hitting wide open wide receivers all over the field and threw a beautiful 40 yard TD pass in the back of the end zone to go up 14-0.

    The Runnin Rebels ground game finally got going with a solid 12 play drive to put the score at 14-7. They come right back with a score, but we're able to match them when QB Raymond Cotton goes 69 yards on an option run to keep the game within seven points. The defense forced a fumble, but our offense failed to convert a 4th and 1 at the 12 yard line and we turned the ball over. We were able to force a punt with four minutes remaining and a sweep out of the wild cat netted us a good 25 yards to get us on their half of the field. Another 10 plays later and it was all tied up at halftime.

    On the first drive of the second half the Mountaineers held us on a 4th and 3 at the 35 yard line and we turned the ball over. They come right back and score in 5 plays to snatch the lead right back at 28-21. The Rebels go back to their bread-and-butter with a 15 play 3 minute drive to knot it up at 28 a piece.

    The fourth quarter got really interesting when Ole Miss forced a West Virginia punt and drives all the way up field into field goal range, but the kicker misses a 40 yard field wide left. West Virginia comes right back with their passing game and misses a 48 yard field goal with 4 minutes to play. Ole Miss hits a couple big 20+ yard runs back to back and they're in the red zone with 3 minutes to play. The next couple of plays burn some clock and have us around the 10 yard line. We get down to the one yard line with a minute to play and our first run is stuffed up the middle. Our second run gets stuffed up the middle again, but on third down we get around the corner for our first lead of the game with 40 seconds to play. West Virginia comes right back by completing 6 of 8 passes on the drive. With 7 seconds to play they find themselves at the 5 yard line where Smith finds Bailey in the back of the end zone for the TD. We're headed to overtime!

    Ole Miss won the toss and elects to play defense. West Virginia is called for holding on their first play and gets moved back out of FG range. They were able to gain most of the yards back, but failed to convert the first down. Their kicker comes in and misses a chip shot 34 yard field goal wide right!

    Ole Miss just wants to run up the middle for a couple plays and on third and 2 Brandon Bolden bursts up the middle for a 12 yard gain only to have the first Ole Miss penalty of the game - holding, 10 yards. This was way out of FG range and Houston Nutt considered running the ball on 3rd and 12 and trying to get close enough to kick the FG, but he goes for a slant route across the middle and hits Pat Patterson for an 11 yard gain. The ball was set at the farthest part of the left hashmark, one that has haunted this kicker all season. The kick is up and looks to be sailing wide right before a mysterious wind hits the field and curves the ball right through the uprights as Ole Miss wins the Sugar Bowl.
  2. LSU21dude

    LSU21dude Geaux Tigers

    Jul 22, 2010
    Damn dude, great write up. I love games like that, I had a similar one against Florida and they missed their fg in OT and I barely put in a game winner.

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