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Sunday NFL Countdown (NFC Season Preview)

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by kdpnutter, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Aug 31, 2010

    Swami: It's Sunday morning here in September and you know what that means, it's the return of real football in the NFL. This is part two of our season predictions, along with Hall of Famer Cris Carter, the 1986 Chicago Bears Super Bowl winning head coach and Hall of Famer Mike Ditka, Mr. Dancing with the Stars and future hall of famer Keyshawn Johnson, former Denver Broncos great TJ Tom Jackson, I'm Chris Berman. Today we will explore the NFC and the four divisions over there. Let's start off with the reigning NFC Champions San Francisco 49ers and the NFC West. Key let's start with you.


    Keyshawn: Chris, it's hard to go against the 49ers here, they come in with the most talented team in the NFL. Patrick Willis is the best middle linebacker in football now that our colleague Ray Lewis has retired. Colin Kapernick showed he could handle the starting job and was one more big play from winning the Super bowl. 49ers win the division 11-5, Seattle 10-6, Arizona 6-10, St. Louis 4-12. Tavon Austin will help that team but there offensive line and loss of Steven Jackson is too much to overcome.

    TJ: Key, I like the play of Colin Kapernick but having an entire off-season to prepare for his speed and the read option I see a little regression for him. Defense wins football games, so for that I go with the Seattle Seahawks, the number one defense in the NFL. Russell Wilson had a great year and he can rely heavily on Marshawn Lynch. Don't discount the 12th man either, that is one hard place to play. Seattle 10-6, San Francisco 9-7, St. Louis 6-10, Arizona 4-12.

    Coach: TJ, Seattle does have a great defense and I know a little something about a great defense, but Jim Harbaugh was hard nosed as a player and even more so as a coach, I go with the 49ers as he gets the most out of Kapernick and Vernon Davis. 49ers 11-5, Seattle 8-8, St. Louis, 7-9, Arizona 3-13.

    Cris: Has everyone forgot there is this guy, down in Arizona, his name is Larry Fitzgerald? He finally has a quarterback that can get him the football in Carson Palmer, I love the pick of Tyrann Mathieu who has played great this preseason and Jonathan Cooper. Arizona surprises everyone, Arizona 10-6, 49ers 9-7, Seahawks 7-9, St. Louis 4-12.

    Swami: I just have one question............

    49ers 11-5, Arizona 9-7, Seattle 8-8, Rams 4-12. Now moving onto the NFC North where a man by the name of Adrian Peterson missed the all time rushing record by 9 yards. You've also got Jay Cutler and the Bears, Megatron and the Lions, oh and Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Coach, let's start with you.


    Coach: If you could put that picture up that I gave you earlier.
    That's right, I look for Jay Cutler to lead the Chicago Bears to the division title, it is a contract year for Cutler and with Tressman as the new coach even with the loss of Urlacher I am still going with the Bears 10-6, Vikings 9-7, Lions 9-7, Packers 4-12.

    TJ: Now if that just isn't a little bit of home cooking Coach, after a tough year last year I am going with the Detroit Lions, do not under estimate the signings of Glover Quin and Reggie Bush. Bush gives them a dynamic element out of the back field. Lions 11-5, Vikings 9-7, Bears 9-7, Packers 5-11.

    Cris: I'm surprised at both of you, you have a man in Minnesota who fell 9 yards shy of rushing record. Adrian Peterson is a badddddd man. Vikings win the division 10-6, Lions 9-7, Packers 5-11, Bears 4-12. Coach, your not the only one with pictures to use, let's go ahead and put that picture up.

    Keyshawn: Well, I'm glad everyone has there photos and everything but this is about the guys on the field. Lions will take the division 13-3, Reggie Bush gives a big second option to help Calvin Johnson. Bears 9-7, Vikings 7-9, Packers 5-11.

    Swami: Aaron Rodgers a few years ago went to the Super Bowl, Detroit is better, Minnesota has Peterson, Bears are always tough, I'm going with the discount double check champion Aaron Rodgers! Packers in an upset 10-6, Bears 9-7, Lions 9-7, Vikings 5-11.
    Now we head over the NFC South where Cam Newton and the Panthers, Drew Brees and the Saints, Matt Ryan and the Falcons and Darrelle Revis and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. TJ let's start with you.


    TJ: Darrelle Revis comes to the Bucs defense and immediately makes them better, and Sean Payton comes back to the Saints, Tony Gonzalez comes back for another year with the Falcons, but I am going with Cam Newton and Panthers. I like what this team has done in the preseason, if they continue to run the ball and try to avoid the amount of hits Cam has taken then they get my nod to win this division. Panthers 9-7, Falcons 8-8, Bucs 7-9, Saints, 5-11.

    Coach: Don't underestimate the return of Sean Payton, Saints win a tough NFC South 9-7, Panthers 8-8, Bucs 7-9, Falcons 6-10.

    Keyshawn: Darrelle Revis and Dashon Goldson are huge additions for the Bucs, I like Tampa Bay in a year where Josh Freeman is almost in a make or break year. Bucs 10-6, Panthers 9-7, Saints 7-9, Falcons, 6-10.
    Oh, Cris and Coach this one's for you.

    Cris: Key, is that the shape your looking to get in for Dancing with the Stars? Haha, for the NFC South, I like Superman to become back as SuperCam. Panthers 10-6, Falcons 9-7, Saints 7-9, Bucs 6-10.

    Swami: Revis Island will be in full effect, Bucs play better defense but aren't able to contain Cam Newton, Panthers 11-5, Bucs, 10-6, Saints 6-10, Falcons 5-11. Moving onto our last division will be the NFC East where you have Robert Griffin III coming back from knee injury, Eli Manning and the Giants who missed the playoffs, the wild wild world of Jerry Jones and the Cowboys and Chip Kelly in his first season with the Eagles.
    Cris let's start with you.


    Cris: This is finally the year I think that Dallas breaks thru and finally gets it done, Romo got his extension so he knows he will be in Dallas for a while and this is the year Dez Bryant goes into MVP talks. Cowboys 10-6, Giants 9-7, Redskins 8-8, Eagles 3-13. Chip Kelly has his work cut out for him.

    TJ: RG III how will he bounce back after the knee injury? I think he will bounce back just fine, Hail to the Redskins, Redskins win the division again this year 10-6, Giants 9-7, Cowboys 7-9, Eagles 4-12.

    Coach: Chip Kelly averages more plays than anyone in the NFL, I think his high uptempo offense will help the Eagles a lot this year, but the Giants will win this division, Eli has a healthy Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks, and defensively expect some pressure to be on the quarterback from Jason Pierre-Paul. Giants 11-5, Redskins 10-6, Cowboys 7-9, Eagles 6-10.

    Keyshawn: Michael Vick has a lot to prove this year, I like what the Eagles have in Chip Kelly, Fly Eagles Fly! Eagles surprise everyone and win the division in a 3 way tie in the division. Eagles 9-7, Redskins 9-7, Giants 9-7, and Cowboys finish just behind at 8-8. Tightest division in football.

    Swami: RG III, Romo, Eli, Michael Vick, I mean how can you really go wrong? I like Eli Manning and Victor Cruz, Cruz just got signed long term and I expect to see a lot of salsa dancing. Giants 10-6, Redskins 9-7, Cowboys 8-8, Eagles 7-9. Well there you have it, we've previewed both the AFC and NFC, we hope you enjoy your Sunday and a great season to everyone. For the Coach Mike Ditka, Keyshawn Johnson, TJ Tom Jackson, and Cris Carter, I'm Chris Berman, have a great day of football!

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