Swami Sez - Week 4

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    Swami Sez - Week 4


    We're back and better than EVER. Season 3 Week 4's edition of Swami Sez coming at ya! You guys haven't seen Swami since Season 1 - whats the Schwam been up to you ask?

    Well.... playing Tecmo Bowl

    Catching some Sun

    Hittin the links

    And of course hangin out with the wifey

    I mean.... discussing business with some colleagues. Err um... well its not important. Lets talk football should we? Thats what we're all here for.

    Season 2 ended with a superb, scintillating, stunning, seismic... SUPERBOWL. Detroit brought down the damn house with what will go down as perhaps one of the greatest (or perhaps two greatest) plays in league history. Ali knocked out Frazier. Or will we later think it was Frazier knocking out Ali? Up to this point, New England has made a reputation for itself as the bad guy. Darth Vader. The Galactic Empire. The entire league rejoiced when Detroit ended New England's run to what would have been a 2nd straight title. But perhaps we we're too quick to judge?

    What if Detroit goes on a run now? What if Detroit wins Season 3, then what? Will we be begging for the Galactic Empires help? Will we feel helpless in the wake of Detroit's awesome firepower? TIME WILL TELL! Who do you think is the Rebel Alliance or perhaps we should call them the New Republic?

    Lets talk AFC first, as per custom. First, lets get the mood right.

    Now, lets take a look at a snapshot of the AFC Standings.

    AFCE - Well New England is running away with this division already. Swami see's no way the Patriots lose this division. Its sad to say, but this division is locked up already. Swami does think the Jets have made enough moves to challenge Buffalo and other AFC hopefuls in the Wildcard though. Can the Dolphins get something going? They're 0-3 already and it does not look good.

    AFCW - One of the most competitive divisions, top to bottom. San Diego.... Superchargers.... have shocked the league and jumped out to a stout 3-1 record. Oakland remains 2-1 but is on a bye in Week 4. Manningless Denver, and no Brock Osweiler who was once considered the heir apparent, lost a tough one last night to Atlanta and falls to 2-2 on the arm of Alexander Broussard. Can he lead them out of the 2-2 HAZE in Denver? We'll see. Finally, Kansas City sits at 1-2 with an angry 1-2 Jets team on the horizon. Who prevails!? Swami Sez its a coin flip but is taking the Chefs.

    AFCN - Swami tweeted about it all offseason but we're finally here and what do you know - the Cincinnati Bengals are off to a hot 3-0 start. They look to be in control of the division but in this ultra competitive division, anything can happen. Pittsburgh sits at 2-1 and they face off against a newly talented New York Football Giants team. Cleveland is still clawing their way out of Art Modell's shadow but are a respectable 2-2 early in this young season. Boy do they have some exciting players..... BUT THEY GOTTA PUT UP SOME W's. Baltimore was ravaged in Free Agency and they just haven't recovered. Swami is rooting for a return to the Ravens of old.... maybe one day, but not today.

    AFCS - Holy roley poley oley the Andrew Luck led Colts sport the best offense in the AFC and are out to a 4-0 start. Houston loses a tough game last night despite picking off Philip Rivers 5 times and falls to 2-2. Swami Sez they will be in the mix at the end however, just perhaps only for a wildcard. The Jaguars made some big moves in the past offseason shipping away Bortles, acquiring Geno Smith and Jamal Charles. And Tennessee, oh boy. 0-3 and lost both their starting AND backup QB's. Swami feels really bad for the Titans. It could be a ROUGH season in Tennessee.

    Swami's WAY TO DAMN EARLY AFC Playoff Predictions

    1. New England
    2. Cincinnati
    3. Indianapolis
    4. San Diego
    5. Oakland
    6. Pittsburgh
    Wildcard hopefuls: Jets, Bills, Broncos, Chiefs, Browns, Texans

    Okay baby birds. I'll feed you some NFC deliciousness. Lets get to it


    NFCE: Well well well, Dallas is in the driver seat again at 3-0. Can they get something done in the post season? Swami Sez YES! Dallas is a team to be reckoned with this season in the NFC after 2 disappointing seasons in a row. The New York Football Giants are out to a respectable 2-1 start but have a tough out this week in Pittsburgh. Washington and Philly just can't get right at 1-3 already this season. Is it too early to throw in the towels? Swami Sez yes! One of these two teams can claw out of the gutter - but which!? Swami Sez, "There can only be one Highlander."

    NFCW: Well its official, the artist formerly known as the St Louis Rams is a Mongolian Clusterfuck. The Toronto Mounties are now 1-2 somehow and have officially made this division a mess. BUT despite all odds, otherteams in the division are 2-1. What!? Yes, yes, yes.... very interesting. Swami is going to have to predict one of these teams to rise to the top. Can it be Arizona Cardinals, led by a new coach and star QB Troy Burleson? Will it be the traditional power San Francisco? Or can the Legion of Boom get back on track after their defeat at the hands of the Buffalo Bills? Swami Sez!? Wait until the Way Too Damn Early Predictions!

    NFCN: Is Detroit the evil Empire or are they the New Republic? Well right now they're the New Republic. The Luke Skywalker led Lions are a surprising 2-2. Before putting Jacksonville firmly in their place last night, they had gotten blown out by the Vikings in Week 1 and beaten in a close game by another NFC hopeful in Atlanta. Can they recover? Right now Minnesota can wrest control of the division with a win tonight over the high powered Dallas Cowboys in what will certainly be one of the best games of the season. Green Bay sits at 1-2 but Swami believes the Aaron Rodgers led Packers can get back in the mix. Chicago however is 0-4 and perhaps another disappointing season looms, this time with Ryan Tannehill at the helm - or will they turn over the ball to budding star Earnest Cole?

    NFCS: Yet another fantastic division in this great league, Atlanta has surprised no one in jumping out to 4-0 lead. Well, maybe a few. Has the addition of Adrian Peterson paid off? With a 4-0 record you have to say yes. Tampa Bay has perhaps surprised some teams as well and fought their way to 2-1 with a game against the Toronto Mounties looming. New Orleans is a surprising 1-2 along with the Carolina Panthers. Much like the NFCE, can one of these teams claw their way back to relevance? Both teams have the talent, no question.

    Swami's WAY TO DAMN EARLY NFC Playoff Predictions
    1. Minnesota
    2. Dallas
    3. Atlanta
    4. San Francisco
    5. Detroit
    6. New York Giants
    Wildcards in the mix: Arizona, Green Bay, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Washington, Seattle
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  2. Mozaaik

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    Aug 5, 2014
    Another great swami sez, now to start working on proving him wrong in his way too damn early predictions.
  3. RaunchyTacoBowl

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    Oct 10, 2014
    I'm glad I'm in the WC Mix and Jeff didn't get in there :p
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  4. integra14

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    Aug 7, 2014
    I did not cheer when The Galactic Empire of New England fell.

    Someone needs to make some STONE COLD LOCK OF THE CENTURY......OF THE WEEK.
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  5. Jeff

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    Oct 21, 2014
    Son of a bitch... now I gotta win
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  6. RFF

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    Aug 13, 2014
    Awesome! Love reading these. It's been an uphill season for the Lions this season, no question. We will need to scratch and claw just to get a WC berth.
  7. Masterfocker

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    Aug 5, 2014
    I'm in the way too early playoffs! Woo! Season over guys. There's nothing left to do. Everything has been accomplished.
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