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    OKAY LADIES AND GENTS. You see the mooooose-stache? The mustache means Swami means BUSINESS for this pre playoff edition. Its been a tumultuous year with many twists, turns, ups and downs. Controversy and intrigue have punctuated Season 3 from start to finish. Alas, HaW soldiers on. Records have fallen, new teams have risen to prominence while the Old Guard has shown it is unwilling to relinquish the reigns just yet. Swami and the mighty mustache soldier on too. Onto some divisional intrigue!

    Well this division looks pretty darn familiar. The Patriots at the top with a close behind Buffalo Bills team who, for the second year in a row, went 0-2 against the Patriots. The Patriots have dominated teams all season. They are the Galactic Empire, we now know. Can another Rebel Alliance dethrone them? Buffalo played them early in the season, have they finally hit their stride and gained enough confidence to overthrow them? SWAMI SEZ NOBODY CIRCLES THE WAGONS, LIKE THE BUFFALO BILLS. What about going forward in this division? Andy Dalton has definitely improved the Jets, but can they take another step in Season 4? Miami seems the furthest off from the bunch, can perhaps a few key acquisitions or an injection of talent right the ship? They played the Buffalo Bills AWFULLY close late in Season 3, they could certainly be a surprise team in Season 4 if the chips fall right.

    What a division. Not a single team with a losing record. The worst team in this division went 8-8 in the Kansas City Chiefs. All of these teams could be competing for playoff spots if they were in a different division but alas, the Raiders have risen to the top. After getting bested by the Broncos last season, the Raiders were on a mission this season and aside from a late season hiccup against the Bills and Buccaneers, the Raiders look poised to make a run. And we have the fabulously surprising San Dee eggo, Super CHARGE ers who probably remind you a lot of... you guessed it the Buffalo Bills. 11-4 right now with 2 of their losses coming against the mighty Oakland Raiders. Swami likes his Chargers too, but more than THA RRRRAAAAIIIDDDDAHHHSS?

    Talk about a division that was flipped upside down. The Bengals started out hot but lost their coach halfway through the season and went down the drain. The Steelers took advantage, seized control over a pretty well contested division with even the Browns getting into the mix before finally succumbing to the long season. The Steelers will have their hands full in the playoffs but if Ryan Shazier can make a couple more plays on defense, this team will be a nice dark horse candidate. The Ravens are in complete rebuild mode but the Browns and Bengals aren't that far off. Weapons abound in Cleveland but what is the answer? Cincinnati overhauled the roster but are positioned nicely. Swami sees a WHITE HOT competition for this division next season but as for now, its up to the Steelers to represent.

    Here the Colts are yet again and here Houston is yet again. The Colts squeak into the division lead and will head to the playoffs while the scrappy and always dangerous Texans go home packing, this time on an overtime loss to the crazy good Minnesota Vikings. The Titans may be the worst trainwreck this side of the Toronto Mounties and Jacksonville doesn't seem like their ever going to dig themselves out of their hole. Swami sees more of the same in store for Season 4 but Swami has real question marks about the Colts in the playoffs. The Colts could be a nice dark horse candidate with Andrew Luck slinging the ball and Trent Richardson hammering away in the trenches. Swami likey.....

    Well well well, here the Cowboys are again. Can they actually show up in the playoffs? More high flying offensive numbers out of Dallas and a boatload of wins but can they get over the hump and make a real charge in the NFC? The New York Giants hit the lotto in the draft with picks of MLB Dondi Franklin and CB Pershing Rodgers who've propelled them into a contender in the East. They literally fell into the playoffs dropping their final 6 games but were against teams with a combined record of 72-24. Swami Sez the Giants are still a threat and watch out for the Redskins next year folks.

    We dont need to say much about Toronto but we can celebrate a first playoff appearance for the San Francisco 49ers. The Seahawks also lost their coach midseason and battled admirably but weren't able to overcome the 49ers. All the 49ers need is a chance.... and now they've got one. Can this be signaling a changing of the guard in the West? Can the Arizona Cardinals stay competitive? Swami Sez this is going to be a HOT division next year, you just watch.

    Well, the Rebel Alliance perhaps has exhausted itself after firing two proton torpedoes into the Galactic Empire's Death Star in Season 2. The Empire has retooled and rebuilt, but have the Rebels? They scratched and clawed their way but have all but secured a spot in the playoffs. Can they step up their game? And the Minnesota Vikings return now, appearing as nearly unbeatable. An astounding 15-1 regular season record makes the Vikings THE NFC favorite and HaW's best shot to take a knockout swing at the hated Patriots. Green Bay and Chicago on the other hand are on the mend. Chicago has the makings of a Star at QB but will it be enough. Can Aaron Rodgers return to the limelight? Some ultra juicy storylines will be cooking come Season 4.

    The team that no one is talking about, the ultra dark horse Atlanta Falcons. Dont you worry baby birds, father Swami hasn't forgotten about you. You don't win 14 games in this league by happenstance and the fact that no one is talking about the Falcons is absurd. Watch out HaW, the Falcons may be looking to make a statement come playoff time. The Saints battled their way to 8-8 but is Drew Brees playing another season and what does this team look like without him? Tampa surprised a few teams this year including a huge win over the Raiders late in the season - can they take a jump? Can the Carolina Panthers and the super human Cam Newton make some noise with a coach that is fully available for a whole season? More questions than answers in the South says the Schwam, but don't sleep on the Falcons. Do not.

    Well Swami loves his Bills no question there, but how do you pick against the New England Patriots? You just cannot. Patriots outta the AFC and the molten lava hot Minnesota Vikings outta the NFC. I expect nothing short of absolute pandemonium, fireworks and possibly even death threats from the playoffs but in the end, Swami sees the Patriots hoisting another Lombardi. The Galactic Empire lives on....
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    Mozzy says Cowboys from nfc. ;)
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    Great write up Keller! I really enjoyed reading this.

    Patriots don't stand a chance.. The dark side never wins.
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