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    You know the drill folks.... listen to the gloriousness to get your mindset while reading...

    Firstly, the most important thing folks. Please hold a moment of silence for our fallen comrades... Masterfocker, Greatness.... RaunchyTacoBowl. But.... Raunchy it doesn't have to be this way. This is my plea to you sir. A very special edition of Swami Sez. HaW is down on its hands and knees. We gave Moz handies and blowies for like a full 36 hours to get him to stay. Do we gotta offer up handies and blowies to Chili? Whats it gonna take?

    In other news.... we have MEGA BREAKING AWESOME NEWS. THE MIAMI DOLPHINS HAVE UPSET THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Everyone please stand up and give a round of applause to DadiBlanki for toppling the jolly gray giant Jordan Hordan54 May this day go down in HaW history as a day/win for the good guys.

    Now now..... lets get down to business shall we?


    Well New England losing perhaps makes things a little more interesting. What happens if Denver beats NE in Week 17 and Buffalo wins out. Can the Bills take the AFCE in that scenario? Swami Sez YES!. The Bills would own a better division and conference record in that scenario meaning that Week 17 game just got SCINTILLATING! Otherwise the Bills are positioned nicely to take the other wildcard spot in the AFC. Their offense is getting hot at the right time.

    Does anyone want to make a separate, special post detailing all of the AFCW scenarios? I don't know if the SCHWAM can figure this out, but thats why they pay me the big bucks. Swami Sez the Bronco's are going to win the division. Write that down baby birds. Assuming both Oakland and San Diego win their Week 16 games, which is likely, it comes down to Week 17 for them and perhaps the game of the cycle where they play one another; winner takes a spot in the Wildcard. KC I believe is sadly out of it. Sorry KC.

    Swami Sez Pittsburgh is taking this division making them the likely 4 seed in the playoffs. 2 weeks to could mean anything in head scratching AFCN but Swami feels good picking the Steelers who may have finally righted the ship this season. Baltimore needs help, but it is possible for them to hop the Steelers. They spilt the series with one another but I believe Baltimore needs Pitt to lose out in order to steal the North. Another up and down season for Cleveland.... do they have their sights set on drafting another WR yet? Is Josh Gordon's time finally up in a Browns uni? What about Joe Haden? A lot more questions than answers in Cleveland with an off season looming.

    In the South, Indy surprisingly ran away with the division. Houston struggled all year with a tough schedule and spotty QB play. Can they find a QB of the future? Indy is one of the teams that has certainly flown under the radar this season but Swami Sez they are poised to make a run this season. They are a complete team with talent all over the place. Also put a star next to Jacksonville this offseason. Swami Sez they are going to shake up the division soon. They have a Franchise QB in Sullivan. Keep an eye on WR Dewitt Quarles. You heard it here first folks.


    In the East you have maybe the quietest 13-1 team ever. Dallas is poised to end all chatter about their propensity to choke in the big game.... or are they? Unlike the AFC, Washington is firmly in the Wildcard mix at 8-6. But are they good enough to compete with the big boys on the big stage? Swami Sez yes! They beat the Colts earlier in the season and Swami is high on those Colts so they can compete with anybody. Can the Giants and Eagles get on track next season? Will the Giants ever draft a QB?

    Much like the AFCN, it appears no one in the NFCW want to win the division. YET they are ALL within striking distance of one another these last 2 games. The 49ers play both the Cardinals and Seahawks these last 2 games.... if they can find a way to win they would likely find their way to the top of the division. Swami just has a feeling about those Hawks though.... this is their year to reclaim the West.

    In the North, another glorious Week 17 matchup looms which will likely decide who takes this division AND the bye in the first round of playoffs. Detroit must go through Chicago and Dallas first, putting their odds a bit lower but Swami likes his Lions. Minnesota will be a wildcard team NO ONE wants to face come playoff time though.

    In the South, will Atlanta go into a free fall without their Head coach? They have the division locked up but does this mean the Saints can squeeze into the Wildcard? With rumors swirling surrounding their coach, I'm not sure it will matter for either team. The AFCS is perhaps the least interesting division to talk about with the uncertainty surrounding their coaches. Who knows what will happen in the South but one thing is certain.... Raunchy Taco's will be a staple food item in HaW forever.

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