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Summer Olympics Pick'Em Pool [Take 2]

Discussion in 'The Cheap Seats' started by TheCrumbIsHere, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. TheCrumbIsHere

    TheCrumbIsHere Walk On

    Jun 5, 2010
    *Changed the format to be a ton simpler*

    Summer Olympics Pick’Em Pool:

    The objective of this pool will be to accumulate the most virtual Olympic medals, by selecting a team which wins the most medals in the Summer Olympics in London at the end of July-early August. This should actually make watching the Olympics a bit more exciting as you will now have teams to root for in some of these more obscure events(outside of the USA or your home country that is!)

    How to Play:
    The object is to assemble the optimal combination of the world’s best athletes in order to accumulate the most virtual Olympic medals. Of the 302 official Olympic events, this pool focuses on a subset of those events with an emphasis on the sports that have team competitions. I have chosen these 22 which will cover each of the main categories of that event.

    For each event type, assign one country. Countries can be used for multiple events but countries cannot be assigned to more than ten events. When a country on your team wins a medal you earn points. Goal medals are worth 3 points, silver is worth 2 points and bronze is worth 1 point. It is possible to win multiple places in a single event. I have listed all of the countries that have qualified for each event at the bottom. If there is any more research that you need, let me know. I'll put up a list of good sources of information.

    To Enter:
    1. Copy and paste the events list into your own post.
    2. Fill in each of the events with the country that you choose will do the best in the event. Keep in mind that you can only use a country 10 times, so you have to be smart where you place them.
    3. Good Luck! Entries are due by the first day of the Olympics which is July 25th!

    Events List:

    1. Archery:
    2. Aquatics:
    3. Athletics:
    4. Badminton:
    5. Basketball:
    6. Beach Volleyball:
    7. Boxing:
    8. Canoeing:
    9. Cycling:
    10. Equestrian:
    11. Fencing:
    12. Field Hockey:
    13. Gymnastics:
    14. Handball:
    15. Judo:
    16. Modern Pentathlon:
    17. Rowing:
    18. Shooting:
    19. Soccer:
    20. Table Tennis:
    21. Taekwando:
    22. Tennis:
    23. Triathlon:
    24. Volleyball:
    25. Weightlifting:
    26. Sailing:
    27. Trampoline:
    28. Wrestling:

    You could use: http://www.nbcolympics.com/medals/index.html as a guide for past history in each of the events as a nice bit of extra research.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2012
  2. ChaoticUT

    ChaoticUT Life is Orange and White!

    Jul 19, 2010
    #1 'Merica for all!!!

    #2 Much better concept then the last go.

    #3 Am I missing it or have you left off all the running events?
  3. TheCrumbIsHere

    TheCrumbIsHere Walk On

    Jun 5, 2010
    1. You can't do that. You can only pick USA for ten of the twenty five events(even though we know they'll do better)

    2. Yes, and I'm surprised no one told me earlier.. "Crumb, you're an idiot."

    3. All of the Track and Field Events are listed under Athletics by the Olympic Committee.
  4. Bl0ndeRedHead

    Bl0ndeRedHead Official TSO Pothead

    Jul 31, 2010
    I'll bite. I'll post my selections after some research
  5. TheCrumbIsHere

    TheCrumbIsHere Walk On

    Jun 5, 2010
    Added three last important disciplines. Sailing, trampoline and Wrestling.

    Just add them to the bottom of the list. Remember that men's and women's events are included together in each discipline.

    Below are my picks!

    1. Archery: Great Britain
    2. Aquatics: USA
    3. Athletics: USA
    4. Badminton: China
    5.Basketball: USA
    6. Beach Volleyball: USA
    7. Boxing: USA
    8. Canoeing: Germany
    9. Cycling: Great Britain
    10.Equestrian: Canada
    11.Fencing: Italy
    12.Field Hockey: Australia
    13.Gymnastics: USA
    14.Handball: France
    15. Judo: Japan
    16.Modern Pentathlon: Russia
    17.Rowing: Germany
    18. Shooting: USA
    19.Soccer: Brazil
    20.Table Tennis: China
    21.Taekwando: S. Korea
    22.Tennis: USA
    23.Triathlon: Great Britain
    24.Volleyball: USA
    25.Weightlifting: Russia
    26. Sailing: Australia
    27. Trampoline: Canada
    28. Wrestling: Bulgaria
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2012

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