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Sunday NFL Countdown (AFC Season Preview Edition)

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by kdpnutter, Sep 7, 2013.

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    Aug 31, 2010

    Swami : Welcome to the AFC season preview edition of NFL Sunday Countdown! I'm Chris Berman, along with the Coach Mike Ditka, TJ Tom Jackson, Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter and a man not to be forgotten Keyshawn Johnson. Today we take a look at each division and give our season predictions, where better to start then with the reigning Super Bowl Champions, Baltimore Ravens and AFC North. Coach we will start with you.


    Coach: You have the reigning Superbowl Champion Baltimore Ravens, but you have no Ed Reed and no Ray Lewis, you have an improved Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinatti Bengals and Cleveland Browns. Chris, when you look at each team Cleveland is getting better but not quite there yet. Baltimore is going to regress a little bit since so much turnover and who is going to lead that defense? That leaves the Bengals and the Steelers, Ben is the unquestioned leader in Pittsburgh and with Andy Dalton and those guys getting better, I will give the nod to

    Coach: That's right I am going with the Steelers at 10-6 will win the division the Bengals will go 9-7 and the Ravens going 7-9 and Cleveland at 6-10.

    Keyshawn: Now hold on Coach, to discount Terrell Suggs and Ball so hard University like that, I gotta ride with the defending champions until you can take them down then you got to roll with them. Flacco and Ray Rice and Torrey Smith are still there, Terrell Suggs is still there on defense and a healthy Lardarius Webb and Jimmy Smith on the corners. Ravens 11-5, Steelers 9-7, Bengals 8-8, Browns 5-11. Brandon Weeden still has some growing to do and Trent needs to show he can stay healthy all year.

    Tom: I agree with you Coach, Pittsburgh is in year two of Todd Haley's offense and the guy to watch the most is going to be Jarvis Jones, the linebacker that is expected to take the role of James Harrison, this man can do it all. Baltimore has too much change over to do it again, I have Pittsburgh 10-6, Bengals 9-7, Browns 8-8, Ravens 6-10.

    Swami: Really? 6-10 for the defending Champions?

    Tom: I just see too much turnover, and the biggest loss could be Matt Birk, he made all the calls on that offensive line and don't underestimate taking snaps from a different center.

    Cris: Well, I'm the only one that is apparently on the Bengals bandwagon, Andy Dalton and AJ Green and the addition of James Harrison who comes over from the Steelers gives that defense a whole new sort of toughness. You can bet for at least two games of the year he has circled against the Steelers to show that they made a mistake against them. I like Giovanni in the backfield to go with the Lawfim and Dalton is now in his third year, I look for him to take another step forward. Bengals 11-5, Steelers, 9-7, Ravens 9-7, Browns 7-9.

    Swami: Well as you can see trying to get everyone to agree isn't an easy thing, putting on my Swami hat for these, I go with the Steelers, 10-6, Bengals 9-7, Ravens 7-9, Browns 6-10, sorry Dog pound but at least one more year but your heading in the right direction. Now let's head over to the AFC East. Cris, we will start with you on this one.


    Cris: Chris this is easy, Tom Brady and those Patriots, Miami made some good strides this offseason but so many new pieces it will take a little bit to adjust. New York is a mess, and Buffalo could be the surprise team of the AFC East, I expect them to be a little more competitive but what can you expect from a rookie QB? Patriots 11-5, Dolphins 10-6, Bills 8-8, Jets 2-14. Rex Ryan will be fired by Thanksgiving.

    Keyshawn: New England has too much talent, Patriots 12-4, Dolphins 9-7, Bills 8-8, Jets 3-13.

    TJ: Patriots 11-5, Bills 9-7, Dolphins 7-9, Jets, 4-12.

    Coach: Now wait a minute, there are other teams in the AFC East besides the Patriots..........but I'm not going to be picking them, Patriots 11-5, Bills 10-6, Dolphins 8-8, Jets 2-14.

    Swami: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are arguably the greatest quarterback head coach combination in history. New England goes on to win the division 11-5, Buffalo 9-7, Dolphins 9-7. Jets 4-12. Now we will move to the AFC South where last year the Houston Texans won the division but the Indianapolis Colts lead by then number one pick and behind "Chuck Strong" in honor of there coach Chuck Pagano, you have a Titans team that added some new pieces for CJ2K who has said he will run for 2000 yards this season and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Key let's start with you.


    Keyshawn: Houston is an extremely talented team led by there all-world running back Arian Foster and defensive player of the year JJ Watt. They lost Glover Quin to free agency but also signed Bernard Pollard and drafted DJ Swearinger, and not to mention DeAndre Hopkins to play opposite Andre Johnson. Houston will win this division 11-5 in a big contract year for Matt Schaub. Titans 9-7, Colts 8-8, Jaguars 3-13. Jacksonville is doing some nice things but when you have two quarterbacks you really have none.

    Coach: I disagree Key, I like the Texans and JJ Watt, but don't underestimate the Titans additions of Andy Levitre and Chance Warmack, it gives Chris Johnson a lot better offensive line and defensively will be better this year. I have the Titans 10-6, Texans 9-7, Colts 8-8, Jaguars 3-13.

    TJ: Coach, how can you go against the Texans? This rookie wide receiver could mean that teams can't double Andre Johnson and don't forget about Owen Daniels the safety blanket for Schaub. Houston wins the division at 9-7, Colts 8-8, Titans 7-9, Jaguars, 2-14.

    Swami: When you can disrupt 19 pass plays without getting a sack and then on top of that notching 20+ sacks, you are something special. Swami goes with Houston 9-7, Colts 7-9, Titans 6-10, Jacksonville 3-13.
    Heading to the last AFC division, the AFC West where you saw new coach Andy Reid in Kansas City, Alex Smith get traded to the Chiefs, Matt Flynn traded to the Raiders, Mike McCoy as the new coach in San Diego and oh yeah Peyton Manning is still there in Denver with Wes Welker as his new weapon. TJ, we will start with you.


    TJ: After being part of the organization if I went away from them especially after last year I don't know if I would ever be welcomed back into the Mile High City. Denver based on talent alone should win this division, Peyton Manning is just too good 11-5, Kansas City 7-9, San Diego 6-10, Oakland 4-12.

    Keyshawn: I like the changes the Chiefs made, and adding Andy Reid and having a game manager in Alex Smith. Denver added Welker but defensively is where you have to wonder. My upset special, Kansas City wins the division 10-6, Denver 9-7, Oakland 4-12, San Diego 3-13.

    Coach: Denver has Peyton Manning now two years removed from his surgery but two years older. Denver's window is closing and is Champ Bailey going to be the same Champ Bailey. I like what Kansas City did and Andy Reid now doesn't have to worry about player moves or anything he just gets to coach and we know he can do that. Kansas City 9-7, San Diego 8-8, Denver 6-10, Oakland 3-13.

    Cris: Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning, but the question isn't the offense its the defense, with the loss of Elvis on the other side of the ball who besides Von Miller will get pressure on the passer? Kansas City 9-7, Oakland 7-9, San Diego 5-11, Denver 3-13.

    Swami: We have opinions all over the place, but we know where there Swami is going...........

    Rumbling, bumbling, stumbling with the new regime of Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen as the head coach I like what the Raiders have done, they are going to surprise some people. Oakland 9-7, Kansas city 7-9, San Diego 6-10, Denver 2-14. That's all the time we have folks, thank you for joining us for all of us here on Sunday NFL Countdown, enjoy your football folks!

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